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    I know there are several members here that have extensive knowledge with regards to swing clubs, so I hope some can chime in.

    Here's a little background:

    My wife and I dabble in a little BDSM, are both relatively kinky, and have visited a few BDSM clubs. What we found there was interesting, but not really what we're looking for.

    Now we are also very open with each other regarding our fantasies, one little thing weve discussed over the last few years is that the thought of having sex in front of others and seeing others engaged like wise, is not only a turn on to think about but something we feel could be taken out of fantasy.

    There were a couple of problems with the BDSM clubs in that one, outright sex is often prohibited excepting on rare/special occasions; two absolutely no alcohol is allowed.

    I understand the alcohol issue with BDSM clubs as many acts involve a high level of skill, but we'd like to have a drink to loosen up a bit.

    In any case, I'm researching a few places within driving distance of our home and am thinking about us checking out a well reviewed club that holds a couples only and single female night. No single men on this night.

    My only worry is that even though we both harbor & share fantasies of being with others I don't think we are truly at that point yet and may never be.

    So, is it fine to go with that in mind? That we would be there to see and be seen playing together? Or would a couple be looked down upon by the regular patrons for not being open?

    I'd much rather go in with safe and secure limits between us to wet our toes than to just jump in head first at this point.

    And this may be a silly question, but if we are together and only having intercourse with each other, am I going to be expected to wear a condom?

    Any other advice for someone thinking of visiting a club for the first time would be appreciated.

    The club I'm leaning towards is Trapeze in Atlanta, BTW. So, if anyone has experience there please chime in as well.
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    Okay, well I have only been to one well reviewed club in Illinois and we had done our research so I will give you what I know and my opinion.
    I do not believe you will be pressured to do ANYTHING you do not want to. Where we went there were condoms in dishes in various areas but nopressure , everyone is an adult. There were rooms set up for spectators , there were private rooms , and also a bdsm room which can be private or reserved for a time. We were first timers and were interviewed over the phone and before everything kicked off there was byob and mingling then a small speech by the club owners welcoming everyone and introducing first timers such as ourselves.. they also went over the basic "rules". Everyone was polite and yes people would ask time to timeif we wouldlike to join them andplay ,some we saidyes and some no ,but polite and boundries were asked. There was a pool table, porn on tvs on the wall. Plenty of tablesfor mingling. It started slow but a few hours went by andpeople were naked on the dance floor. There were people that didn't get naked at all from what I sa and just watched and talked. The only issues that happened was a couple couples had little arguments and someone lit up a joint somewhere and were asked to leave. We saw and were involved in some great stuff and met good people. If you want , pm me and ask any question you have ill be glad to answer what I can.
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    I've never been to a sex club however I do frequent BDSM clubs and have for some time.

    From my understanding condoms are required (at least around here) for every person regardless of whom you are playing with. It's to cover the clubs ass in the event you get an STD or HIV or something along those lines, they can pull out in their contract that you signed that they require use of protection.

    I do have an opinion on the alcohol thing. Yes, BDSM clubs require absolutely no alcohol and that's for various reasons other then the "skill required". There's a lot of edge play that having alcohol in your system could be dangerous for. There's also the general knowledge that if you're sober, you can say no. If you're tipsy or drunk you could potentially get coerced into doing something that you would not want to do.

    My opinion on that matter of needing alcohol to loosen up though. I feel that if you need alcohol to make yourself comfortable to be in a situation as the one you're putting yourself in, you probably shouldn't be in it at all. Keeping liquid courage out of the equation can prevent a lot of things.

    I highly suggest making yourself comfortable in other ways. Find a couple whom you trust and want to play with. Start out in your home or at a hotel simply watching each other. Then, if you want, switch partners. That way you're in a comfortable environment that you can easily remove yourself from should you become too uncomfortable without the worry of "shit, I've had a few drinks, I really shouldn't drive" or "this is awkward, I don't think I ever want to come back". If you eliminate any possible discomfort from the first time jitters, you'll likely have a much better time.

    I should also mention since you live in GA that every year on Easter weekend they do a kinky adult only convention called Frolicon. It's a good (and relatively inexpensive) way to get your feet wet in the fucking in public department. I've gone numerous years and absolutely love it. You're in a giant hotel with thousands of like minded people. Clothing is totally optional in the designated con area. Everyone is insanely friendly and there are various times of night where they have rooms where you can swing, play, screw in front of folks or just have fun. There's a sex friendly dungeon as long as protection is worn and other various kinky things. I HIGHLY suggest giving them a google and considering going if even for just a day. If you have any questions about it, please privately message me and I'll help the best I can. :) Oh, did I mention that alcohol is bountiful (at all times) and free? You can't turn the corner without someone shoving some sort of drink in your face lol.
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