A. Guy walks into a bar. Ouch. Part II

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    Well, the girls were too drunk to care, too horny to care, a little of both or he had just cleaned it as well as he ever cleaned it that very morning for no really reasonable reason. In any case, they entered and were not put off by his apartment, which is one of his biggest drawbacks to getting laid.
    He got out some whiskey. That's all he had, and the girls normally wouldn't have been eager to drink it but they were a little drunk. They did shots. Then the girls began to kiss, again kissing while peeking at him, making sure he was watching. Not really enjoying themselves except in the way he was watching.
    “Come here,” Laura ordered. Sarah was worried he'd just sit there, but he got up and came over. Laura kissed him. Then she motioned for Sarah to, and she kissed him. Then they kissed each other one more time.
    Laura had waited long enough. So she pushed Arthur a little away from Sarah and kissed him again. She pulled off his shirt and fondled his chest, sucked his nipples. Sarah stood watching, not really knowing how to get him back.
    Laura dropped his pants and, seeing the bulge in his tightie-whities, quickly pulled them off to; she pushed him down on to the futon. She quickly brought her mouth straight to his dick, going all the way down on it for the briefest second and then letting it go, getting up and walking away. I haven't described his dick yet! Uh-oh. It was 5.9 inches long. The .9 is important. If he said it was 6, they'd probably come for him.
    She stood in front of him. She pulled the hoodie over her head tossed it away. She had on a revealing teal tank-top underneath. She prance around a bit, so both Arthur and Sarah could watch her. Sarah had sat down in one of the chairs at this point, and she was little angry and a little confused. Laura's behaviour towards her as she undressed was particularly distressing. Sarah wanted to get up and go sit on Arthur, to claim him as her own. But for some reason there she sat, watching Laura, and watching Arthur stare at Laura, as if she weren't there at all.
    Laura stripped enticingly. She slowly removed her jeans, and was even more careful about revealing the tank-top, her bra and her panties. There she stood, naked, for both to see, and then she went and sat down, suggestively, on the other chair. “Come here, Art.” Arthur did as he was commanded. Sensing the tone of her voice, as he had apparently developed a slight amount of emotional intelligence all of a sudden, he came across the floor on his hands and knees and knelt before Laura's open legs. She brought her face down towards him and he leaned up to kiss her. They kissed briefly, as Sarah watched, and then Arthur began to suck Laura's tits. They were a decent size, not as big as Sarah's, but B-cup, plenty for Arthur's liking anyway. He kissed them, he sucked on her nipples and bit with his lips. No teeth.
    Sarah began to get excited even though Laura had beaten her to the punch. She began to touch herself through her jeans as Arthur stuck his tongue in Laura's belly button and kissed her flat-but-not-washboard tummy. He only breathed on her crotch and then went down to Laura's left foot. He looked up, seemingly for approval. Laura nodded, which said something like “I like, I like.” He sucked her toes, individually. He licked the bottom of her foot, which elicited a cackle. He dragged his tongue along her calf. He tongued her knee-pit. And then he dragged his tongue up her thigh, moving closer and closer. He went back over the thigh and kissed it a bunch. He moved into the position, then he breathed on her v-box and backed away again. Laura laughed or balked, she was half-delighted, half-offended. She wanted things to get going, but she liked this prolonging too. He did the same thing with Laura's right leg. He sucked each toe, he licked her sole (or was it her soul?!), he moved his tongue up her whole leg, nibbling at the knee. As he was doing this, Sarah began to take off her jeans. She had undone the fly and was starting to pull them down when Laura turned and looked at her. Arthur was kissing Laura's right thigh. Sarah stopped, realizing they had forgotten she was there for a moment. But Laura smiled as if to say, 'it's alright, I don't mind you watching' and there was a mischievous gleam in her eye, as if to say, “I can't believe this is happening, you watching me, but I like it.” Her eyes reinforced her mouth. Sarah pulled off her jeans and her socks. She started to rub herself through her panties.
    Meanwhile, Arthur had finally dived right in. He stuck his tongue into Laura's pussy and he nibbled away at her clit with his lips. He licked it, he kissed it, he gummed it. He put a finger into her pussy. Laura moaned away.
