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Sorta new to SF. I like looking around, but I don't really have anything to say on the forums right now. This seems self-contained... I can just sort of sit here and talk to myself. And if somebody overhears me and wants to join in, fine ;)

I'm a non-traditonal college student. I've been in the military, and I'm about to turn 32. Right now I'm settled down, trying to write a paper, and something has occurred to me.

Whenever I find myself on my bed studying, or writing a paper (which is often, as it's my favorite place to do so), I get amazingly horny. It has no connection to what I'm studying. It could be organic chemistry or it could be ethics.

As I try to type or read, I find myself getting wound tighter and tighter. And then I find myself here. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to find someone to chat with. Sometimes I just find something hot to read. It turns into me with one hand down my pants and the other pinching a nipple until I can't take it anymore. It ends with an amazing orgasm, or two, and then a return to some very productive studying.

Ahh, academia.

There. For posterity. ;)
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