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  1. I have just had a really fantastic weekend thanks to my partner Simon and my friend Eoin. Simon and I have been together a little over five years now and he is an incredible guy – very beautiful and incredibly intelligent. I have known Eoin for over 15 years and he is my very best friend, but I am also terribly attracted to him. Neither of us have ever been interested in having a relationship over the years and have no romantic feelings for each other at all, but we have been having sex fairly regularly for years. He makes me feel like a naughty teenager, and I have always had trouble staying away from him.

    Simon knows I love him and when we started seeing each other I explained this thing with Eoin and he was pretty cool about it. I sleep at Eoin’s place when the mood takes me, usually every couple of weeks and as long as I let Simon know I won’t be home he is fine with it. Simon and I have great sex, but with Eoin it is just out of this world and Simon fully accepts that this is something I need. Equally Simon occasionally brings a girl home and I tend to make myself scarce unless Simon and the girl in question want me to join in.

    This weekend I spent the Saturday with Eoin and Sunday with Simon and had some truly mind blowing sex with them both and Simon has a special treat for me on Sunday – one of his lady friends was still there and she was as horny as hell and had the most amazing body I have ever seen!

    I suppose my fantasy is to have Simon and Eoin at the same time, but I doubt that will happen, which is a shame. Still, I really am a very lucky girl!

    Hayley X