    After a while she couldn't take it any more. She had to fuck him. But Sarah interfered. “My turn” she almost barked, surprising herself. Obediently, Arthur crawled over the floor to her, where she sat, still wearing her shirt and her panties. He pulled the panties off her and played the same game he had with Laura. Laura was furious. She was going to yell at Sarah but they made eye contact and she couldn't. This was all Sarah's idea anyway. So she sat there, instead, stroking herself and fingering herself and desperate for her turn again.
    After Laura had decided this had gone on quite enough, she came up behind Arthur, as he licked Sarah's clit and fingered her, and she dragged a finger along his ass crack. He stopped and looked at her. “Come over here,” said Laura.
    Arthur got up, took her hand and she led him over to the futon. She sat him down on and then she lowered her pussy onto his dick. She moved up and down slowly. And then faster, and faster. As they fucked Arthur sucked her tits and tried to kiss her.
    Sarah couldn't stand it any more. “My turn” she ordered. But Laura didn't stop. “Come on, Laur, my turn.” Laura turned and looked at her, laughed and went back to fucking Arthur. Sarah was incensed, she got up and came over. She wasn't going to push her off, but she had to lay down the law.
    “I'm not done yet,” said Laura, having a great time.
    “You could always...um...join in” said Arthur shyly. That's twice in this story when the supposedly submissive shy Guy has topped from the bottom. This is not acceptable. If he was truly submissive, these girls wouldn't be about to indulge his fantasy. This is bull shit.
    “Look at the gall of this guy,” laughed Laura. She turned to Sarah and jokingly grabbed a tit. But much to Laura's surprise when she turned back again, Sarah was still there, and now she fully nake, her t-shirt and bra lying on the floor. Sarah's larger tits dared Laura to indulge. Laura leaned over and sucked one. Sarah couldn't really believe it but she let her.
    Now, at first this was like their earlier kissing. It was show. It was intended primarily for the visual gratification of Arthur, sitting there on the futon, with Laura riding his dick. However, soon, Laura came to like it, and Sarah definitely liked it, despite her mental misgivings. It was teleological, really. I mean, it was the natural outcome of their kissing earlier. Even though that had been for show, they didn't dislike it.
    Whether you regard it as the natural growth of a seed to a tree or the slippery slope down to moral oblivion, women kissing each other, even for the supposedly straight purpose of turning on the male object of affection, are really desperate to get into each other's pants. Trust me, I know. I have a great deal of experience with women, as you can tell by my incredibly realistic dialogue. It's only societal norms that keep them from feeling free to indulge in this all the time.
    Now, Laura, enjoying the taste and texture of Sarah's mammalian protuberance, wanted Sarah to get in on this more, figuring if the tit were this good, who knows what everything else would be like? But Sarah was still hesitant. She wasn't an Aristotelian, or a defender of the moral fabric, and she was going to fight the inevitable. So she just stood there, next to them, as Laura motioned with her head for Sarah to get down on her knees. You know, so Laura could have her pussy licked. Realizing this wasn't going to happen, she got up off Arthur. If the tit were fun, so too could the pussy be. “Bend over” she told Sarah. And Sarah bent, her hands on the top of the futon, her legs leaning against the lower edge of the mattress.
    “Fuck her” Laura told Arthur. So Arthur got up and got behind Sarah. He put his hands on her ass, and stuck his dick in her vagina. He began to fuck her. Laura got underneath them, and began to lick Sarah's pussy and Arthur's dick as they interacted with each other. Aside from being very gratifying, this was also easier on Sarah's mind, as she wasn't catching...wait a minute, she was catching. Never mind, she was catching the guy, but still pitching with Laura, sorry. I got a little confused for a minute. Baseball analogies are so much easier with two people...or nine. Tune in next week when the Charles Smith Nonet tries to have an orgy using their instruments. It will be described entirely in baseball jargon.
    This whole experience was making Laura really happy, if you know what I mean. She had been stroking herself as she licked carpet for the first time, and she was quite horny. She stopped licking. She needed to cum now. “Turn over,” she ordered Sarah. Arthur stopped fucking Sarah, and Sarah sat on the futon. Laura knelt between her legs.
    “Fuck me” she said to Arthur. Maybe she said something more, I don't know. Maybe they were communicating telepathically instead. That would explain the general lack of dialogue since the ex started. So Arthur fucked Laura from behind, just like he had fucked Sarah. Except now Laura was diving into Sarah's snatch without any dick to get in the way of her eager tongue.
