Abducted from the mall

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    My wife and her mom. Had just spent the morning with developers of an apartment complex. That they were trying to get built. After finally signing off on the deal. The girls needed to unwind after the stressfull morning. And what better way for a girl to unwind than to go shopping.

    Off to the Galiria mall they went. And as they passed through the Food court. My wife spotted him.

    Greg Garison. Her sister Crystals boyfriend. But he was not alone. He was having lunch with a tall sexy brunete.

    " Mom Do you see what I see? " She points at him. Her mom looks his way. Greg reaches under the table, Ajusting his hard cock.

    " Maybe they work together. "

    " No Mom. I don't think so. We need to get closer. " Which was not that hard since Greg was paying more attention to the brunets breasts. He was blind to every thing else, going on around him. They were close enough to find out her name was Sam. When they finished there lunch. Sam wrote a note on a napkin.

    " See you soon stud. " She said. They both stand and embrace. His hands squeeze her ass. She turns and walks away. He watches as her sexy legs move in and out of the split in the back of her skirt.

    The girls move in for the kill.

    " So Greg. When were you going to tell us about Sam? " Debe asked him. He had that deer in the headlights look.

    " Ugh...Ugh....Ugh. " All tongue tied. He broke out in a sweat, Loosening his tie. My wife Misty steps closer to him. She squeezed his hard cock, With her left hand.

    " Your awfull hard Greg. Is that for Sam ? Or would you rather have a threesome with me and Mom ? " Debe then took his cock from her daughter.

    " Yeah Maybe if you fuck us right, We wont tell Crystal about Sam. " Looking him in the eye.

    " Ugh...I really need to be going. I have a meeting I have to go to. " Misty reaches in to the pocket of his sports coat, taking out the note.

    " You mean your meeting with Sam. At the Holiday Inn ? I don't think so Greg. " She pulls her 9 mm. from her purse. She shoves the gun right in to his gut.

    " How dare you even think about cheating on my sister ! No Greg your going to do exactly what me and Mom tell you. Turn around and follow Mom. " As she led him through the mall. He wonderd what they had in store for him. How could things go so wrong ? Miniutes before he had a date with a super model. Now he was kidnaped my two short, chubby red heads.

    Out in the parking lot Debe led him to her Coupe Deville, Opening the door.

    " Get in the back ! " Misty got in behind him. Once again pulling her gun. Debe drove toward the sleezy part of down town.

    " It's getting hot in here. " Misty said laying the gun in her lap, While she takes off her gray hoodie. Gregs eyes went right to her braless breasts. Under her tee shirt. Her big nipples poked through it. She playfully squeezed his cock again.

    " You better keep that cock hard ! You got a lot of work to do with it. " Her Mom passed the XXX book store. But there were no close parking places. 3 blocks later she found one.

    " Lets go ! And don't try anything stupid ! " They marched Greg in to the store. Deb picked up some hand cuffes, ball gag, but plug. Along with a spiked leather colar and a chain. Then he was led in to the rest room. As Misty held the gun on him, Her Mom stripped him down. With nothing on but his neck tie and black socks. He was fitted in to the bondage gear. Debe bent him over the counter. Misty handed her a tube of lube. She then shoved the but plug up his ass.

    At the cash regester the dirty old man just laughed, As Debe handed him her credit card to pay for the suplies.

    " Boy ! These ladies are going to fuck you up. " Debe then yanked his chain, Back out in to the street. Horns were blowing, People were laughing. Greg had never ben so humiliated. Back to the car It was time to go back home.

    I was at home watching the evening news when they walked in.

    " What the Hell ? " I ask

    " We caught him trying to cheat on Crystal "

    " What are you going to do with him ? "

    " He is going to be our slave untill Crystal gets home. "

    " Dude You Fucked up bad ! " Misty stands in front of me and takes off her tee shirt.

    " Take your cloths off. I want to compare cocks. " As I strip. Debe also strips off her blouse and bra. Her black pencill skirt hits the floor. She flops down on the couch. Watching her daughter examine our cocks. She goes down on Greg, Sucking his 7 inch cock untill she tastes his precum. She then sucks my cock.

    Debe once again yanks his chain.

    " Come here ! " She demands. She takes the hand cuffes and ball gag out.

