A Quartermaster's Journal

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    Entry #1

    This is to those who are interested in the truth of a legend. The captain Shea "Cannonball" Dougherty has a notorious reputation across the English seas and I can already tell her name will be remembered throughout history but I find that it is my duty as her right hand to keep proper records of her. Now the question in my head is where should I begin?

    Well, she is a woman of success, birthed into money and rose into riches. Her father was an inheritor of a large estate after it was revealed that he was an illegitimate son of the Queen Elizabeth I. Of course, the Queen would have nothing to do with him so they hardly ever spoke and it was never pleasant when they did. For this, the young miss Shaina held a contempt towards her grandmother and royalty as a whole.

    As a young girl, she was often teased for her dark complexion and that her mother was a former slave. However, her mother was a symbol of freedom and strength for her. Her mother would tell her stories of how she escaped an African slave ship and managed to be found by a pirate ship. It was the pirates who taught her mother English, sailed her to a port, and gave her some money to make a living.

    At around puberty, Shaina's sexual urges were on the rise, much to dismay of her parents. She was born with a particular condition and that condition was finally manifesting its symptoms. The parents had the option of cutting off the tumor which help her behave properly but the parents refused.

    Shortly after, one of Shaina's friends got pregnant and claimed it was her child. This caused a town- wide revolt against her family. Their house got burned down and her parents were captured to be executed. She ran away and tripped on the foot of a pirate captain, captain Shanks Dougherty, the same captain that taught her mom English. When Shaina told him the story, he abd his crew vowed to save her parents. On the day of the execution, they fired cannons into the hanging quarters, ransacked the area, and rescued her mother and father.

    Once it was all over, Shaina decided to be a cabin girl for the Frothy Sea pirates. Her parents figured that such a life was better than staying there especially since now they would be branded criminals anyway. Shaina changed her name to Shae Dougherty, the name her mother had when she first joined the pirates.

    After that, it's a basic story of rising through the ranks. She was 13 when she became cabin girl. Seven years of bravery and genius, including saving the captain's life, pushed to the rank of quartermaster and captain of a captured ship which she named "The Frothy Loin".

    That's where my story began. I was a runaway slave when the Frothy Loin pirates found me. At first, they were going to make me a Sabine but I revealed to them that I could make read, write, and make maps. They quickly appointed me to Sailing Master.

    Let it be known that I was assigned the rank for two reasons: my mapping skills and a good mouth. The Frothy Loin was a rarity of being a wonen- ran ship with men as swabs, riggers, and cabin hands. My navigation skills wouldn't have been enough for me to escape those roles. My rank was established the night I was summoned to captain's quarters.

    She was sitting on her chair naked, revealing everything to me including her "tumor" which was nothing more than a very large endowment. I was appalled at first but I kept quiet fearing what would happen to me but I turned my head away.

    "What's wrong? Have you not laid eye's on a woman before?" She asked.

    "I have not."

    "So you're a virgin?"

    "Yes but I guess you want torid me of that title?"

    "You really are smart. Your assumption is correct but I won't take it all right away. Just your mouth will please me tonight."

    I covered my mouth and turned my head even further, "I will do know such thing!"

    She laughed then said, "Come here, boy, let me let you in on a secret." I walked to her and she pulled me in to whisper in my ear, "We're Amazons here. The men are nothing but to serve and be abused. You saw them. The scars, the bruises, the limping, the women here care nothing for men. However, I am a little more merciful. All I ask is for you to slide my blade as far down your throat as you can and you can escape the brutality of what lies outside this room."

    Somewhere deep inside, I knew she was right so I listened to my better judgment. I went on my knees and started servicing her. She was about as long as my forearm and just as thick. How I was going to fit this in my mouth was a task I saw as impossible but I had to try.

    I stuck my tongue out and slid it down my mouth. I can feel it stretching my throat to its limit. It was overwhelming but humiliating. I had to take it out but just when I was about to, she grabbed and pushed further down her shaft. That's when all control left me as she took over. My throat numbed as it was forced to expand and contact to the rhythm of her thrusts, I was losing my senses as I looked upon woman raping my mouth, going deeper and deeper, harder and harder until she finally climaxed and filled my mouth with her seed.

    "Swallow it." She commanded. I did as she was told and let it all slide down my throat. She the pointed it at my face, "Say 'Awww'." I opened my mouth and she shot the rest of her load straight in and onto my face. "Good boy. You'll make a fine Sailing Master. Now get to work. I want to go over to the next port to find some supplies."

    "Yes, captain."

    Once I exited the room, a group of mates were waiting outside. They were yelling "cheers" at me as I walked passed:

    "Yeah, that's one good mouth, Sailing Master."

    "I hope your tongue is as good as your throat."

    "Let me lick the cum off your face!"

    I walked into my room and wiped off the mess on my face. I changed my clothes and began determining the closest port to us. I couldn't sleep that night... Not without tasting more of the captain.

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    southern ms
    very good.. i loved it!!!
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