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  1. I was just thinking about my neighbor's Gardner a few years back. He was trimming vines and I was feeling sexy so, when he was facing me I stripped.when he noticed I said"have a great day" grabbing my tits and jiggling them. He looked around so no one was looking and grabbed his cock and thrusted! Howdey! I went inside after a while and about an hour later I hear a knock. It's him,not a word of English. I took my top off, he sucked my tits while playing with my pussy. I sucked his cock so deep, he was saying something great in Spanish. We fucked around the back of my house. GOD, it was hot. I was so wet.

    His fucking cock was so hard and, it felt so dirty to fuck a stranger almost in an alley. I miss my Gardner. We came so fucking hard that day.

    We used protection of course but, it was so fucking hot I wouldn't care if we didn't.