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  1. See what I’m wearing
    I wear it for you
    a skirt
    and a top
    lightly see-through,

    See me in stockings
    I wear them for you
    dark grey
    a hint of a hue,

    where my skin’s laying soft
    in a warmth
    just enough
    is unseen……

    See the sheer fabric
    thin to revealing
    just a wish
    my bra fabric-thin,

    I’m watching
    your eyes that are watching
    undressing me

    See the temptation
    the feel of a button
    your fingers
    unfasten, unhook,

    See what you do
    from first to the last
    my shirt
    in the silence I gasp,

    See how I’m breathing
    a rise to then fall,
    each breast
    still hidden.. you pause,

    See how your hands
    slip under my skirt
    first one
    then two
    over denier flirts,

    See how I’m standing
    not pulling away
    and feeling
    each move that you make,

    See how your hands
    vanish under my skirt
    the hem higher
    extending your search,

    until you’re feeling my knickers
    with ease
    the elastic
    you tease….

    See how the cut
    of my pencil-skirt rises
    up over
    my paleness of thighs,

    See how the tops of
    my stockings are held
    an offer
    an invite
    a surrendering tell,

    See how my knickers
    pulling away
    your fingers
    your hands
    you lead me astray,

    stealing me making me wanting
    me wanting
    breathe in

    See how so easy
    they soundlessly glide
    with lace
    adorning my thighs,

    See it encourage
    my skirt to lift higher
    my body
    you’re fuelling a fire,

    my sex
    glistens, the sins of submission
    a scent
    it’s letting
    you know….

    See how my shirt
    freely drapes open
    more words are unspoken.

    See how you turn me
    how easy I bend
    your palm
    I open, inhale and relent,

    See how you’re forcing
    my passions exposed
    inside of me
    my whispers my moans

    See how I move how
    how you move
    our pulses
    your all inside me……

    See how it crumples
    the folds in your grip
    I’m biting my lip

    See how each moment
    goes on forever
    my stockings
    my longings untethered

    See how my hips are now
    rising to meet you
    my muscles
    begging you too…

    See how the whole of me
    wants every drop
    come in me
    it’s never enough.

    © Emmaleela 2017
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  2. dragging nails
    and down
    from my neck
    feel them inspect
    my skin
    the curve
    of my throat
    so soft that they
    might just slip

    under my flesh
    but they don’t
    they do
    slip down
    and down
    over the lace
    of the shirt
    as they

    the threads
    and down
    over my breasts
    teasing it low
    as I lay
    as I moan
    exposing me bare
    each nipple
    the air

    my breath that is
    raising my chest
    with each touch
    and caress
    the fabric is pulled

    and down
    each inch then
    my waist
    to my hips
    the nails
    across every cell
    every fibre
    and muscle
    alert and alive
    a scream
    deep inside
    confides in my

    I offer
    submit to the will
    of material urged
    and stripped
    from my whole
    over my hips
    and my legs
    and down
    I lay

    once again
    all but
    my thighs
    now palely
    to those who
    will stare
    then touch
    and the feel

    and unpeel
    my senses
    my pulse
    the last
    of the lace
    and elastic
    the nails will now
    drag it away
    down and down
    til fully

    and ready
    and waiting
    to fall
    down the hole

    and down.

    © Emmaleela 2016
  3. I didn’t close the curtains.

    It had got dark and I still didn’t close them. On the third floor of a 3- storey shared house across from a university Halls of Residence where a lot of international students live I walked into my room. Through the open curtains and fast fading light outside I saw some windows across in darkness, other with lights on and people moving around in them or sat at desks studying, and so they should be!

    I’d had of busy, busy week of running around helping people in my role as a peer guide and finally the end of the day, time to stop and spend some me-time in the weekend before next week and normal lectures of the semester begin again.

    I didn’t close the curtains but just without thinking kept the light on. I was aware that anyone, if they looked, could’ve seen in easily, especially as it was quickly getting darker. With so many windows from the opposite Halls facing my house then of course, and I wasn’t naïve when I didn’t close the windows, just decided for some reason not to do so.

