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  1. An impulsive act, to create a blog on the thoughts and actions of a senior Australian male.
    Looking back it has been a fascinating journey through childhood, puberty, marriage and senior years.

    I have regrets, quite a few, and many good memories to balance it out.

    Sexually, I have only ever fucked one woman, but came VERY close twice but will relate all that in following posts. I was a frantic masturbator in my teenage years, a frantic lover in my marriage, and now a frantic masturbator again in my solo-sexual senior years. I will be forever grateful to my wife for her support and understanding.

    I am obsessed with sex and watch porn and read XXX erotica a LOT, it gets my motor going and I pull myself off regularly. I have few standards or morals when it comes to releasing all that sexual tension. Almost anything sexually arouses me.

    I will add much more later, and i will be happy to answer any questions or discuss any subject.

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