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  1. Hi everybody i am new here and i had a inportand question

    I am sexual active in my life sometimes i have unprotected sex with male & female. that means every 3 to 4 months i go and make a medical check up if everything is ok.

    well the thing i was checking on the internet about hiv and if there is a other way to get faster results as at the klinik because it takes sometimes to long to get a result.

    so i came on this page that sells hiv test and they say you get a answer in 3 to 5 minutes
    those that exist and is it realy reiable

    well just to let you know i am gona order a test to see if it realy works then i can probably give u updates.

    if somebody have ever done i would like to get more infos thanks

    website: Home Testing Kits