    That day I’d been wearing a blue patterned skirt, skater skirt cut, not short mini, a leather braided belt and black leggings and some flat-heeled calf boots. Also a white loose lace blouse, see-through, but I was also wearing a dark blue sleeveless tee under it, not see-through!

    I discarded the boots, first thing to always come off, followed by me black leggings, letting the air to my skin again and it was warm in here so didn’t need them as much as I did outside in the winter. Sitting at my desk to the side of the window I sat and tried to get down to some quick study notes, which I managed for all of 10 minutes but kept finding my mind wandering. I was definitely distracted.

    I didn’t close the curtains.

    I stood up and facing the open-curtained window through which the outside world was all but faded into dark except for the light from some of the windows in the Halls opposite. People milling around behind them doing this and that. I found myself staring out, just two feet back from the large sort of bay window. My hands run down my neck finding their way carelessly down my lace blouse and over my breasts and down over my torso, my belly where they fanned out to over my hips over my skirt. Gathering some of the material of my skirt in my fingers I felt them pulling it up in the process. I close my eyes for a moment or more. My body felt tense, I stretched all my muscles inside my body to ease some of this. Sensations quivered in my stomach.

    Opening my eyes I stood staring out of the window not really focusing on anything as such, almost absent-mindedly. I pulled up the material some more and found and touched my knickers underneath. Feeling the lace reminding me how soft they feel to wear. Lace hems around my legs, soft, light, secure against my skin.

    I didn’t close the curtains.

    I felt let my fingers find my inner thighs under the cotton lace of my knickers. I was warm, I knew it and touched to prove what I already knew. Warmth, and I just knew also moist. I teased my skin. I felt gently dizzy, light-headed, but kept touching, lightly tracing lines of my intimacy there under my skirt. Inhaling I found a tenderness that brought a smile to my lips. With both hands I took the hems of my lace blouse and lifted it up and from me leaving me stood here in my sleeveless blue tee and skirt and breathing, breathing, breathing…….

    Once again my hands run from my neck down over my breasts, staying for a moment, then down my belly to my skirt. I rubbed the palms over my skirt teasing it up a little and down and over again. I tried resisting myself from moving too quick which was difficult. My body had come alive in ways sensual. My hands felt like someone elses. They moved all over me like someone elses, my clothing, pulling at my clothes like they were restraints I needed to escape. I pulled my tee shirt up like my lace top a few moments before and over my head leaving me wearing my corded lace purple plunge bra. My hands impatient moved over my belly again and down to my skirt, again, pulling up the hem, up to my waist not knowing why I was exposing under my skirt and my purple knickers towards the window

    I didn’t close the curtains……

    …… and fingered the small violet ribbon on the waist band slipping both hands between my legs firmly across my intimacy beneath their fabric.

    I leaned forward and bit my lip, pushing my hands between my thighs, someone elses hands, squeezing them tight. I was warm, and moist, every nerve-ending electric to each and every tiny move.

    I didn’t close the curtains.

    I rubbed my purple knickers feeling a wetness through them. I wanted more. I unfastened the belt of my skirt, unzipped the back zip, still stood by the window letting it fall away to the floor. Stepping out of it I stood there in the window in my underwear, just purple knickers and purple lace bra. A sudden bout of self-consciousness and I turned my back to it, not knowing who might be seeing, peeking, looking form across the road. One hand moved to my bra and pulled down one cup and felt my nipple making it grow erect, and aroused. Then with the other, pinching, wincing but I did it anyway and after the first did it again and again, and again.

    I didn’t close the curtains.

    With my back to the window I slid my hand over my purple knickers feeling them all over, how they sat on my thighs, against my skin, over my buttocks, between my legs. My shape beneath, my mound, my folds, buttocks and hips. I slid my hand down my knickers over my bum with my back still to the window, the open curtains and caressed, kneaded my skin and eased them down just a little.

    I pulled them down more knowing full well I was revealing my naked bum to the window. My hands moved their way to the front on my knickers sliding over my pubic mound through my light hairs and between my thighs. My knees buckled slightly when I touched tightening my legs and thighs to my fingers. I caressed inside my material relaxing although exhilarated by the sensations arising, forgetting about the window behind me. I parted by a few inches my legs while I reached around to unhook my bra letting the straps loosen the cups from my now aroused breasts.

