A new encounter - part 2

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    I was at a loss at her resistance but didn't push it. Her expression said she was sorry, embarrassed.
    "Nina, would you love to just try and experience it? Same good sensations, but from someone giving you"
    "I can try if you want" she said, what do I do? What if it doesn't work?"
    "Just relax and enjoy, tell me when it's good for you, teach me to know your body and it doesn't matter what happens." She let herself fall back, hands on her face and slowly letting herself open again.

    Again after a few minutes she got closer and stiffened, but not pushing me away. I just stayed there and stopped, not forcing anything. "Sorry" she said; relaxing herself again.
    I felt I was back at the beginning and it did take me a while but I was determined.
    Paying attention to her body responses, I knew she was getting close again. Slowing down just enough to take her legs and placing them on my shoulders, she wrapped them around me, more at ease with herself and in the groove. Once in a while I gave peeks up there. Sometimes seeing her cup her breasts or caressing her tummy, sometimes looking at me doing my thing.
    Nina started rocking her pelvis, moaning and breathisng hard. I just kept going. she never gave me feedback but at least I was having some signs.
    Then without warning her legs hurt my neck as she sarted - "oooooooh, ooooo, ooooo, aaaaaah."
    After she was done she let me go and when I looked up she turned away, eyes wet, giggling and sniffling at the same time. That was new for me so I just thought cuddling with her was the best I could offer.
    After wiping her eyes she turned to kiss me, her taste on my lips. This was the best kiss I got that evening.
    "Is there more than that?" she asked. All I could do was nod with a grin like a kid while caressing her back.
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