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Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by Alwayslearningsex, May 10, 2015.

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    After the titfuck story I enjoyed reading I decided to share mine.
    My friend comes over and the usual sex follows. She is wet, I am hard and dripping precum - going inside her is quick and easy, and lovely especially that I had to do without for days because of my job.
    My cock made her orgasm a couple of times and I kept going but while it felt so good I knew that feeling on my cock that going inside her was not going to make me cum even if this was wanted.
    I end up going soft so I continued doing things for her until she asked me to stop, she was tender from a 2 week absence of sex.
    During our snuggling she said I HAD to cum, to let myself go and I could only agree but I said nothing else.
    Not long after in the conversation she said that maybe I could rub somewhere else. "SURE" is all I said.
    We moved in position, not her lying down like last time because I shot a nice mess on her chest.
    Leaning on cushions against the headboard I placed my cock between and started rubbing.
    It was half hard but it soon got full hard, things were feeling good between.
    During the titfuck I got close twice and stopped and she felt it twitch - she loved knowing I was feeling good.
    then on the third time I decided to let it go. I told her to squeeze her breasts tighter and I kept the head low between them instead of rubbing shaft and head. My breathing got quicker, started moaning and stiffened a bit at first, then I started rubbing a little bit. this time my ejaculation was contained between her breasts, she loved feeling the warm cum and knowing I had the relief I needed. After that I helped her clean her cleavage.
    Next time I will see if she likes more spreading or keeping it cleaner :D

    Later on she sucked me back to life enough to give her 2 more orgasms and I was done.
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    Nice. I love titty fucking. This made me hard.
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