A Candle at Night

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    Dazzle me with azure eyes
    thrill me with red lips
    Touch me with your soft pink hands
    sway your rounded hips

    Toss your golden curly hair
    gently on my chest
    Move it slowly back and forth
    as we begin the rest

    Taunt me with your womanhood
    tease me with delight
    Take me to that hidden cove
    we visit every night

    Put your arms around me
    hold me oh so close
    Whisper that you love me
    let me overdose

    I give you me completely
    I am at your command
    A slave to you unselfishly
    beginning to expand

    Kiss me softly on the neck
    and then behind my ear
    Run your nails across my back
    evoke my trusting fear

    Thrust your body on me
    then quickly pull away
    Lying there by candle light
    my woman on display

    Cast me to your ocean
    throw me to your shore
    Take me deep beneath your sea
    allow me to explore

    The pureness of your waters
    those tides of salty brine
    Which ebb and flow
    as if though,
    erotic and divine

    My hands rest on your stomach
    which soon begins to shake
    The gratitude of giving
    entice a seismic quake

    The beauty of just knowing
    a female rhapsody
    Is only the beginning
    of what is yet to be

    One in to each other
    a cadence we commence
    Into volcanic lava flow
    a feeling so intense

    We grip each other tightly
    a candle's burning out
    Fall fast asleep in to the night
    satisfied, no doubt

    by Juzjon
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