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  1. Why not, I've been around here, and it's been aday where I need to have a monologue out loud, but since this is something I'm writing which will be read by more than just myself, I'll have to start with background. Those who want to skip ahead to the story, I typically skip 2 lines after the last paragraph of my rambling manifestos where I make a major transition, such as ending my background and beginning to make my main point.

    So here's some of my story about my wife and I, what my objectives and limitations are in posting here, and some of the deeper meaning behind my user name. My wife is a natural Scottish redhead, although her redheadedness actually traces from German ancestors apparently. That should be the obvious part of the meaning of my user name. With that said, it's my general practice to not reveal anything sufficiently specific that we can be identified by anyone that knows us. I assume that the detail I share is still going to apply to so many people in the world that it's not very specific.

    More specifically, though, there might be more about us that plays into who we are which I might count as behavior some would expect to be stereotypical of a redheaded woman. My wife, particularly when we met, had an exceptional sexual appetite and quite a temper. At the risk of stating the obvious, these are stereotypical redhead traits. Just giving more of the intended meaning behind my user name.

    Perhaps some of the character of our interactions are that we have very different personality traits - in a Taoistic view this might be yin and yang I guess, but I only know a little about that from a single asian culture class that was taken to meet a degree requirement. But back to us - she's the youngest of her sisters and was close in age to her next oldest sister, I was the oldest child of my parents and not close in age to my younger sister. She's never had the occasion to live on her own or work a conventional job, where I've gone to college out of state and held full time jobs before meeting her. My parents have never been divorced, and her mom was. By the time I met her, I owned 6 cars (mostly projects. That's ownership at that point in time, there were more that I'd owned and sold long before) whereas she hadn't even gotten a driver's license (because as an early teen she was in an accident where her best friend died)

    So. With all that stated, we've been through a lot together. I can't deny that the sexual energy she had when we first met had a lot to do with my interest in her, but that has had its ups and downs. Usually, when my sexual energy is up is makes hers go down and that was the case over the holidays... It got to the point that I backed off because I was losing interest, and after the holidays were over it seemed that her sexual energy started coming back.

    That's where the unexpected comes in. I can honestly say she was doing everything I wanted and I enjoyed it. But, some might say this comes with turning 40, but in my view there must be some deeper biological explanation.. I'm now experiencing performance issues.

    Today I saw my doctor. Honestly the outcome I'm after is finding the root cause... Something like an arterial blockage that needs to be fixed or whatever is an outcome that would have more appeal than "You need viagra, here you go." Well, the latter is what I got. Aside from blood test results which I'll probably only hear about if I ask or if I have a baked potato where I'm supposed to have blood.

    If there was a question, I guess it would be how this kind of thing has affected other relationships for those that have gone through this... Both ways, I'm pondering the financial worthwhileness of ED meds - and working with what I have isn't off the table, so wonder how it worked out for those that didn't go for the drugs.

    If there was a point, I think that for those that haven't gone through this, I'd hope that maybe it's worth pointing out that some might take a look at what they take for granted.