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  1. In my teens I wasn't always a nice person. Angry and didn't get along with others. Let's see, what do they call that again? Oh yeah..........a bitch. I'm now a much happier and healthier person but it was not the case back then. If I didn't like a girl, I fucked her boyfriend. I would cheat on my own boyfriends before they had a chance to hurt me first. I was able to justify all my crazy behavior and promiscuity by blaming others. Blah blah blah right?!

    Anyway, when I was twenty-two I had a twenty year old roommate. She was a pretty little thing but holy balls she was spoiled! She never cooked or cleaned. She didn't have a badass TV to contribute to the apartment and never ever shared makeup or clothes! (She helped herself to my stuff whenever she wanted though). What she did have was an attractive boyfriend. They'd been high school sweethearts and were the nauseating couple other couples strive to be (you know the type. "We never fight or get mad or anything! We have sex every Tuesday night for exactly four minutes in the missionary position. After he cums prematurely into a washcloth, we both read the same book and fall asleep together." I hope you read that in the same sarcastic tone I wrote that in!)

    I started flirting with him pretty early on. I laughed like an idiot, complimented him, touched him whenever I could. He ate that shit up because his own girlfriend was a prude. When she first moved in, I thought they were into some kinky stuff. I saw what I assumed was a French tickler. Turned out that every Tuesday, the boyfriend would use the feathers to dust off my roommate's dry vagina to get his four minutes (ok, I may have made that part up). I thought I was going to hear some good sex noises to masturbate to while I listened from my room. Not the case. The bed squeaked a few times and that was it!

    Not long after she moved in, we our boyfriends over and the four of us got drunk. I found out during slurred conversation that she didn't give her man head. Ever. Yeah, that's the kind of bitch I was dealing with people. She said it was degrading. Shut the fuck's sex! Sex is amazing!

    After that night, I began walking around in just my panties while he was over. It drove her crazy! She used to get so mad at me for that. But, I was a bitch too so I didn't care.

    One night her boyfriend was over for dinner we all wound up pretty drunk. I was flirting my little ass off.

    Side note: My roommate took ambien and when she fell asleep, nothing woke that chick up. Unless of course she was sleep walking. In which case she would wind up in my room at three in the morning asking to play scrabble (unfortunately, that part is true). That has to be the closest anyone has ever been to being bludgeoned to death with a scrabble board.

    Those two got up to go bed but before they went into her room, I was able to catch her boyfriend's eye and motioned for him to come back out into the living room. Which he did once little missy passed the fuck out.

    He acted like he didn't know why I made that motion when he returned to the living room. I whispered in his ear that I wanted to suck his dick since she never did. He actually started to object which was totally adorable. I got his dick out no problem.

    He was already hard and I was slightly disappointed. You guessed it folks, small wee wee. Oh well. The rest of him looked good. I gave him a porn star quality blowjob until he came in my mouth. If you're like me and thought the four minute Tuesday sex was fast, you should've seen the speed from a bj! He came so fast. I felt like I hadn't even hit my dick sucking stride when he started convulsing and grabbed the back of my head. I swallowed because I wanted him to have the full experience.

    Over the next five months or so, we fucked whenever we got the chance. He would show up at the apartment before my roomie was off work. We'd have sex, then he'd go wait in her room for her. She thought he was being respectful of my space by waiting in her bedroom. She didn't suspect anything. That is, not until he told her!

    That motherfucker got super jealous of one of her coworkers and in a fit of rage, blurted out that he'd been fucking me! Awesome.

    I walked into my apartment one evening to a delirious roommate screaming incoherently at me. She called me every name she could think of before she stormed out. All her stuff was gone the next day when I got home from work. I never even talked to her boyfriend again which is a shame because he was starting to get pretty good in bed. Oh well.

    Oh yeah, roomie called my boyfriend and told him all (no surprise there). He actually didn't even seem all that upset when he broke up with me so maybe he was ready to be done and that was his perfect excuse.

    That's all for now friends!
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  2. i woke up in the afternoon with a nice little hangover. Needless to say, so did steph. She came back to our room from the hospital and passed out without waking me up.