    " Make yourself usefull. Rub my legs. " Proping her feet up on the coffee table. He unzipps and pulls off her high heeled boots. As he masaged her feet and legs, He looked at her panty coverd pussy, Wondering if it was as good as her daughters. He moved up her legs to her stocking tops. Geting closer and closer to her pussy.

    She slides her hand inside her panties. Feeling her wetness, She allows him to lick the pussy juice from her finger. He reaches for her panties. She slaps his hand away.

    " You have to earn it first. " He reaches for his cock. She slaps his hand away from it also.

    " Jacking off is also a privlige you will have to earn " He looks back over to me and my wife, She was deep throating my cock and fingering my ass.

    " Ahhhhhhhhhhh...Yes I'm cumming ! " I fill her mouth with my hot load of seed. She gets up and kisses Greg Pressing my cum in to his mouth with her tongue. She then makes him suck her fingers that she had deep in to my ass. He statrts to gag. As he cleans the taste of my ass from her fingers. She then flops down on tothe coutch, Next to her Mom.

    " How is the masage ? "

    More to come
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    " Not bad. He is doing a good job. " Misty flops down on to the coutch, Next to her Mom.

    " Good he can do mine to. " Greg pulls the pair of purple pumps from my wife's feet, and starts to masage them. She lifts her right foot. To his mouth.

    " Suck my toes ! " She demands. As he licks and sucks all 10 of them. As we all laugh at him.

    " Thats enough ! I'm ready to fuck now. " She stands. Her crotch right in his face.

    " Take my jeans down. " He quickly unsnapped and unzipped them. He snatched them down. His mouth waterd, Looking at the wet spot in her panties. He thought many times about a threesome with Crystal and my wife. He then eased her panties down. Misty steped out of them. He gazed at her clean shaven pussy, wondering if he was going to get a chance to fuck her.

    " You want it ? Don't you stud ? " She parts her pussy lips. And allows him to lick it one time. She then turns to walk away from him, And toward me, She looks back at him and smiles.

    " Did you actually think I was going to give it to you ? " I get up from the recliner. Misty bends over the chair. I slide my big dick right in to her soaked pussy. Her Mom and Greg watch as my dick goes in and out of Misty's pussy. Debe slides herhand back in to her panties. Greg once again goes for his cock.

    " Stop it ! " Debe yells at him. I continue fucking Misty harder and faster. Finally unable to hold back I fill her up, With my cum. Hoding myself balls deep inside her, Untill my cock goes soft. She then looks over at Greg and smiles.

    " Your turn stud...Make me cum ! " He races over taking my place, Showing us all what he can do.

    " Harder !...Harder !...Faster ! " Misty demanded. " Fuck me like youwere going to fuck that sexy brunette ! " Greg was giving it all he had. But it was not enough, He shot the load that he had pened up for hours. His shrinking cock slips out.

    " Oh your so not finished !...Lets go to the basement. " Misty grabs his chain and drags him down the stairs to the musky damp basemen. Under the flickering florecent lights, She lay on a matress on the floor.

    " Eat my pussy ! " He had no choice but do what she demanded. Eating the cream pie we both deposited inside her.

    " Thats right your doing good...Make me cum. " He slides 3 fingers inside her and gently sucks her swolen clit. It was not long then she locked her thighs around his head. He had a big smile on his face, As she let his head go from her thighs.

    " You did verry...Verry good ! " She said with a smile. Ofcourse her coments went streight to his head. Both of them. His cock was rock hard again, And once again he was feeling like a real man. That was untill her next demand.

    " Now I want my tank cleaned. " She spreads the cheeks of her fat ass.

    " No ! I'm not doing that ! " He says shaking his head. From behind her Mom strikes his ass with the slut padle.

    " Do it ! " Debe yells at him. Finally he goes down on her licking her ass. He alternates between her ass and pussy, Since he will have to get her off again.

    I lay down next to Misty. Her Mom finally drops her panties and stradles me. She rides my cock. For all most half an hour. Misty cums again, Just as I did. Debe rolls Greg over on his back, Riding his cock, Untill they both cum. Finally we all three were fucked out. Greg was thinking maybe the girls would let him go. No way. They decided to keep him untill Crystal come from college home that weekend.

    So Greg was hand cuffed and gagged again. I got dressed and drug him outside. Out back by the woods, Where we got the hounds pened up. Except for sex time. He would spend the week locked in a dog kennel.
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