    I left the bra loose and once again slipped my hands down my knickers filling them pulling them down a little. Should I turn around and face the window?

    I didn’t close the curtains.

    I didn’t. Instead I turned sideways and pulled my knickers down a little exposing a glimpse of my soft hairs and kept feeling, rubbing, slipping over, teasing myself into submission. I surrendered to this intimacy and the possible voyeurism unable to stop myself. Slipped over my sex I caressed tenderly, unfolding me to explore just that spot which almost made my legs collapse entirely.

    By the window I stood, beyond stopping. I firmly grabbed my breast and pinched my nipple still partly covered by my loosened bra. Again my thighs and stomach tightened reflexively, fingers rubbing my sex harder spreading moistening through my now glistening hairs and my hand. I masturbated there, side on to the glass, couldn’t stop, hands inside my knickers threatening to pull them off and away completely. I whispered no, no, but thought yes, yes.

    On and on this rollercoaster beyond help, craving, feeling my whole body screaming for release…. who was watching I didn’t know, didn’t care, felt all the more taboo and so wrong it was right because of that…. then suddenly in a rush I orgasmed, almost unexpectedly, as though I wasn’t ready but my body was, wanted it, needed it and it let me know making me scream as it seemed to swallow my whole body, demanding I surrender. I did, completely, bra falling loose, breast half-exposed, hands pulling away in my knickers and collapsing to the soft carpet on my knees still coming feeling a release extraordinarily powerful in full view of the window, the open curtains, the eyes of anyone, if anyone had, from across the road.

    I lay spread on my carpet in my dishevelled underwear, arms and legs now floppy and body absolutely sated. Will I do it again? I answered without a word, yes, yes.

    © Emmaleela 2016
  4. I was asleep in the tent.

    It’d been a brilliant night at Download Festival, rock and metal music if you don’t know it, and I’d just seen the final night, with a band I never knew much about, Aerosmith. Who were actually awesome. Fave of the weekend had to be Black Label Society and Bring me the Horizon, also Seether and Within Temptation, all wow! Buckcherry were completely mad and brilliant and really loved Anathema. So on a high totally when we, me and friends, all finally crashed in our respective sleeping bags at the end of the night.

    There were eight of us and as the weekend went on we weren’t fussy about who slept in who’s tents. That last night I crawled under my unfastened sleeping bag in my tent in my ‘Within Temptation’ baggy tee shirt on and slipped off my jumper and jeans to crawl in some time past midnight. Julie crashed next to me and Tom, her ‘not exactly boyfriend’ but just hooked up this weekend.

    I had drifted off to sleepy-nod land only to be woken by a hand stroking up and down my hips on the outside of my unzipped sleeping bag. I opened my eyes and was facing the side of the tent with my back to whoever it was. Who was I kidding, I knew who it was, it was Julies ‘not exactly boyfriend’….. and his wandering hands were wandering, over me! I wondered for a moment if he thought I was Julie?

    Although she was on the other side of him it’s easy to get disoriented in tents. She was still fast asleep far as I knew. His hand moved carelessly along my legs and over my hips as I lay there on my side then back down and up repeatedly. When he squeezed my hip I knew it wasn’t so casual perhaps. The loosely-draped sleeping bag was then lifted off me and I’m under it, or was, in just my long black tee and underwear. His hand continued its wandering up and down my legs and hips now with no sleeping bag obstructing his progress. Up and down along my bare legs suddenly aware of his motions had eased my shirt up and over my hips.

    His hand rested and then moved over my green and white striped knickers, lingered for a moment then back down the bare skin of my leg to my knees and up again to my knickers. The early morning light though still early was gently warming the tent.

    Unless that was just our breath and bodies, my decidedly getting warmer.

    His hand guided my shirt up. I’m sure he knew I was awake by now but still I lay still. Julie slept hearing her quiet sleepy breathing punctuated by my quiet but getting slightly aroused breathing. My shirt was pushed up along my hips and waist keenly aware of my increasing exposure to his hand and eyes, unhindered but for my knickers. Up to my bra he eased the shirt then sliding down over my tummy caressing, my muscles slightly tense still on my side.