    I looked like the walking dead as I made my way to breakfast or lunch, whatever the fuck meal it is when you wake up at almost three in the afternoon. I ate very slowly and methodically and felt a little more human.

    I joined my other two girlfriends at the pool and sipped a Bloody Mary. I'm pretty sure at this point they regretted coming to Vegas with me but they were nice and didn't say so.

    Day/night three was pretty tame. We needed a night off. Steph was in no shape to leave the room so she didn't. I spent the day at the pool recovering.

    As typically happens to females in Vegas, we were approached my several groups of guys. One group was funny so we talked to them most of the day. We got on the topic of peeing in the pool. I don't remember the conversation but one guy that was getting increasingly drunk and obnoxious told us he loves golden showers. I think he was going for shock factor from us girls. I said something like "well then you're in luck because I really have to pee." He said something like "I'd love to be peed on by you."

    His friends really wanted to make this happen so they volunteer to help block us from view at the edge of the pool so I could sit there while I pissed on their friend that would be in the water. My girls laughed and said "fuck it, piss on the little bastard."

    The boys set up their pseudo wall and I pulled my thong to the side and let forth a nice steady stream that landed on the guy's face. People that saw laughed and teased him. He either enjoyed it or pretended to. I had fun so it didn't really matter to me whether he really did or not.

    The rest of the time we took it easy. No more craziness that trip!

    Quick post bachelorette party update: steph and her husband are fine. She lied and I backed her up.

    I don't know first hand what happened to tankini but I heard she denied everything and are still married. I'm sure they attended some extra church session or some shit and is somehow absolved of all infidelities and lying. I never spoke to the bitch again.

    I told my then fiancé all about the trip. Then we had a lot of sex and got married!
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  3. So after night number one finally ended early the next morning, I was ready to let off some steam.

    At the time I didn't know the tankini bitch had flown home already and steph stayed in the room to talk to her husband more and do some damage control on her marriage. I met up wit the other two girls in the lobby to spend some quality time at the pool.

    I wore a thong to bait the tabkini bitches and was more than ready for a large confrontation. To my disappointment and relief, one of my friends told me the cheater flew home and hadn't heard from her friend. Fine with me.

    We chose some prime real estate poolside and gave our livers the Vegas pep talk.

    A couple of pretty drunk but really hot guys didn't waste time. They approached us with our next round and were generous with their tab. In total cliche fashion, they offered to rub sun screen on us. It was cheesy but god damn they were sexy and offered free booze! Needless to say by the time they finished, the three of us girls were fully protected from harmful UV rays.

    We drank and flirted, drank and then drank. We recapped our previous night and then drank some more. I wanted to be careful around the other two girls but in my very buzzed state, I told one of the guys I wanted to have a threesome with he and his friend. After more drinks and several side conversations, they finally believed I wasn't joking. They understood my need for secrecy given what had happened the night before, we exchanged numbers while getting some drinks. Did I mention we had a lot to drink? Because we drank a lot that day.

    I told the girls I was going to check on steph and walked out of view before I text the boys. It took about fifteen minutes to get a response and by that time I was actually back in the room checking on my friend (she was doing much better btw). The boys seemed to be getting cold feet about a mmf sex session. They kept asking me to bring one or several of my friends. I was not happy. I said forget it! They quickly changed their tune and gave me their room number.

    Come to find out, one of the guys was totally on board but the other was not, which explained the waffling. They were arguing about whether or not to do it.

    If we had a strong buzz at the pool, then we got flat out drunk in their room! They had tons of alcohol! Naturally, I improved the mood by offering blowjobs. I really really wanted to give a double barrel blowjob but that wasn't happening. The nervous guy had some stage fright. He claimed whiskey dick but I wasn't buy it.

    After multiple attempts to get Mr softee hard, I gave up and fucked his friend. A couple of times Mr softee tried to join the party but just couldn't make it happen. So he drank more and passed out shortly after.

    I remember most of the fucking but the end is pretty foggy. I know I made it back to my room and changed to go out. I also know I didn't shower after leaving the boys room.

