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May 16, 2016
    1. Wanderlust
      Wow ... Nice to meet you :)
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      Thanks for the add sexy!!
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      Tnx for add buddy :-)
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      How you going mate?
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    Your Sex:
    Sexual Preference:
    Sexually Active:
    Kinkiest place you have had sex at:
    parking lot of motel
    Martital Status:
    Single / Divorced
    Favorite Sex Position:
    blindfolded handcuffed gagged
    Pubic Hair:
    Star Sign:
    Best Feature:
    face, facial hair, hairy chest, precumming cock, opening pink anal lips
    Describe yourself in a few sentences.:
    i need to be exposed to the rage of an angry, horny, erect, masculine male. i want to receive your saliva, your pre-cum, your cum, your urine in all of my openings and over every hair of my body.
    Favorite part of your partners body:
    his precumming erect cock pointing at me
    Uni Graduate
    Favorite aspect of sex:
    his cum in my 10 holes: ears, eyes, nostrils, mouth, navel, urethra, rectum
    Body Type:
    i like to be slowly undressed. peel off my shoes and socks, lift up my teeshirt, loosen my belt, unbutton and unzip and remove my jeans, and then tug off my boxers.

    take off my baseball cap so im fully stripped of clothes, revealing my brown hair, brown eyes, mustache, goatee, soul patch, hair on my knuckles, forearms & lower upper arms, armpits, toes, lower legs, upper legs, upper chest connecting to hair around my erect pink nipples, connecting to a thick amount of hair in the center of my chest, with hair going in a vertical hairy line to hair around my navel, connecting to a thick nest of pubic hair that goes up on the base of my soft precumming cock, across my scrotum, my perineum, around my closed pink anal lips, up my buttocks, and lower back.

    i could let my hand caress your cock all over, making it feel so good, slowly stroking your cock from base to head, and up and down. while i stroke your cock with my hand i lick your hairy scrotum, and then take both your balls into my mouth and suck on them while your cock gets harder in my hand. i release your balls from my mouth and i kiss the base of your cock where the pubic hairs are, and lick that area. after i lick the base of your cock, i could stop stroking you, and slide my tongue up the center of your shaft, and lick your shaft all over with my warm tongue. i could show the head of your cock some affection, and kiss the head of your cock, and at this point you shove your hips forward so that every inch of your cock slides into my mouth, with the head of your cock in my throat and pointing at my stomach.

    you start thrusting your cock, your precum dripping into my throat, and with both your hands you hold my head in place, and you drip your saliva so that it drips on my forehead, over my eyelids, and over the shaft of my nose. you feel pleasure in your cock, as you hear me gagging, but i swallow down your many loads of creamy cum, you then release your hands and force my face away, so that some of your cum squirts onto my face, over both my brown eyes, down both my nostrils, and dripping all over my facial hair.

    but that isnt all. you see how my legs are together, and you start pushing them apart, spreading them, until you see my perineum, and you let the head of your cock wipe cum on the hairs surrounding my pink anal lips before covering them in your cum too. you push your hips forward until my pink anal lips cannot take the pressure anymore, and you are forced inside me. and you force every inch of your cock inside, so that the head of your cock is inside my colon, and nestled against the warm heartbeat of my hot-temperature prostate gland, and it feels so good to you. you feel my warm sticky anal secretions, as you start thrusting your hips, until you feel pleasure again... your cum squirting inside me, coating my colon with your warm sticky cum, mixing with my anal secretions, and it feels so good you notice my own orgasm, my cock squirting my own cum, covering my stomach, hairy chest, neck, and shoulders in a river of my own cum.


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