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Aug 22, 2011
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NY close to city
Not imprtant althogh I am very lucky


New Member, Male, from NY close to city

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May 26, 2012
    1. PrincessHot
      When you can fly, do not give up flying.
      When you can dream,do not give up the dream.
      When you can love, do not give up on love.
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    2. hubbywubby
      :spermNice to have you as a friend... Spain so far far far away but very cool. Im from New York. Cool to have a friend in Spain....Whats up? I see you like women and men. Wow my fantasy girl LOL
    3. RideNaked2
      Hi there, haven't run across you in quite some time. Thought I'd stop by with a smiley for you :D
    4. xeniadraven
      finally got some pics added!
    5. sluttyfairy
      ** deleted photo **
    6. hubbywubby
      Yes I am thank you... hope all is well with you as well. Its been crazy with the holidays. My whole hose is sick with colds and it just makes it way through the whole house. That with work and the holidays it gets a bit crazy. Bot my boys are autistic and one of them is severe. When he gets sick everything stops. Makes sex almost impossible. Bummer no hummer lol...
    7. RideNaked2
      Hi stranger...hope you are doing well :)
    8. Untamed
      Hello :) I'm getting by nicely. Hope you're doing well
    9. hubbywubby
      I did and of course you also.... Keep your head up and enjoy yourself. Your a very bright and you will do well. You have a great heart thats what its all about...
    10. Untamed
      Hey my friend :) Hope you've had a lovely weekend!
    11. hubbywubby
      I dont know whats going on with my typing... Very sorry for all the type Os ... I dont get it. First I thoug it was my desk top but its not. Anyway my hopes are that you feel better and are missed over here. Take care f your self and hopefully we will hear from you soon...
    12. hubbywubby
      I was very concerane beacuse I know our alwas on.I was hoping you went away. I hope you okay and feel better, Im very sorry and missed you ..
    13. Untamed
      I'm sick again. All is well I guess
    14. RideNaked2
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend ;)
    15. 1hotmamma420
      Thank you for such a nice compliment! ;)
    16. RideNaked2
      Just stopping by to say Hey! Hope you had a great weekend :)
    17. Untamed
      It's not that hard at this age .. well for me. But hello my lovely forum friend :)
    18. Untamed
      Oh yeah I've seen that it was on the news here a while ago :) very cool!
    19. RideNaked2
      Wisconsin and thank you!
    20. hubbywubby
      [IMG]Hi, just here for some good stories and ways to keep my wife happy...I like new things and feel that you can never stop learning or playing with new ideas. Ive already heard a few and its already made a few nights very exciting. I'm not looking for any dates or cybersex. Sorry that would be cheating. Also I have no urge my wife does it for me... However I do like friends so I'm open to that and hope that some will consider me their on-line friend...
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    NY close to city
    Not imprtant althogh I am very lucky
    Your Sex:
    Sexual Preference:
    Sexually Active:
    Kinkiest place you have had sex at:
    roof of a builing in manhatten during the day. We were being wached air plane rest room
    Favorite Sex Position:
    Standing girl on back
    Famous Person you would have sex with:
    Jody foster
    Pubic Hair:
    Star Sign:
    Best Feature:
    I have a nice cock not big only 7 " but nice shape and thickness Nice eyess
    Describe yourself in a few sentences.:
    Fun love life luv to cum get turned on more when I make someond cum
    Favorite part of your partners body:
    eyes but her ass and booms and face are amazing
    Favorite aspect of sex:
    making my wife cum OMG that makes me cum
    Body Type:
    Few Extra Pounds
    I love to make others happy. I love sex and I came her to make friends that can help me with new ideas. So that I can make my wife cum forever. Not looking for anything but that but I do like flirting but it stops there. Even If I say you hot and I want you I would never go through with it. I would if I was single and that's what I mean. In most cases online meetings are hard anyway. Most people are in different states. However even if I found out you lived next door and we were flirting here I still would not cheat on my wife. I love her and Im honest with myself . I think flirting is healthy.... However you have to know what the limits are. Phone sex or exchanging pics is cheating. Anyway I hope I can make a lot of cool friends here. Oh yeah sometimes I say what i'm thinking before I think. I go a little over board. However believe me Im harmless. So if i go over board just tell me...

    Inventing and creating new things and ideas
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