    Steph and I got changed and met the other girls to go to a club. We drank more.

    I really don't remember much of the club. I do remember dancing and making out with a guy in the club. I have no idea if my girls saw or not. They were smashed too so I doubt it.

    The next thing I remember is looking for my girls. I couldn't find them anywhere! No answering phones, not at the bar, not in bathroom, not outside. Nowhere. I finally gave up and started back to the hotel. How'd I get there? Good question kids. I have no idea! All I know is I was knocking on the door to our room because steph had a key and I did not. Back to the lobby I stumbled. I know I went down there to get a key from the front desk but I wound up in the bathroom. I decided to pee and woke up almost two hours later sitting in a stall. Awesome.

    I got up and felt cold floor on my bare feet. No shoes. While I was passed out some fucking twat stole my shoes! I know I had them on before passing out because they were expensive and I would not have left them somewhere! My favorite Jimmy Choo heels gone! Ugh! I'm still mad about it! My purse was in my lap with my money and phone. But no shoes. But that's not all folks! Oh no! I take the walk of shame out of the bathroom that I am now barefoot in (gross) out into the lobby and flop down in a chair. People stared. They could tell.

    I checked my phone to see a whole mess of missed calls and texts from my two friends. Apparently steph got so wasted, she wound up in the hospital! They damn near put a breathing tube in her she was so drunk.

    I got in a cab barefoot (because the bitch at the front desk wouldn't let me into my room because it wasn't under my name!) and went to the hospital. I walked into my friend's room to find all three girls looking at me, then laughing.

    Not only did some thieving twat steal my shoes, she also drew a big smile on my face with lipstick! I saw a lot of people and nobody told me I had mother fucking curly q's extending from the corners of my mouth onto my cheeks! Fuck I was furious!

    Steph was fine (probably better than me) and told me to go back to the hotel. The hospital gave me paper surgery shoes. With room key in hand and a freshly washed face I got back to room and passed the fuck out after chugging as much Gatorade as my stomach could hold.

    That's how night number two went.
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  4. My bachelorette party was a shit show. It's funny because I actually believed it would be tame. Not sure what I was thinking because we went to Vegas.

    There were six of us going. Three were in the wedding and two were friends. Two of us per room. I roomed with my best friend and maid of honor. I knew that she had cheated on her husband before but didn't think that would be happening in Vegas. The other girls were pretty straight laced, three of the five other girls were moms. A show called "The Thunder Down Under" seemed to be as wild as the weekend would get.

    We arrived late afternoon and immediately went to the pool. My maid of honor steph wore a thong and I wore a Brazilian cheeky bikini (It's somewhere between a regular bikini and a thong). We met the other girls at the pool. Two of them didn't think much of our swim wear. They each wore tankinis and rolled their eyes at us. Whatever. They were friends but not great friends so fuck them. Plus, anyone who's been to Vegas knows the pool is a place to show skin! The pool and everywhere else in Vegas.

    Since I was the bride-to-be, I was told I had to wear a garter at all times. I found out the fun way that guys are even quicker to buy drinks for a bridal party at the pool than just girls in bikinis! Our glasses were never empty.

    A bachelor party across the pool spent a shit ton of money on our beverages. We gladly accepted. Soon, the uptight girls in our group were wasted! Capital D rrrrrrruuuunnnnkkk!!! They invited the bachelor party to join us, which of course they did. Everyone was inebriated and flirting. The boys were pretty cute for the most part so I didn't mind.

    Before I left, my husband (then fiancé) asked if I planned on hooking up. I told him I'd love to but didn't think it would be possible with the other girls around. Those wholesome mothers wouldn't think much of our relationship if they knew it was open. My hubs asked me to behave enough to keep our sex life private. I agreed.

    Tankinis reached the point of needing to needing to sleep it off so they decided to go back to the room. The two guys they were flirting with generously volunteered to help them to their room. Both these women were married with kids and kept saying things like "if I weren't married, I would totally do things with you." And of course the cliche "whatever we do stays in Vegas right?" About fifteen minutes after they left, the two other girls went to check on them and get take a nap before we went out. My girl steph and I stayed with the boys.