    His fingertips caught the top of the elastic of my knickers and they followed lace-line of the elastic over my hips his palm exploring my buttocks kneading and making me involuntarily shudder. It wasn’t long before I found out where he went next…….

    ….. between my still closed legs slightly bent at the knees he forced his fingers, pushing against my inner thighs and then my sex warming to this unexpected attention, my inward protestations never found a voice. Increasingly firmly and insistently he rubbed me here generating a not so unwilling heat of excitement. I couldn’t help the moistening that soaked through the material as his whole hand cupped and kneaded more my sex through the knickers each finger urging the fabric in between my folds.

    A dizzying rhythmic motion my hips moved as a reflex. He knew I was awake as he continued tempting and teasing til my knickers slipped a little aside when I felt the skin of them touching my skin, beneath, my mound and fine hairs he intimately brushed as the light increasing grew in the tent and across the still largely sleeping festival site. I was mesmerized, willingly accepting.

    My bum and hips eased back even without thinking, I knew this eased his progress even more as his fingers peeled aside my knickers and slipped a single finger between my folds I almost screamed but didn’t. Then two fingers inside me and I letting him. I felt unable to resist, my body caught in the poetry ministrations of his fingers, his touching, exploring, breaking down my defences.

    He urged me open and I heard myself moan quietly, quickening breath.

    Closer now he pulled himself to me, body against mine when I felt his erection most firmly erect. His other hand slipped under my shirt, unhooked my bra and reaching round slid his hand under cupping my breast squeezing rounding over my nipple, all the while his other hand still urging fingers to probe inside me. Any thought of resisting collapsed during this most unusual early morning wake-up call. Fingers fucked me now with more intensity, I gasped, shuddered, my breasts at his mercy.

    He fingered relentless until he felt that my orgasm, a tiny implosion, waves of hypersensitivity through my thighs, my juices seeped across my folds, my mound, now overly tender pink flesh. I almost pulled away, and tried, but his grip was demanding still.

    Suddenly closer before the next breath his fingers were replaced by something much thicker and longer as his erection awkwardly probed and slipped between my legs, my opening thighs and slick inside my pulsing sex. His naked cock encouraged me open, give, surrender, lifting my top leg he pushed… and pushed… inside me…… still getting over my last orgasm he entered me and even without having seen it I felt how wide and thick he was. My eyes closed as if it might help to let him in me, and it did as he slipped further, gripping my hips as he thrust between my lips now moistened allowing a pace to quickly embrace both our breaths.

    I felt the stretching and visualised to make it easier which just made me hornier my muscles gripping him with each release and thrust. Opening and inside I was held, trapped, and almost forgot Julie was still here in the same tent. My grasping for air was matched by his hips crashing into my bum, the sweat and the precum easing any overzealous grunting. He grew harder, even thicker, as I felt opening and opening, giving. I threw back my head feeling close to another orgasm……. the inevitable….. no going back, past the point of returning to earlier.

    His pace quickened now alongside his breathing and his hands gripped me firmer one holding one breast so I couldn’t escape, not that I wanted too, til at the same moment a sudden not unexpected welling of heat arose inside me, inside my, my tummy, my womb, spreading down my legs a flood of ecstasy as we came, both at once as I felt his pulsing emptying all of his passion into me, my hips, thighs, sex, sensing him filling me entirely. He pushed and gripped until I guessed he had nothing left. I’m sure I let out quite a vocal scream which as impossible to hold back in the circumstances as my body went into spasm almost breaking at what had just happened.

    We collapsed. He rolled onto his back falling limply out of me and me onto mine with my knees curled and closed though still some found its way out. Then I remembered Julie, and cast a nervous glance over his panting body to where she lay only to see her very awake and she’d been having also brought herself to orgasm at the same time.

    That’s a festival I will never forget.

    © Emmaleela 2015
  5. It was a crazy night. Lots of odd things had happened already but by far the craziest was finding myself being taken by the hand into a toilet cubicle by a guy whose name I was still trying to remember. He told me about an hour ago but the music being so loud made me just nod, smile and say hi.

