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Hi All,
So i took a few weeks off. I suffer from depression, and it has been rearing its ugly head for the last few weeks. It peaked about 6 weeks ago, and I let things get to me that I should have just ignored, such as the troll on this site. I felt myself becoming angry and despondent over threads, more, posts, on this site by certain people, and let it affect me, so I took a step back. I wish I could say that it helped, but unfortunatley, I spiraled even further. Last week was particularly bad, as I was confronted with my body issues and completely broke down over it. There are things I need to change, and I actually have made several steps towards them in the last week or so, including getting back on my depression meds. Those will take about 3 weeks to kick in and actually make a difference, but its better than nothing. I also realized in the last week, that SF is an escape of sorts for me, that I have friends here, and there are other things to think about than the endless difficulties in life, which is why I am back. I have missed the chatter of my friends here, including 12BB, Mittimer, Mordy and many others. This place is a welcome respite and I have missed it. So, I'm back.
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