A Sissy for My Neighbor, Pt 2

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    Shocked at the girI I saw in the mirror, I put my hand to my mouth, choking back emotion.
    "Lookin' good girlfriend! Now, you know what girlfriends do," she said and leaned in to kiss me. I welcomed her sweet lips. Her nipples pressed against my chest through the silky lingerie. My nipples hardened against hers. My mind raced as our tongues searched each other's mouths. Did she think of me like a girlfriend? Like a "faggot"? She broke the embrace and told me to wait a minute. My cock twitched with arousal as I stood by the bed, waiting for her to come out. She came back after a moment wearing turquoise colored high cut briefs in place of her bikini bottom. "Sit, sit!" She said as she patted the bed. She sat down next to me and rubbed my throbbing penis through wet panties. "Awfully big clitty", she giggled and slapped it playfully. She pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me. Her legs rubbed on my cheeks as she straddled me face. Tasting her sweetness mixed with the wet fabric of her panties, I began to pant as she slowly rocked her hips. Grabbing a handful of hair and wig she looked down and said "baby, you're going to make this girlfriend cum tonight!" My mind reeled as she pulled her panties aside. I flicked her clitoris rapidly with my tongue as she forced my face into her pink, wet pussy. She felt and tasted so wonderful! Countless men only dreamed of being where I was this evening. Men who would likely beat me half to death and dump me in an alley. Men with more macho in their pinkies than I would ever have. Any man would crawl across molten pieces of glass for just a chance to have this stunning woman have her way with them, yet she chose to share her sweet nectar of love with me, her sissy neighbor. I got brave and grabbed her butt as I slid my tongue deep inside her. She moaned slow and deep, writhing on my face as I massaged her clitoris, my tongue reaching as deep inside her as I could make it go. My hands continued to massage and squeeze her perfect butt. Before I could slide my hands into her panties, she got up. She slid down and straddled me, our panties now rubbing together as Andrea began to grind against me, rolling her hips, rocking back and forth, all the while picking up speed. I worked to keep up, arching my back and rocking against her, thrilling at the feel of her tits pressing against my chest and bouncing against my face . Our moans and gasps formed a symphony of desire as we moved our bodies in rhythm against each other. I began to breathe hard as I felt her pussy getting wetter against my throbbing wet cock through our soft cotton panties. Reaching my hands inside her panties, her soft butt cheeks filled my palms and we continued to grind together in our "lesbian" love dance. I thought for sure that she would make me cum. Suddenly she stopped and lay on top of me, completely still, breathing heavily in my ear. "Not yet babe, not yet. I know just what you want. I got it for you." She kissed me on the neck, cheek, and earlobe as she got up and walked out of the room, leaving me puzzled.