    Much to my surprise, we made the drunken decision to get laid. I'm sure it was my idea but I honestly don't remember how the discussion went. We both had cheated before and knew about it so it seems natural. She just didn't know I had an open agreement with my man.

    I took the bachelor and she picked one of them. I remember talking to steph about fucking the guys and I remember getting naked first out of the four of us. I remember getting fucked by the bachelor while my maid of dishonor fucked his friend on the other bed. The sex was pretty good I must say. I don't remember anything else until we woke up a few hours later, naked on the beds with the boys.

    It was time to eat so woke them all up. Upon doing so the bachelor's friend ran to the bathroom and puked! We teased him.

    Steph and I met up wth two other girls at the restaurant and found out the tankinis weren't so straight laced! One of them had a drunken affair with her bachelor party boy while the other was passed out on her bed!

    When the girls went to check on the tankinis, the bachelor party boy that had the misfortune of picking the tankini that passed out and required being carried to bed, was leaving the room. The two other girls looked in and saw my married "friend" getting fucked from behind with her tankini still on!

    Steph and I had recently showered away the sweat from our own extramarital fun so we didn't judge.

    The four of us girls finished eating and went to a club in our way to short hoochie Vegas dresses. We drank, danced, and flirted our nearly exposed little asses off! Great night! That is, until steph's husband started blowing her phone up!

    I found steph outside the club crying because her found out she fucked another guy! We went back to room before she called him again. Apparently, the judge mental tankini that passed out ran into someone from the bachelor party. The guys talked and swapped sex stories. Luckily, the bachelor didn't want people to know he cheated because some of the other guy's spouses were friends with his fiancé. He thought about the trail. So, kept his mouth shut. His friend that fucked steph kept his secret. He did however talk about fucking steph! So, word got back to the tankinis who thought the right thing to do was to tell steph's husband because "they would want to know."

    Steph told her hubby that she only made out with the guy and felt terrible. That the other girl didn't like her from the beginning because she wore a thong so therefore must've been a "slut." Nicely done Steph!

    We found the tankini twats and the screaming began! I honestly thought shit was going to get physical! The worst part is that the slutty tankini bitch denied cheating and acted much holier-than-thou.

    Steph messaged the tankini slut's husband on facebook while still screaming at her in their room!

    That long first night ended after we left tanking' room and went back to ours. It was almost six in the morning and at least two marriages were in trouble. Tankini booked an early flight home and left the next day. Her bitch of a friend stayed but avoided us completely.

    Sounds like a bachelorette party meant for me!

    To be continued........
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  5. Before we got married I fucked my husband's best friend. My guy was there and participated a little bit but mainly watched, as he likes to do.

    They've been friends since kids (now in their 40's) and know everything about each other. Including my husband's affinity for a promiscuous wife. Hubs told friend that it was an open relationship, even though he opts not to be with other women.

    My husband has never been great at picking up women. Not bad, just not great. His friend however, is not good at all. By his own admission, he lacks the ability to close. He once told me he just doesn't know how to tell if a woman is attracted to him, which prevents him from making a move. He's a good looking guy with plenty going for him. I lucked out in that I genuinely like my husband's best friend as a person. Not every spouse can say that.

    I once asked hubby if Eric (his friend) knows about our relationship. He said he does. From then on, there was a sort of comfort around Eric. Almost like I could be myself around him. He knew our secret and accepted us despite it. I respected that.

    Anyway, Eric hadn't been laid in awhile and my hubs would joke that I needed to "hook him up." He said Eric hadn't had sex since his last relationship (over a year ago).

    Hubs had watched me one other time fuck another guy but hubs didn't know him. Hubby was pretty nervous too being the first time and all.

    One night the boys came home from watching UFC at a bar nearby. They came to our place to keep drinking. I stayed in that night which meant I was in my comfy clothes. I have an old pair of favorite yoga pants I've had forever that have worn pretty thin. Now, I don't mind showing off in public, but these pants would be pushing it even for me. They leave nothing except my hairstyle to the imagination!

