A demon that haunts me...

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    Will I please him? What will he ask of me? Can I serve without fail? These thoughts among many others rampage around in my mind. I'm nervous, excited, distracted, frustrated. Too much to even describe. I can't even think straight.

    I can feel my nipples rubbing against my shirt & how wet I am. His orders deemed that shouldn't be wearing a bra or pantries. It's all I can do to keep my eyes open & on the road. I want to just close them & think of him.

    I can't stop though, I'm on my way to him. He is where my heart & mind lie. He commands them both. He invades all my thoughts. My desire for him never truly fades.

    As I pull in & see him, my heart is racing. I can't think straight. I have no idea where to even begin. I'm at a loss, I need his help. I need him to guide me.

    I see him walking towards the car as I get out. My breath is short. I have the jitters horribly. I'm thrilled to see he has come out to meet

    He hugs me tight & feels one of my beasts to see if I have listened. He rubs a thumb across my nipple that is standing tightly at attention. I sigh at his touch & he kisses me deeply before we walk inside.

    As I walk in, my heart steps up a notch in its racing. I can't hide how nervous I am. I hate being like this, I need to calm down. I've got to get myself together, I think to myself as the door closes.

    He grabs me by the back my head & hair, kissing me. I can feel myself grow wetter as as I run my hands up stomach to his chest, finally laying one hand in his cheek. The distance is nothing now, I'm finally there in his hands.

    I fall against him & he pulls my head back. He looks me in the eye & his look tells me everything will be alright. I relax some, close my eyes, & let my head fall back against his hand.
    I feel his hand on my breast, playing absently with my nipple. I can still feel him watching me. I know he's watching my reactions to his touch. Feeling me out.

    I open my eyes as I feel his weight shift. He's leaning into me & whispers in my ear "get undressed" as he lets me go. I don't want his hands to leave me. I sigh heavily.

    As I get undressed, he sits and tells me that mouth has earned me a spanking. I needed to watch how lippy I was. I grin knowing. It is well deserved & I'm sure it won't be the last knowing my mouth.

    He tells me to lay across his lap & I comply willingly. Bare assed & across his knee,I turn red. Embarrassed & excited, I shiver as he runs his hand along the curve of my ass, his other hand between my shoulders so I don't move.

    I gasp as he surprises me by sticking two fingers into my wetness, teasing me. I want
    to move but I dare not for the punishment is unknown. It's all I can do to keep my hips from moving as he rubs my clit with his thumb.

    I hold my breath and concentrate on his hand, fingers inside me, thumb rubbing me & moan as he stops & pulls it away. I hear him laugh softly, knowing my torment. I know it is just beginning, I love it.

    I'm brought out of my thoughts by his hand landing on the tender underneath of my ass. I cry out in surprise, but hold my position across him. I can feel his cock under me & I long for it as I take my spanking, my ass growing red.

    My ass is tender & I'm writhing as he lands the last blow to my ass. He pulls me up by my hair & I look to him. I want him. I need him.

    "Sir, may I please suck your cock?" you nod to me, & I unbutton & unzip your pants, pulling them down some so that I may get to

    I take your cock into my mouth & slowly work myself down you, hold, & back up to the head, sucking it. I run my tongue around the head & underneath, playing with it. My hands at your hips. Your hand wrapped in my hair at the back of my head, the other fondling my nipple, squeezing it, tweaking it every so often. I moan on your cock in my mouth.

    You let me grow wetter & more urgent before stopping. I want you in me, but the choice is yours as to what I will do. I beg you to stick your cock deep in me & you just grin. The look tells me I may not get what I want.

    You push new back & I can feel my wetness, slick & begging to be filled. I watch you get up & finish undressing. I love to watch you. You are mine. You make me who I am. I belong to you.

    You tell to lean over the seat you were sitting in. "As you wish, sir." as I comply to your orders.
    You move in behind and get on your knees. I can feel your cock against my ass & push back against you. You laugh & fold my arms across my back holding them by the wrist with one hand & hold me into place so that I can't move.

    I feel your cock at my wet pussy & beg you to please put it in me. I want you. I want to be filled by you. You tease my clit unmercifully with it until I can't stand it & beg you to cum.

    No is my answer & I writhe beneath you as you slide your cock into me. You fuck me with long, slow,deep strokes. Pulling from me every now & then to slide back into me. Playing with my clit & causing me to beg you to cum.

    No is the answer I receive yet again. Your cock deep inside as a rotate my hips against you, pushing you as deep into me as I can. Your strokes becoming faster & more urgent as I beg you to let me cum.
    No, yet again. I groan as you cum deep in me. I'm breathless beneath you, your cock still in me. I'm dying to have release.

    I am surprised as you stick your hand between my legs & start rubbing my clit, your cock still in me. I can't take much more of you. I beg to cum. Please god just let me cum.

    You finally say yes to my request & I cum hard around your cock still in me, clenching tightly to it. My hips no longer obey me. I am lost to your touch.

    I jerk as you playful touch my sensitive clit, teasing me before you finally release your hold on my wrists & let your cock slide from me.

    You grab my hair & pull my head to one side & kiss me. I am yours...
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    Wow......HOT!....well done
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    Very hot 1000 Stars....interesting....
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    Oh Yes Verry Hot!
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    Well done. No can be such a powerful word.