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May 30, 2012
    1. thighlicker69
      you sure are a beautifull lady cutegirl love your long pretty legs, love to lick then all the way to the ends then feast. .uuummm
    2. Chubbyhunk
      Cutegirl where did you go? Are you still around?
    3. CosmicEye
      haha nasty in a good way of course. I look forward to your posts especially when Im horny lol. Glad you're a part of the community.
    4. CosmicEye
      Where did you learn to be so nasty and raunchy? Dam I swear your posts always get me hot n fired up and always leads to your yummy lady juices. Im not complaining! Just saying thanks I guess haha.
    5. MrLatino
      Hope you checked out my wife'shotos. Let me know?

    6. summa
      Thanks for welcoming me in my intro post :)
    7. jf5888
    8. mu23_hot
      hi here expert in licking toungue playing..i really like the taste of pussy..its awesome
    9. PDone7

      I thought you were supposed to be revising? Very naughty pictures. The last one got me excited, too excited in fact! Hope you don't mind. Right back to the books.

    10. Meow181
      Ta :) I need a good laugh off for a look :)
    11. PDone7
      cutegirl, thanks again. she has begun to grind a little and I did my best to encourage this. Can I ask, what position do you prefer? Could this be something I play with. I loved the first Cleopatra picture, is this best for clit work? I have tried making my way up the legs and gradually moving in to the centre.
    12. PDone7
      Cutegirl, many thanks. The most important thing is that my number one love is pleasuring her. I love to cum but I get a real kick out of making her cum first. We are quite new to oral on her and she has been a little reluctant. When asking her why she has told me 'are you sure you don't mind' as if it is a little 'dirty'. I reassure her that I love it and love to give her pleasure. Very recently, I got some encourangement when she agreed to bend over in front of me and ask to be licked [although I did requect such a surprise]. Not enough time to get her going mind, she then wants my cock.

      Thanks again cutegirl. I will keep you updated how I get on. I am not a man to rush. I just have a gorgeous girl with a gorgeous pussy and I love to get my tongue in there.
    13. PDone7
      Cutegirl, I am sure you are the best person to ask, would you be able to give a few tips on your favourite pleasure. I love going down to my SO's pussy, but I feel I am not that good. I am desperate to get better, I long for her to cum in my mouth. She can get me close to cumming in a couple of minutes! No worries and thank you.
    14. MrCuddly
      You're so dirty and it's pretty hawt :D

      I'm more dom than sub but still pretty hawt with the whole face sitting stuff
    15. MrCuddly
      Is it the domination part of the face sitting or just the pleasure that you enjoy?
    16. Mittimer
      He got sent to jail cause it was spam, not because it was the wrong place to post them ;)
    17. charlierp
      Cool posts Cutegirl, like the one about the BF Fetish and the two Friends, nothing better licking a good pussy and swallowing all it has to offer mmm mmm!
    18. Northside
      I find your posts very interesting. I would like to be your "friend" here.
    19. BigB73
      Just a like having your pussy eaten. My kind of girl :-)
    20. thatoneguy
      Hey there :)
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    Your Sex:
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    Kinkiest place you have had sex at:
    blindfolded my 1st BF (2 years younger than me) & facefucked him inside closet and cum on his mouth
    Martital Status:
    In a Relationship
    Favorite Sex Position:
    face fucking the male partner
    Favorite part of your partners body:
    his face & his tongue, which I want to grind
    Favorite aspect of sex:
    having my orgasm over his face & mouth
    Body Type:


    -God has given girl the tongue to spell out - "Hey, just be a good boy, lick my pussy, make me cum and swallow it". God has given boy the tongue to be a good boy and lick her pussy, make her cum and swallow that.

    - Nothing is selfish in sex, if both partners gets benefited somehow. Example: When I make him lick my pussy, I get extreme pleasure. Where-as his tongue, face & jaws gets stronger while servicing me and he gets lots of juice to swallow for his thirst. Definitely a benefit for both.
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