    The boys interrupted my quiet night of wine and brain rotting guilty pleasure reality TV. They sat down and made fun of what I was watching. I got up for more wine to take the edge off the loud obnoxious boys. They both got quiet as I left the room. I returned with a bottle and asked what was up.

    Eric said he liked my pants and they both laughed like teenagers. I started teasing him a little about his dry spell. Hubs told me to help him out and end it (under the guise of jest in case I didn't want to). I said that I didn't think Eric was attracted to me because he never flirts with me. He made a comment about my ass in the yoga pants (don't remember exactly what he said but it was awkwardly adorable).

    I stood in front of him and wiggled it a bit, then bent over. He grabbed my cheeks and gave them a squeeze and it was on from there.

    He gave me a pretty decent rimjob before I turned around and gave him the rest.

    I gave him head and he came in no time. There was a lot. The dormant volcano that was Eric finally erupted. I said "apparently you haven't jerked off during your dry spell!"

    Eric's dick stayed hard but I moved over to hubs and rode him until he came. That was the extent of his involvement. He opted to watch and masturbate until he came for the second time. I like to tease that seeing his bff naked made him cum, not his wife. He doesn't laugh like I do.

    Hubs went to our bedroom and grabbed some condoms so I could fuck his friend. Which I did several times that night.

    I had a great time as did the boys. I fucked Eric a handful of times after that night. About a year later he got into a relationship and isn't the cheating type so "no more of my pussy!" He said. Something like that anyway. They broke up after a couple of years of fighting and breaking up and getting back together. I already know I have a sex screw loose so don't point it out but I thoroughly enjoyed double dates with them. I had a little secret about them that she didn't know!

    I still haven't had sex with Eric since his relationship even though I still walk around the house naked when he's over. He's already seen it so why not right?

    Good times
  6. I love to celebrate birthdays! Mostly mine but friends as well. I tried to surprise my hubby the past few years but I've realized I basically planned things that sounded fun to me. He had fun too, don't get me wrong. I mean, everyone has fun in Vegas. Last year, about 8 months ago, I asked what he would like to do (me growing as a person yay!). I said "anything you want love." I honestly would've gotten him another girl if he wanted which is what I expected the answer to be.

    He told me wanted to "go to the cabin, get drunk, fuck me in the ass, and watch me get fucked really hard." I kid you not. I fuck other guys all the time so I figured he would like something else. Nope.

    Well, he did want to try the sub/dom thing. He said he wanted us to have control. Fine with me since I do all the time anyway. I also don't give up the asshole very often but hey, it's his birthday.

    I called a stud with a beautiful cock that I know likes to get rough and kinky. He's a fellow trainer that I fuck from time to time. Our schedules hadn't aligned in awhile (and he had a stupid girlfriend for a few months) so it had been far too long since he'd had his way with me. I was looking forward to it.

    Birthday weekend arrived and made the drive out. We passed the time day drinking and soaking in the hot tub. As promised, I let him fuck my ass. I made him wear a condom and he was not allowed to cum on me since my stud was arriving that night and thought he may not want an already jizzed on wife. It took him all of two minutes to cum.

    About an hour before my stud was to arrive, I began implementing the wicked ideas I had conjured up for the sub hub birthday extravaganza. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't really have a ton of experience with BDSM/humiliation stuff. Obviously openly cheating on my husband is a form of humiliation but that's not why I fuck around. I felt like a virgin that googled about sex because they were going to get some finally.

    A lot of the ideas I read online were dumb so I wrote a list of my own.

    I showered and did my hair and makeup naked. I had hubs stroke his dick (without cumming) and compliment my body in detail (selfish I know!). I put some lingerie on and then got hubs ready.

    I'm not normally one to dress my cuckold in women's clothes but I had him wear one my thongs because I knew it would embarrass him in front of another guy. He commented on how seriously I took his request. I told him to wait out front and carry my stud's things into the cabin.

    I talked to my stud before hand and informed him of the pending husband shaming. He even helped me with ideas. His car pulled up and I heard laughter toward my hubs. I think my husband's pussy was wetter than mine at that point.

