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    1. jf5888
    2. Alwayslearningsex
      anything else you wis to know? anything, really, just ask.
      oh, and I L-O-V-E a woman on top, I rub the clit, enjoy the breasts, body overall, see her having fun on me, her face expression is worth it. let a guy see you this way, it's a turn on
    3. Alwayslearningsex
      you asked what i like best, i L-O-V-E breasts a lot and my dream is to meet someone who orgasms from breast stimulation, i dont get tired of breasts.
      I love making someone squirm, moan, orgasm from g-spot, clit, whatver works on her
      I love the occasional tittyfuck.
      I humped the pillow 2 different ways
      1. build it up high to have a good pressure underside of the shaft, press and release, keep going until ejaculation, it gives a deep feeling in the groin
      the other way is like fucking the pillow, better with a condom for sliding in precum and preventing rash on head. sometimes fold pillow in half and fuck the fold
      I once tried a lap dance in a club. she was pressing on my cock, other times sliding to stimulate. the best way is to have a light pressure to let the ejaculation flow and give maximum sensations, too much pressure blocks the flow, and dulls the orgasm
    4. Alwayslearningsex
      No 2 guys are alike. fast, slow, gentle, hard, shaft, head. Take the time to play with a cock, learn it. have your guy on his back and fondle his balls, squeeze his shaft. I love getting it squeezed, and don't be afraid to squeeze, you won't hurt the shaft.
      Try masturbating different speeds, bottom of shaft, higher, slowly over the head, ASK how it feels and him to tell you what is best. Once I received shaft loving. everytime she stopped before I cum she moved her hand up and continue when safe again, then lower hold on the shaft, then rub the head coated with precum,lots of stop and go.
      OH MY GOD it felt SO good when I could not take it anymore "oh please make me cum, slowly on the head now" lots of cum she was amazed.
      So experiment my email is
      I have many ways to tell you how to please a guy, and things to tell him when he pleases you
    5. Alwayslearningsex
      Then she resumes giving me the regular oral, she took me as deep as she could and I could feel the back of her throat on the tip of the head. Sometimes things were so good I twitched in her mouth, letting her know she was doing it great. She felt my throbbing in her hand and on her lips, I alsoo taught her the penis anatomy, how to keep giving oral without having drop in her mouth, then let the cum out with a handjob.
      I taught her two way s to let a guy orgasm in her mouth without swallowing a drop
      With all the fun, when I finally ejaculated it shot a big blob on my face and over my head, I was on my back, and the intensity!
    6. Alwayslearningsex
      For my birthday one thing I always wanted to try is while getting oral, that she bits my shaft not too hard. She started from top, wworking her way down, and back up.
      Had her keep the bite on where it felt good at times. It was fun, a nice feeling, and nice to watch. Biting on the head was not as nice as I expected. Keep in mind, it was all nice biting. She held my cock in her hand, nice and hard, then incresed the pressure slowly.
      The dirty minded me was happy having her hold and squeeze my hard on here and there a long time, watching her have fun biting, keeping her bite and increae the pressure until I told her it was the limit for the pleasure
    7. Alwayslearningsex
      To continue from the last message,
      Shaft stroking gives a deep sexual feeling, especially during orgasm, and the feeling spreads in the legs, sometimes lower back, toes (they wiggle and twitch) and doing the head during orgasm gives a strong tingling that spreads in the shaft. A super cock tease is to play with it until short of ejaculation, let the urge pass, then continue.
      Repeat for several times until it becomes too much, begging for release.
      Lots of cum, strong orgasm! When the guy comes you feel the cock swell harder and bigger, and you feel the semen go in the shaft if you hold it palm against the "vein".
      The thing also is to continue to play with the cock even if the semen is done, you still feel the orgasming in your hand. Ride it til the end for a great and complete release.
      Then stroke to bring up the last drops.
    8. Alwayslearningsex
      You don't need to worry about crossing the line here, and what's wrong if there is a bit of it done respectfully ;-)
      What I really like myself is a nice handjob really. Starting with grabbing, rubbing, fondling, my balls too. Then shaft stroking. When I get done there is precum, more on that later. I don't mind the teasing either, cock teasing can give amazing orgasms and ejaculations. One thing is to play with the shaft, some like a hard grip, some a soft one, I love a full hand gently wrapped around the shaft. as things heat up I leak precum.
      When there is a good amount I love it spread on the hean, then my girl's hand moves up to actually stimulate the head. A great feeling. When a guy feels real good you see his balls get tight, sometimes even disappear in the body if it's real intense.
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    Curious. If experienced message me
    :) I have a bf and just wanna please him. He is nine years older
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