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    1. Mary11
      I am great thanks. me be good, unlikely I am all naughty
    2. Funyuns
      The teasing glimpse was what I thought was the best part of the pic!!!
    3. Funyuns
      Thanks for the comments, go right ahead!
    4. SlutAble
      The sensual kind.
    5. EVA288
      thank you for visiting my albums Big Hug !
    6. suzy7
      Music is OK, played Niagara Falls New Years, more busy with my
      business these days and soaking up the southern sun,
      lots of traveling to fashion shows in Europe,have a great day.
    7. Aliena
      Thank you for your comment *kiss*kiss*
    8. welshkitten
      Thank you for your comment on my pic, and yes the hubby did get what the pic promised ;)
    9. xeniadraven
      Thankyou for you picture comments ;-)
    10. PDone7
      cutegirl, I will follow to the letter at my first opportunity. thanks so much. please ignore private message as this seems to work. can I ask what the friend function is for please. I have joined the 'orally' group and have asked a question. is this different? thanks again for your advice on pussy love.
    11. cutegirl
      Cleopatra position works best for my final climax. First you can lick her round and round in the pussy from inside out and outside in for sometime. Then you can such her her clit gently for sometime. Then flatten your tongue wide and start gently lick from bottom of her pussy (start from the top of her asshole) to the top of her pussy. Repeat all the steps mentioned in turns. Tell her your face and tongue is all for her amusement and pleasure. If she starts getting wet, make your tongue hard and start fucking her pussy with your tongue. Encourage her to grind more & as hard as possible. See it leads to her climax or not. :)
    12. cutegirl
      (d) Few girls like their anal also licked during oral (Though I don't prefer it). While giving oral try to go down to her asshole and softly lick outside and see her response. If she stops you then don't do it, but if she just keep on moaning or keep her eyes closed then start licking gently her ass hole too. If you want her to cum on your face, remember it is not about your choice (you may not like to lick ass), but you have to do it to please her.

      :) Best of luck
    13. cutegirl
      (c) This may not work in all the cases, but for me it works. I want my BF to be always submissive and behave like my slave while giving me oral. You can try to see that your girl is dominant type or not. Ask her to pull your hair or hump on your face hard and ask her not to think about you/your pain till she cums. You have to assure her that you will be ok and her orgasm only what matters. When my BF tells me this, I feel very good and I use his face & tongue brutally.
    14. cutegirl
      Say, if I see the logo meanbitches.com is coming in video top, I get pissed off. Why 'mean'...If I want my pleasure, I am mean ? I have asked my BF to edit that video and put something else like ('female pleasure') etc to cover original logo and save the movie. We use windows movie make to do all these. Find some cunnilingus guide videos and see it yourself first and learn different types of licks. BTW: edited video helped me a lot.

    15. cutegirl
      (b) You mentioned that you wanted to cum inside your mouth. More important is does she want to cum inside your mouth or from oral? You have to prepare her mentally to cum on your face and mouth. Collect videos where, the females are cumming inside male face, mouth after getting licked. Show it to her before you start your sex. Remember sometime few small things pisses girls off (at least me). If possible edit the videos prior to show her, such that it contains only pussy licking and orgasm on face part of it. If necessary add subtitles to non english videos. Even sometime the source name sometime worries me a lot. Continued...
    16. cutegirl

      Thanks for asking me, but I am afraid that there is single answer/technique to make a woman cum from oral. Every woman is different, so it will vary with woman to woman. You have to try several things and ask her feedback on those. But few thumb rules you have to remember, if you want to make any woman happy.

      (a) It is all about her pleasure and not yours when you are going down on her. So, you have to lick her as per she likes not the way you want to lick.

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    girl next door
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    A good man who likes the variety this world offers. Also enjoy sex a great deal.......
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    Pussy, I just love the taste and the view..
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    Making her cum.
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    Happy married man.

    food, travel, sport and sex of course...
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