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Discussion in 'Sexual Fetishes and Fantasies' started by krimson, Dec 10, 2004.

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    Nov 26, 2004
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    a female in panties, love to sometimes just sit palces and look at the females walking by wondering what kind they are wearing if any at all. i also love to sniff them and have on some occasions even licked the cotton in the middle of them. i have taken a good share of panties in my life that have been in people hampers and have smeeled them while i jerked off. this was something i did years ago but ended up throwing those all out over an ex. i wish i would of kept them now. i have obtained a few in recnet months and all but on a sad note they are washed and dont have the female smell to them :(

    skirts, hose, panties, thigh highs....all these kinda go together in a way so i listed them as that. i love how the hose make the skin that much more smoother and softer. the panties well see above, and the skirt i guess its the thought of being able to possibly get a peek up it or how if its tight enough it will mold to her ass. also the way it shows her lovely legs and the promise of great thigns higher up. yes i myself have wore hose and panties for a ex of mine. the silkiness of it did excite me but its not something i would do every day and wouldnt take it out of the bedroom.

    the female ass.... what can i say about this. i love to carress them lick them fondle them stare at them anything about them. i love them i will take a great ass over breast anyday. have nothing aginst tits but got to love the ass formost. there is some more i would put here but i think for now ill leave that go. i dont like to be shit on or anything so no its not that lol.

    female urination...... up untill about 2 years ago i had never thought about this much. me and an ex was looking up things on the computer trying to find out new and exciting things we may be into. i had come across a few videos and pics of things dealing with htis and it became a turn on as well. i have cum a few times looking at pics and videos, and stories of women peeing themselves (fully clothed) , masturbating while peeing, and even some about watersports. i have been thinking lately about finding some female to try this out with. i would want to be on both sides of this, the one peeing and the one getting peed on.

    female masturbation...... to me this is highly erotic. a woman letting herself pleasure herself infront of you or on the phone is one of my biggests turn ons. i love they way they sound how they look while doing it and the thought of them being able to make themselves cum when and how they want. i also like they different and unusal ways some do it. the kinkier they get while masturbating the harder i will cum. if it is faked though i dont get off as hard. i love when they use different things to cum with.

    i will say i am a voyuer, i love to watch women doing almost anything. the dirtier the better. this is a major kink for me and when i can see or hear one doing something very private the more it is a turn on. i love for women to plain out get down and dirty and for the most part they wont unless they are alone and feel comfortable. this is kinda were my peeping tom comes in. i have never peeped in on anyone but with the internet it kinda makes this a little more then just a dream. i used to sit and watch some of those free webcams (the ones that normally dont show nudity) for hours just to hopefully catch a glimpse of something worth while on it.

    insest.......now this is a hard one here. i have read many stories about this and liked most of them. the ones about moms and sons or daughters that are of age are good. the brother sister ones are good too. cousins aunts and things like that are ok but getting alittle away from being as taboo but still a turn on. i will say in my own life i have thought sexually about 2 of my cousins but have never acted on it and never will. this would be highly looked down on in my family and i wouldnt do that to them. one of them i did manage to get a sniff of thier panties once while i was visiting them, they were in the hamper and i couldnt resist. yes i did cum later that night thinking about it.

    ok i dont know if this is weird or not but i do like the site of a guys genitals and even like to watch the masturbate, i have even thought about maybe giving head once to try it but i know im not bi or gay. i guess alot of guys kinda feel this way also. i would like to someday jack another male off. i guess in a way you could say i am into just the penis and and not the guy. this brings into the idea of shemales are becoming kind of a turn on to me. the thought of a grreat pair of tits on a very woman like person with a nice cock is a turn on. however there are alot of shemales out there that just dont look like women and i cant see how they pass as one, but hhey to each thier own. these ones i dont find as a turn on, but the ones that look very much like a real female and have the right curves, ass, tits, and cock are.

    i have recently looked into female feet and am statrting to like the idea of it all. i would love to get a foot job once to see what its like.

    face sitting. this is another new one to me but the thought of a females ass being pressed tightly to my face as i sit there helpless does get the cock hard. i woul.d love to have a female sit on my face once to try this out and see what it is like. i couldnt help but to think i would have to stick my tounge out and try to lick through thier clothes. that and to feel her sqirm all over my face in say a nice pair of normal cotton panties or maybe a pair of spandex or anything else thats made of thin material. now to go with two other fetishes i will say that if she was to sit on my face and me to keep my mouth closed i would like for her to pee just once to try it. the idea of her shorts or panties getting soaked as i lay there helpless would be a nice thought. also see the below fetish. but to have all 3 of these wrapped into one could be very nice and to add her jacking me off as well i think i would cum a boat load.

    female farting......this one im alittle confused myself on. i never thought of this before till my ex. one night i was laying in bed with her and had my hand on her ass. i was rubbing it lightly and next thign i new she farted. (she was naked at the time) no it didnt stink or anything but to feel that on my hand had giving me the idea about it all. i had become slightly aroused by it and she did it agian. i noticed myself getting hard and wanting her to do it more. she moved my hand away and said she didnt want to fart on me agian and i told her it was ok i didnt mind but after the puzzling look she gave me i moved it. now to go with the above mentioned of face sitting, i would say i think it maybe a turn on for the woman to maybe fart while doing this. i hate the stinky ones but the calm ones that dont stink can be slightly erotic from what i have seen so far.

    im sure i have a few others that i cant think of right now but for the most part im open to anythign and everything as long as all people involved are of age and its not hurting or forcing someone to do something they are not wanting to do. well this is a peek into the real me and i hope you guys enjoy reading this and some can even say they enjoy some of these too. i will say anythign to do with kids is out. i feel anyone that can do somethign sexual to a child should be taken out and shot no questions asked. that in my book just is not right now matter what excuse you have.

    on a side note. a reply from females would be great i would like to know if i am too weird or nasty for most women out htere or if women would love to have a guy like me that is at sometimes alittle too open minded in the bed room. i have also left out a few other kinks of mine due to not wanting to share them at this point but this covers alot of them. well i know this is long but i hope you take the time to read it all. thanks agian for reading and it took me alot to share some of these.
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    i think kinky is kewl....and its really great that u have an open mind and r willing to explore almost every fetish written in the odd-sex encyclopedia ( yes there is a book) i hope u find some1 as willing to explore that wit u.
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    Definately Bi

    I think if you like cock that that makes you bi. Many gay men dress up to appear like women and their partners like that. I am not saying to are gay but I definately think you are bisexual. Maybe this is something you could explore. I am not Bi, but I see no shame in it.
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