    ‘Student night’ in the club, that’s why I was here with some uni friends. Saturday night all in a party mood. So here I was at god knows what time, this is what happens when I drink myself tipsy.

    Despite my daze at the way the night and our conversation progressed I went with him, hand in hand drawn through the sea of faces and arms. He was hot, a smile making me melt and on went to the bathrooms, the ladies as it became obvious Don’t know why and not the gents, maybe it was closer and wasn’t really taking too much in with my adrenalin pumping.

    We found our way into the Ladies and I was only vaguely aware of others in there looking a little astonished but not as surprised as I thought they maybe should be at this guy in invading our ‘temple’ with me in tow. Into a cubicle he took me, which was small cramped and more than a little strange having not shared this space with a man before. He pushed the door closed. With drink in hand he forcefully kissed me and surprisingly I responded, a reflex, as though it was totally natural to be here doing this in this tiny space. He took my drink from me and placed it on the cistern.

    His kiss was firm, determined, we were both a little tipsy and more than a little excited. I kissed him back, seemed all I could do. In the cubicle sucking each others faces like fishes gasping for air when his hands were the next thing I was very aware of. At first held my shoulders pinning me to the wall until they slid down my arms, gently as it happened across and touching my breasts through my black thin vest, above-the-knee dress, over which his hands liberally wandered undeterred.

    He enjoyed my breasts spending ages exploring and having the right effect on me getting my pulse racing and my nipples quickly hard. We kissed more as he felt me up and down firmly, unstoppable at times pushing me up against the closed door through which voices just inches away were outside, listening. The door wasn’t locked. I was aroused as one of his hands slid from my excited breast and down the front of my dress, along my tummy to find itself between my legs! I jumped as I felt him press me, grab me through the fabric of my dress and squeeze between my legs. I became aware of my warmth, a flushed sensation enveloping my skin, there under my dress, inside my knickers warm, a faint sweat broke over me.

    I nearly fainted.

    I didn’t, as he’d pulled one strap of my dress down off my shoulder, followed by the bra strap. Though still mostly decent he now had more skin to touch and explore, which he did enthusiastically. On and off I became oblivious to the absurdity of where this was happening. Every part of my body was telling me not too object and just to go with it. I did, just go along with it. A switch had been flicked and I surrendered to all and more…… his hand slipped under my dress, I felt it as soon as it touched thighs between my legs til reaching my knickers, which I knew were wetted by the excitment.

    His other hand joined it between my thighs under my dress and again I felt dizziness almost gripping the door but there was nothing to hold except him. The hem of my dress lifted, I didn’t dare look down at first until it was over my thighs exposing my black knickers. He hand fondled me there as I tightened my thighs against him me he persisted engulfing my sex in his palm and rubbing them into me firmly and now encouraging the moistening. My head spun, partly from alcohol mostly from surrender to what his hands were now doing to me and making me feel. I moaned then once again aware that we weren’t quite alone and heard other women outside the door listening and no doubt enjoying my fate.

    I almost screamed when one hand found its way into and under the elastic of my black knickers having worked its way around to my back over my bum under my dress sliding over each buttock and squeezing and pulling me closer. We kissed and his fingers kneaded me there, pulling, exploring til I felt him slide round to the front of my knickers, which now know full of his hands and finding my wetness, my sex, my vagina, my cunt. At this I did let out a yelp of a sorts and instantly felt embarrassed at how it must sound from the other side of the door I was still pressed firmly against… his fingers definitely knew what they were doing even in this awkward space and almost instantly felt myself shuddering with the first orgasm on touching just there.

    I closed my eyes and heard myself let out a quiet moan.

    I let him touch me again and again and he did, he did, more and more excitably, his fingers now slipping inside me easily along my now very moist sex, one leg held up slightly allowing deeper inside. His nail caught my skin, I yelped, but it almost made me cum again. He kept going, I felt him in me and over me, his fingers, we kissed and I felt him sliding two fingers in deeper.

