A true story from a long time ago while growing up!

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    I lived in a small town with a few friends. This was a Saturday morning my mom had gone to the grocery store and off to run errands while I stayed home. My neighbor friend a girl will say her name was Brianna came over to play. I had just had a Birthday the day before and had got ton both a micro scope and a chemistry set. We decided to play with them in my room. We were looking at all the different things on the slides that came with the microscope but then she said let's look at something live on a blank slide. So we started by looking at our spit and then she whispered in my ear and said I want to see your cum. I said what? She said your Semen! I looked at her and got a little scarred as I was not sure how she wanted me to produce this cum for her to look at. She knew that I got turned on by matches because my sister had told her about it. She said to me hold on I'll be right back. She returned with a box of matches and several books of matches and a very small cup. She said now I am going to touch you and get you hard then I am going to light matches to get you even harder and when you tickle and feel like your gonna cum just hold the cup under it. So I did as she told me I stood as she caressed my cock and balls my God it tickles I said, then she grabbed the matches and began striking them one by one harder faster she made them pop hard on the box the smell of the sulphur was intense and my cock was stiff as a rock and bobbing up and down. She asked if I was getting close I said getting there she then said you better cum soon or I'll have to punish you. She grabs the large book of matches starts popping matches loud and fast near my nose and then near my cock and balls it only took a few more matches and I exploded into the cup my white boy sticky hot cum. She takes the cup says good boy to me then began placing some on a slide . She placed the cover slide over it and placed it into the micro scope and we took turns watching my sperm swimming it was really cool but I had to clean up fast to keep my mom from finding out.oh there is another story involving my chemistry set too for another time
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