A night to remember

Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by tyguy, May 20, 2009.

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    It would be our last night for quite some time and my wife and I wanted to make it one to remember. We had been fantisizing about this night during our last couple of sessions about what she would be wearing, where we would be and what we would do to each other. She loved it as I would thrust in and out while whispering in her ear how we would take turns, I would eat her out, then she would give me a blow job. The first time we would have sex while she was still wearing her thong, and the second time would be whatever happened next. Finally the night came and it was definately one to remember.

    After dinner at one of the classier restaurants in town, we headed to the park while we waited for it to get dark. I had planned ahead and packed along some sleeping bags that zipped together for warmth. We laid the sleeping bags and hopped in and started to chat casually about the next couple of weeks apart (she was going travelling and I was in school) and then things started to get a little hotter. She was wearing probably the shortest skirt I had seen her in, a beautiful lace thong, a matching black pushup bra (which made her tits look amazing!) and a low cut shirt. We were under the cover of the blankets and she hiked up her skirt inviting me to check her out. As I peeked under the blanket I was so amazed at what I saw that I just had to touch it. With one of the busiest streets in town only 150 feet away, I slowly stated to rub my wife's pussy, overtop of her thong at first, then sliding it to the side, and started fingering her right there. She was soaked and came right there. That was enough for then. She was so hot and horny that she wanted to go to the place...to be continued.
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