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    Everything in this is perfect! Beautiful and romantic. It does remind me of the love we share and want to share forever. Thank you for this. Luv u!

    body { height: 100%; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-size: 12pt; font-family: Times New Roman; }I came across this one and it reminds me of the love we share and hold deep.
    It also brings to mind our Florida trip. Meeting you at the top of the stairs that first lean over the kiss we shared almost seven years ago.

    I hold to the day and days that we will be married and have those kisses and hugs a t moments drop. They will be many!

    Love you so much Lisa Marie!!! XXXXXOOOOOOO and sweet sensual love!

    A Day In Our Lives
    by Tim Mathis On the morning breeze,
    You come to me,
    Like fragrance from a rose.
    I flash a grin,
    And take you in,
    With a kiss upon your nose.

    You grin back,

    A playful smack,
    Then wrap me in your arms.
    A long embrace,
    A lovers place,
    That shelters us from harm.

    We walk the sand,

    With hand in hand,
    The waves crash on the shore.
    Our lips combine,
    Our souls entwine,
    And leaves us wanting more.

    The sun sets low,

    A bright orange glow,
    That ripples on the sea,
    We share the view,
    That's meant for two,
    Just right for you and me.

    It's time to go,

    So we move slow,
    The stars are out above,
    With one more kiss,
    A hug not missed,
    Our day ends full of love.

    I kiss her nose and eyes when we make love. Chin, neck, cheeks. Ok ears lobs and stick my tongue in her ear. Sure there has not been a place it has not been. Feet and toes while I am in her and her legs are over my shoulders.

    sorry I am making love to on line here
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    Ok...I will share some of my own written work.

    "Letting It Breathe A Little" 3/8/2011

    It's the restlessness that kills me
    It leaves the bitter taste of life on my tongue and the sugar coat gives me the belly ache of fate

    It's those hopes and dreams that keep me going. Gotta stretch a little higher for them stars in the black matter of my mind.

    How is it that one door closes and another opens? It's not that my glass is empty, I need a whole new cup.

    When will it be my belly ache that gives me that high to reach those damn stars so I can sip out of my new glass with all the doors open?

    The grass must be greener on the other side, but no path to get there. Sun is always shining but it isn't always warm out.

    If only I can reach that much higher, I just might get to hang on that star for a little while longer.

    This walk is dragging all the shadows dead weight. Only way of ridding a shadow is to have that light shine on top of you.

    And tomorrow may be a new day, but I'm still itching at yesterdays sores.

    Somethings gotta give in this gamble of life, I'll hit it big one day. Can't say it's gonna end happy; happy is only an emotion of a moment.

    Drying up the rain from my eyes with this cloth of love. I'll surface the peace within to get me through the rough.

    "To Be? Or Not To Be?" 4/7/2011

    My mind drives me crazy, threatening the cliff of "what if"
    My heart kept me sane enough to talk me down that edge

    I'm in a split emotion; To be? Or not to be?
    This is the feud of the conscience.
    Who will decide the verdict?
    There's no middle, it's one or the other.

    To be? Or not to be?
    They say watch what you wish for, you might just get it.
    Wishing for it will give you the mind trip.
    May not be all you've expected, but this is just a learning lesson.

    It hurts to feel that this train has gone so far to just...
    To think if maybe it had took a wrong turn.
    Or if it should take that turn.
    To be? Or not to be?

    Love is indeed a crazy thing...
    It's a thing, it lives in you.

    But it can not be tamed, or caged.
    It needs to free itself, if it's real.
    If it is true, that love always knows where home is.

    To be? Or not to be?
    Wish I could say I've had my time to shine....

    So let her shine.
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