    Andrea returned after about five minutes. She stood by the bed and told me to kneel behind her. As I did, she pulled her panties taut, showing every detail of her butt, causing them to ride up between her cheeks. I knew what to do; taking hold of her hips I buried my face in her butt and took a deep, lingering breath. The scent of her ass was like a warm summer breeze in a field of lilac trees. I savored every breath, running my tongue up and down in between her cheeks, only the fabric of her pretty panties between my tongue and her wonderful ass. Finally she stood over me and slid her panties off, dropping them on my face. I hungrily devoured the sweet juices from her bloomers and turned my attention to her now gloriously bare derriere. I rubbed and kissed each soft, cheek. I ran my tongue up and down between her cheeks. My tongue still reveling in the glory of her wonderful ass, she reached beneath the bed and produced a double headed dildo. As Andrea stood above me, the wonderful sight of her wet, pink pussy hovering above my face, she rubbed the dildo on my lips and said "I know this is just what you want, doll. Suck it, honey, c'mon take it baby, wrap those slutty red lips around it!" As I wrapped my lips around the head, Andrea propped a foot on the bed and slid the other end of the toy into her eagerly awaiting wetness. I had the incredibly erotic vantage point of seeing her buttocks clench with each thrust. The dildo nearly choked me several times, going deeper down my throat as she continued to penetrate herself with it. Up and down she went on it as she rubbed her clitoris. I heard the sound of an odd moaning and slapping sound. I looked toward the door and saw Andrea's husband Colin in the doorway masturbating as he watched. "Fuck her, fuck her hard, Andrea, give it to that little cock whore!" He began to stroke himself harder as Andrea rolled me over and pulled me up onto all fours. I squealed as she pulled off my panties and slid that dildo in my asshole. Working it gradually faster, she got behind me and I could feel her butt cheeks touching mine. She slid the other end inside her vagina and I could feel her shudder as it entered her. Our but cheeks made a loud slapping sound as we rocked wildly against each other. The dildo was pounding hard inside me, making me scream with pleasure and a little bit of pain. Andrea reached behind her, slapped my ass and teased: "Aha! Virgin huh?" I knew Andrea was close to a huge orgasm. She quickly rolled me onto my back again, buried the dildo in my throat and continued to penetrate herself while she rubbed her clitty which was clearly throbbing as she seemed poised to explode at any moment. Then it happened. Andrea tossed the sex toy aside and squatted over my face, so close I could nearly get my tongue inside her. She fingered herself rapidly, moaning, gasping with pleasure, just waiting for release. Finally, she straddled my face, and I could feel her body shiver and shake as her pussy flooded my face with warm wonderful juices. "OH YES!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" came her satisfied groan as she finished with a final grind with the full weight of her flawless body on my face. I couldn't break my fanciful gaze as I looked up at Andrea in wonder, incredulous that this marvelous woman would share her sweet juices with me. I felt privileged just to share the same air as her. I couldn't help myself and began to masturbate. She stopped me and said it wasn't that time yet.

    Andrea's hubby stood by, watching in amazement. Suddenly two other guys walked in, completely nude, cocks in hand hard and aching. "Boys, you may not know Lisa, but you will by tonight." Greg and Jack had both wanted to fuck Andrea, and hoped this would be their chance. She grabbed Greg by the cock and pulled him over. Putting her hand on my head, she massaged his balls while I went down on him. The guys were itching to fuck, you could feel the testosterone in the air. As we sat on the side of the bed, Andrea and I took turns stroking and sucking rock hard dicks. We shared more often than not. Our lips met at the tip of a cock more than once. Andrea stood and began to tease the guys by doing some nude dancing, waving her butt in their faces, and rubbing her wet pussy. The guys wanted it now. Andrea had other plans though. She got on her knees and began to kiss Colin's cock. By the time she had her lips around his shaft, the other guys were stroking wildly, desperately looking for somewhere to release their load. Andrea motioned them toward me as I lay masturbating. Unable to stand it any longer, Greg knew he had only one option. He grabbed my ankles and put them on his shoulders as Jack stood over my face hanging his balls over my lips. I willingly took each one in my mouth and groaned with approval when he finally filled my mouth with his seven inch cock. "Fuck that naughty little whore, boys" came Andrea's sexy voice. On her hands and knees, Andrea was being fucked by Colin from behind. Her gorgeous boobs bounced with each thrust as she said "swallow that cock, Lisa baby, you know you love it!" Jack relentlessly fucked my mouth until streams of hot cum splattered my face and went down my throat. I greedily swallowed every drop, licking it off my tits as Jack smacked my face with his dick. Greg finished filling my ass and pulled out to spray my face with cum. Andrea pulled Colin out of her to take his load in her mouth. He came so hard and so fully that he filled her mouth with cum until it dripped from her lips. She hurried over and kissed me passionately. I could still taste Colin's cum as she shared a little with me. I was whimpering and fidgeting; Andrea knew what was going on. She squeezed it once and I went into a huge orgasm. Semen coated my belly and I let out a sigh as I went limp. The guys got up and left the room, but Andrea and I lay there on her plush carpeted bedroom floor in each other's arms staring into one another's eyes. She smiled at me and tenderly ran her fingers through my hair. "Atta girl," she said, and kissed me gently on the forehead. She had made those guys so hot that they turned me into the girl I'd only dreamed of being.

    Never did we have another night like that one, but from it I gained something far better. Andrea and I are closer than we could ever be as a guy and girl. Now we're "sistas", and you couldn't ask for a better sista than Andrea. Colin likes me, so maybe with luck he'll put in a good word with that hunky brother of his and we'll even be "sisters". A girl couldn't ask for anything more.
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