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    Once I chatted with a lovely younger lady thought I was nice and respectful despite the fact she caught my appreciative glances when I thought it was safe to look without offending.
    She bluntly asked if looking at a younger woman makes me hard. I was caught and caught off guard, speechless.

    She laughed and the conversaion turned to sex. After a while she said she never does this but decided to fuck me. (Not me fucking her) Well alright, lucky me had no schedule for a while.

    Back in her place she started with kisses,stopping just long enough to take her top and bra off, revealing small breasts I made no shame reaching for. I was pleased to feel her nipples get hard.

    After leading me to her bedroom we knelt on the bed for more kissing and touching.
    At that point she told me she LOVES her ass grabbed and spanked. More kissing followed, grabbing her ass with hands full.
    She had that look in her eyes, a horny mischievous woman, as she guided / pushed me on my back.
    I thought this was it after she slipped a condom on but she went for a nice session of oral, she clearly loved doing it. She placed herself to have her ass within reach, I gave her a few slaps and some grabbing.
    Sometimes she moaned with a hard cock in her mouth, sometimes she took it out to just let me play with her ass. That day I discovered I loved moaning when in a woman's mouth, the vibrations spreading on the shaft.

    When I started twitching in her mouth she stopped and moved over to straddle me.
    She was we already, just from her ass played with, and sucking me.
    I have mixed feelings about being taken this far before intercourse, I never last long, but she knew what she wanted and did it, so fortunately she didn't start right away, she just sat there with me inside her.

    Not long after she started slowly and lovely while I just grabbed her ass, squeezing it, looking at her eyes (when they were not closed) and her small breasts. It was one of those rare times I didn't indulge in breasts since she loved where my hands were.Already pretty aroused, it took a few deep slides to bring me close and asked her to stop, using my thighs to lift her off the base of my shaft. I had to let her know why.
    I had to ask her to stop other times but the last one she just kept going.

    This was a OMG orgasm I never experienced before, feeling her vagina contract and pulsate.
    That triggered my orgasm and I can't remember what I was doing with my hands at that time;
    usually I know I am grabbing breasts or ass but not this time.
    She was stiff and jerking, her body reacting to her sensations as she just kept me deep.
    Once she was done I started pushing my hips to have more sliding but she lifted herself off; this was enough for her. No chance to give more, not even oral, she was DONE. At least I got my fun, the pleasure of giving her a nice orgasm, and experiencing my first vaginal contractions.
    After getting done and dressed I left, she said she would meet me again if things work out.
    Well, it never happened again but it was a fun moment.
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