[Ask a Girl] A friend indeed is a friend in need

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    sth caught my eye earlier ..
    & I quote:

    "hope U R OK..
    something just keeps happening
    almost every time I'm with a group of girls "no-one is friendzoned -I guess-"
    they just keep flirting indirectly... sounds weird huh?
    they go like.. Look at that confidence!!! "loud voice with a tone of great impression" !!
    or.. What a Style!!
    or.. What a Tone of voice!!!
    & stuff like that
    NOT sayin' these things 2 me but 2 each other.. when talking to one girl the others start doin' that
    I think it's a good sign but what exactly does it mean ?
    it seems they're just thinking out loud "TOL"
    & what's the best respond to that?
    I usually carry on whatever i'm doin' & ignore what been said like it never was.

    there were 2 answers to that.. the 1st:
    "good for you man, not a bad thing for sure. means they like you and are confident enough to show it in quite an obvious way for girls"

    the other" "the reason they flirt with you openly could be that they already think of you as one of their girlfriends, like a girl being friends with a gay man"

    the WEIRD thing that what was stated above happens with me too.. A LOT!

    what do u think girls ?

    ~I know this thread isn't sexual.. YET :dgrin:D ~
    & THANKS 4 reading this much.
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