    I let him for minutes on end til he grabbed at my knickers and tugged them from my hips and thighs promptly down my quivering legs. I had a feeling I knew what might happen next. I thought fast thinking this through and thought, well I’d come this far, so…….

    He pulled them down my now bare legs and up went my dress again up to my hips. I was as horny as he was by now submitting to each surging second we spent in there. In less than a breath unzipped his jeans and let out his erection that had no doubt been straining to get out. I peered down at his cock and held onto the wall. Before I could blush he manoeuvred me next to the seat and raising my leg again and pushed his cock clumsily between my legs. It tickled my already bare sensitive thighs. Without a thought I grabbed it, inhaled and guided him, to where he wanted to go, the heat, the precum, the twitching and into my folds, into my cunt I felt spread as he pushed his thick head, foreskin peeling away the tip swallowed inside and I gasped.

    He push in and in furter and I couldn’t stop him. Tightly in along on my juices we started to fuck. There in the cubicle, toilet sex, skin on skin, bare skin to bare skin… bareback. I heard myself gasp the word “fuck!”, and him say back, “yess!”. He kissed my bare shoulders pulling both straps and bra straps pulled down, with my head leaned back against the wall taking ever-deeper breaths feeling my dress pushed right up over my hips.

    My now willing thighs held him tightly inside and I felt every push in and pull out, as fast and impulsive his erection that felt as it was thickened and grew each second inside. The heat between my legs, the sweat, arousing each time he bumped and bumped against my clit. He pulled down my dress further from my shoulders exposing my bra til he eased down one cup of that too and kissed, and squeezing that breast sending shockwaves convulsions through all my limbs while my hips and my muscles gripping him tighter which just made him harder and more forcefully fuck me.

    It wasn’t too long even though it felt longer and then all of a sudden his thrusting grew faster, our breaths coincided, I grabbed round finding his hips pumping and I knew what was coming and it did as he cum in me releasing again another spasm of orgasm from me. An intensity making my legs buckle, collapse but his body against me held me up as he kept thrusting and fucking till nothing was left inside him and it was now all every drop inside me.

    My legs turn to jelly, and I felt his warm cum inside me, a trickling down my pale thighs. I was so overwhelmed.

    I felt every last jolt of his hips against mine until he was empty and I turned round and held on so not to collapse. As I gathered my thoughts, and my limbs I heard once voices outside, giggles and muttering which sounded excited by what they just heard.

    No after-kiss, just a smile. He looked as dazed as I felt pulling up his jeans and I pulled my skirt back down and retrieved my knickers. Seems I would have to go without for the rest of the night. I insisted he left first as he smiled and duly obliged.

    We opened the door opened spilling half-light from the bathroom into the cubicle for a second and the eyes of other girls in there who’d heard the whole show. I closed it again and grinned from ear to ear, for a final moment revelling in what a crazy night it’d turned out to be.

    © Emmaleela
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  6. I woke to that feeling

    that familiar feeling

    of my whole body aroused, so much so I can almost hear the blood rushing around inside me, down my arms, up my legs, over my tummy, through my hips....... I felt my hands responding sliding down my stomach from my breasts as I lay here beneath the warm duvet......

    which I slowly remove, pull down and down til my feet kick is off the end of the bed, leaving me laying there in my long half button top, with my hands bringing me to life.

    And through the curtains I see shapes of shadows of leaves of tress dancing as though caressing the windows, teasing me to open them, and I respond, moving my hand deliberately over my shirt up my sides, down my hips, up over my belly threatening to pull up the material higher, but don't.......

    the shadows continue their random choreography on my curtains until I drawn to get out of bed, feel the hem of my top fall and hang between my hips and knees and stopping at the curtains I place one hand on each one, gripping gently and easing them apart hearing a faint sound of wood on wood as the curtain hoops slide with my encouragement..... opening wider to let the outside world see into my room....

    I blink and with them fully open and the shadows now dispelled, though the branches still danced in the breeze, I turned back to the bed whose foot was close to the window and lay back down on the sheets looking out at the house flats across the street.......and I stretch my arms up over my head grabbing the head of the bed and tensioning my whole body pulling my legs together.