    I restrained hubby's hands, put a blindfold on him, and sat him in the corner. I had some drinks with my stud and we fooled around while cuck hub could only listen.

    I released my handcuffed husband and ordered him to entertain us by holding his legs in the air and finger fucking his own asshole, which graduated to a dildo. We laughed and made mean comments. I then told husband (who was rock hard) that he can come as much as he wants, but that all semen was to be ingested by him regardless of which dick it spurted from. He came very shortly after I said that. He scooped every drop from stomach and licked his fingers clean.

    I stuck a plug in hub's ass and began fucking my stud. He spanked me, pulled my hair, choked me, picked me up for a standing 69, and fucked me hard so there was always a loud body slapping sound.

    My husband ate two more times before my stud filled his condom. Hubs opened his mouth like a baby bird but I told him to lay back. I got my strapon and pulled the plug out. I then emptied the condom onto his dick and told him to use it as lube and jerk off while I fucked him. He orgasmed again, and fed himself again. He collected whatever "lube" he could and swallowed.

    The night went like that stopping for food and drink. Since then, I've taken more and more to the humiliation of my husband. Incorporating into our sex. He raved about that night for weeks to the point I think he enjoyed it more than I did! I haven't gotten as elaborate or as strict as I did that night, but tease plenty and never spare on the ass play.

    Sex is a marvelous thing
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  7. I'm a cheater. Always have been as long as I've been in relationships. In fact, I've gotten into relationships just so I can cheat. That's how fucked up I am.

    Shrinks say I'm a serial cheater addicted to the chemical release associated with the forbidden sex. They say I'm a borderline narcissist, which I didn't believe for a long time (shocker right). Hyper sexuality was thrown around a lot in my sessions, along with compulsive sexual disorder. Basically, I'm fucked up.

    I masturbated constantly as a teenager as I discovered the joys and excitement of involving others in my naked body. I was caught several times and punished but it wasn't until I was caught with a married neighbor that my parents put me in therapy.

    What I learned is that I'm a horny girl that won't quit doing what she likes no matter what, and that my parents wasted a shit ton of money.

    I explored my sexuality through one night stands, group sex, exhibitionism, S&M, etc. but nothing compared to infidelity.

    In my younger years, I choose boyfriends based on the friends they had. I fucked my way around his circle of people and moved on. At the time I really was looking for a meaningful relationship and thought I got bored, but now I know my kinks.

    My long term friendships are with men (makes sense) and I eventually married one of them.

    For years I spoke of my infidelitous indescresions to this friend of mine. He listened and gave advice I never took. He finally worked up the courage and told me he had feelings for me. I shot him down. He persisted.

    I accompanied him to a work function of his one night. I met a guy I decided I would fuck that night and told my friend (now husband) that I was leaving with this guy. My friend said let me at least give you a ride because he didn't work with or know this man. I agreed and we followed my soon-to-be one nighter back to his place.

    I thanked my friend for the ride and went inside where I fucked the stranger from the work thing. I grabbed my stuff and went outside to call a cab. Much to my surprise, my friend was still parked in the same spot waiting for me! Our conversation went something like this:

    Me: "what are you doing here?"
    Friend: "waiting for you"
    Me: "why?"
    Friend: "to make sure my girl is
    Me: "your girl?"
    Friend: "sorry, girlfriend then"
    Me: "we're dating?"
    Friend: "aren't we?"
    Me: "I don't know"
    Friend: "I thought we were"
    Me: "ok"

    We "dated" a while longer before he popped the question.

    He's been by far the most accepting of me. Never judged or asked me to stop being who I am. I love him for that. And he makes me laugh.

    My husband knows almost all of my extra marital sex. I do have some secrets and I'm sure there's more to come. Sometimes he watches, sometimes he drops me off and picks me up. I tell him as much as I feel like.

    Lately, I'm gravitating more and more toward humiliation and denial towards my husband. I'm not sure why. He seems to enjoy it. My only thought is I enjoy the control. He accepted me for who I am and robbed me of the opportunity to control him through sex like I've done my whole life. So, I believe I now control him through lack of sex. Maybe I'm just crazy.

    Thanks for reading. This was fun.
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