    This was enough to bring Laura to orgasm: getting fucked while she licked her friend's pussy for the first time, and she or Arthur, I'm not sure, one of them had a hand on her clit too. So yeah, she came and she yelled and whatever else. The noises that come out of human mouths during climax and awkward and embarrassing and aren't fit for print.
    Arthur somehow realized she had cum, maybe it was due to the noise. Anyway, he pulled out. Laura was not finished with Sarah and kept lapping away, so Arthur joined her. They licked and fingered and nibbled and so on. They brought Sarah to orgasm together, awww.
    Then they went and snuggled in Arthur's bed until they passed out. In the morning, both girls woke up separately and slipped away individually, not wanting to face each other after they had crossed that line, like that scene in that Mexican movie, only with girls instead of guys. Yes, it would help if I could remember the title. Tough shit.
    “Where's the ouch?”
    “A. Guy walks into the bar...and there's supposed to be an ouch. You could have at least brought in a whip or something.”
    “Well, this is the vanilla version of the story, I didn't want to scare anyone.”
    “You're posting this on the internet, come on! We can handle the truth.”
    “Fine, fine. If you will, travel back to “They brought Sarah to orgasm together, awww.” That's where we'll resume things. Then you'll get your ouch. Is that okay, dear reader?”
    “Fine by me.”
    This part is rated an extra X. I'm sure if I was more active sexually, I'd be less perverse and the above would have been enough.
    Now, Sarah was a squirter. Laura didn't know this, as she had never been with any woman, let alone her friend Sarah, so she was not able to get out of the way. However, this was the kind of thing that Arthur was into. So he quite enjoyed getting hit in the face by her cum. He then licked it off her. And he licked it off of Laura too. Laura was kind of grossed out except for the fact that Arthur was clearly enjoying himself, so she went with the flow and they kissed each other. Arthur would have insisted on all three of them kissing while covered in Sarah's cum, but he wasn't in charge. And topping from the bottom for a third time would have been the last straw. He wished the girls were that nasty, but I guess they weren't. Give them time, Arthur.
    So, you may have noticed Arthur hasn't cum yet. And wouldn't have cum in the vanilla version. This is the proper order of things. Women should always be first (and as many times as possible, though due to my lack of imagination in this case, they'll only cum the one time; I'm sure in future adventures they will cum repeatedly, if I don't will them out of existence first). It's easy for a guy, and really, it's so nice to watch a girl cum, what do we men care if we have to wait? The way things should be, I tell you.
    Anyway, the two ladies realized that they needed to get Arthur to where he needed to get to. Arthur was happy, and he could have just whacked it, but they wanted to help him. They liked him. He was their kind of guy, now that he wasn't so awkward. Now, slavish women might have just knelt below him, sucked him off, and swapped his cum. Arthur would have loved that, as any guy would. However, these were not your typical slavish women. They had outgrown the club-slut thing.
    They went into Arthur's room, and Arthur lay on the bed. Sarah mounted him, not minding the additional fucking. She moved up and down on his dick as Arthur fondled her bazoongas. Laura had disappeared for a moment. They didn't know where she was. They didn't really care.
    When Laura reappeared, they didn't really pay much attention to her. Arthur was consumed with Sarah, and her beautiful C-cup tits (took me long enough), riding his dick. Sarah was facing Arthur, so she really didn't see what Laura was up to.
    Suddenly, Arthur felt a tongue on his ass. Though initially a surprising experience, this was quite pleasant. Then, it happened. Something freezing pushed into his ass. It was bitterly cold and it ripped the skin a little. It hurt but it was also just about the most pleasurable thing he had ever felt. He came buckets into Sarah, but he wouldn't shit right for a while. To make the whole thing better, Laura leaned against Sarah's back and turned her head, so they could kiss each other a little while Arthur convulsed, adding a visual element to the complicated physical sensations.
    Laura had pulled the old ice-cube-in-the-orifice trick. Who knows where she had gleaned it. Porn? Probably. There's your ouch. If you don't believe me, give it a try. Our holes are not meant to handle temperature extremes. Incidentally, don't give yourself a boiling enema. They won't believe it was an accident at the hospital.
    And that's the truth.
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