    Curtains fully open letting light stream in with its riffling over my body I once more run my hands over my shirt feeling underneath my warmth, over each breast I let them find their own way, squeezing them together and again pulling my whole body taut making my back arch ... just a little....

    beneath the fabric my aureoles grew tender and firm so I let my hands press down on my tummy and guide me down my hips where I found the hem of my shirt and with restrained ease started to raise it over my thighs and over my blue knickers, higher and higher, itself surrendering to my ministrations until it no longer covered hips, thighs, nor tummy............ my hands were drawn down again to between my legs where they parted them slightly, then over the cotton to pull their waistband away.... and down..... finding my mound and negotiating the fine hairs until I they touched me........ I touched me........

    with the curtains open wide exposing me to the outside world it was like being in glass bottle for all to see and none to touch, but me...........

    my fingers slipped under the blue and lace and encouraged my legs to part where they slipped over a moistening, the softest most intimate part and moved with practised precision feeling each petal blossoming with a flush of pink.... I touched..... and dizziness overwhelmed me for a moment.

    Again.... and again....... the fingers explored as the light flooded the room through the wide open curtains over and across my now wide open knees.....

    My brain cried out for more..... my mouth whispered to me something almost inaudible, whatever it was it made my fingers less carefully grab the knickers and pull them off my hips over my lifted knees and then returned to continue their demands on my awakening thirst.......

    Caught between opening my eyes and closing them my hips, thighs, whole body started to mimic the dancing tree branches outside, and I watched them, as they watched me, through my open curtains, my shirt pulled up over one breast which one hand gently caressed while the other lay firmly between my thighs encouraging a flow of arousal to come more and more to my surface.

    I heard my voice

    I felt my breath…

    my lips dry til my tongue touched them as delicately as my fingers touched further down, every sinew and muscle of my body now clearly awake I lifted my hips, my tummy and pushed against the torrent of inevitable release and pulling my legs together my body shuddered in tremor after tremor as the tree branches danced faster and faster, their shadows now stretched across my bed as though holding me down until I every single drop of my wanting was sated.

    © Emmaleela 2015
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  7. come
    touch and explore
    find me here
    here on the floor
    sleeping but not,
    unfasten my clothes
    sliding your hand
    undo and expose
    I resign,
    pull each thread away
    bearing my skin
    light on the glaze
    covet and take
    you won’t be denied
    my body awakes
    to a sigh,
    now naked I lay
    modesty stripped
    a lust lead astray
    to be used,
    your fingers and lips
    taste every curve
    trace every line
    I’m opening wide
    a ripple uncertain
    a shiver inside
    I inhale,
    the weight of your weight
    a sweetening scent
    spreading me lay
    on my hips,
    no words to compose
    the rhythm refines
    your bestial throes
    I bend,
    nails in your skin
    gripping within and without
    a motion unkempt
    and devout,
    I’m feeling you rise
    pray for the moment
    your fire imbibed
    I beg,
    come deep inside
    just when I feel
    enough is enough
    I want more.

    © Emmaleela 2016

  8. Strip me naked
    make me your whore
    share me
    and make me
    do things you adore
    teach me
    and show me
    to love it
    each time
    I open that door.

    Touch me naked
    finding my skin
    and open
    and letting you in
    the deeper
    I go
    such feeling begin
    to smother
    my senses
    to which I give in.

    Feel me naked
    move in an out
    if this is
    I’m becoming devout
    the deeper
    the abyss
    the weaker the doubt
    the further
    I’m falling
    in sin do I drown.

    Shower me naked
    in everything warm
    my innocence torn
    a mistress
    your sweet paramour
    your harlot
    your strumpet
    your woman of porn.

    Colour me naked
    paint me with hues
    in scarlets
    and pinks
    of any you choose,
    rent me
    for services
    I won’t refuse
    call me
    a minx to be used.

    Loving me naked
    submissively bound
    a courtesan
    carnally found,
    teach me
    and lead me
    astray with my mouth
    a fragrant
    surrendering now….

    One after
    a craving inside
    I try to deny
    but it never
    this hunger
    and thirst
    insatiable drives
    urging me
    dragging me

    © Emmaleela 2015
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