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Jan 2, 2007
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    Your Sex:
    Sexually Active:
    Kinkiest place you have had sex at:
    bathroom w/both of our s.o.'s were there, but we always wanted to fuck
    Non Existant
    Martital Status:
    Single / Divorced
    Favorite Sex Position:
    oral clitoral sex
    Famous Person you would have sex with:
    Pubic Hair:
    Star Sign:
    Best Feature:
    my tight body, everything
    Describe yourself in a few sentences.:
    they call me barbie, but men are afraid to ask me out, which is fine, i just want someone to fuck the shit out of my pussy and put their fingers, at least 4, elsewhere, lol, or she must suck me off
    Favorite part of your partners body:
    big penis
    Favorite aspect of sex:
    beeing open minded, fuck more than one woman, which my ' woman ' wants'
    I am so open minded to being sexual, to where i had a woman to 'go down' on me, but i was so drunk i really do not remember, but what bothers
    me is, everytime i get off, i think of a 3some, always
    a woman ' down on me' and a man behind her, i feel weird, i like it(sex) hard! but i am new to this group
    i do not know how to word things, i guess what i will do is say what i like and if i do not get a response quick enough 4why i am here, i will just take myself off, anyway, i wanted2 join bcuz i wanted cybersex (all the time!!), hardcore stuff!!!!!, i want to be FUCKED HARD; like all the men in my life DO TO ME(AND I LOVE IT HARD!) and
    I LOVE IT, they call me barbie, i hate it and i love it, all men want to just fuck the shit out of me, and that is why i am here ( or they tell me to spread eagle, which we all know-and i do, spreading my LEGS, telling them to spread my lips so hard , pussy lips so hard, well, i ask them too, but if i get to- I ask them for a private encounter)Then I get her to start sucking me off, And then 'she' gets to know me, and my pussy lips hurt/whomever is fucking me), I have a vibrator that i never turn on, , and i model for bra ad's, (macy's ) .... uhhhh it is
    like just taking a picture, in my bra and my tight abs almost showing- when I come i want to ,
    to fuck..... I am so much a lady, but let's get real
    we are cyberchatting, and if i did show my pic,
    all the men AND WOMEN , may be responding, but
    after my ' takes ' I want a big fat dick in my tight little pink pussy, and my nipples to be pinched at least every 2 minutes, but mainly, I love it when
    men take their dicks(sorry, but true, and i better get it big and hard,lol) out of my throbing pink pussy
    and start spanking my lips-literally spank my pussy lips with your hand), keep saying it, it turns me on(just to hear hardcore stuff), wish one would just choose to I/M me and i could fuck myself all day(but here are too many sites to where they do wan
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