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  1. In case you've all been wondering when the next entry to the Teachers Choice series will be up, seeing as how it must've been months sense the last one now, it's currently on hold. I've been plotting it here and there, but I'm currently working on a few different things.

    First off, my main project right now is a almost screen play like intended story, it's based on the X-Men as a group, due to all the sexual tension. I watched the movies just the other day and couldn't get over how sexy Halle Berry looked as Storm, so I just had to get started on a story based on it! :) - hopefully more then just my fellow nerds will enjoy it!

    Other stuff is in the works as well, but nothing I can really reveal right now sense I don't know if I'll even finish some of it. Lol - a notable one is a classic friend betrayal story though. Like a guy betrays his best friend by fucking his sexy girlfriend who (may) comes onto him.