Waiting For My Man

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Right now I am lying in bed warm under the sheets. The soles of my feet are pressed together so my legs are open in a diamond shape. My left hand has slid under the elastic of my pink lace trim panties and I am rubbing and tickling my clit. The nipples of my small breasts are hard, the lips of my willing mouth parted. I am waiting for my man.

My boyfriend lives in a different city and works long hours. I also work long hours and we often only see one another for one day and one night a week. I have been promiscuous and emotionally hard with others in the past but now I am hopelessly in love with someone.

With so few opportunities to see each other so much sexual feeling builds up and has only a short time to be released. When he arrives he will be desperate for sex and so will I. I will rush to the front door and smother him in hugs and kisses, we will come inside and kiss more passionately and he will run his hands over my body. Oh! To even think about it drives me wild! I will descend his body, pull his belt off and his zip down with my teeth and impale my mouth with his excited manhood. I will suck my honey off against the front door to show how much I have missed him. To taste him, feel him, to pleasure him will be a paradise.

We will fuck all Saturday night and Sunday morning, I will love to hug and caresses him while he recovers his powers as much as the sex itself. In the afternoon we will go out to the cinema, a restaurant, go to the pub or for a walk, spend blissful moments together and then I will have to goodbye to my baby for another week.

I cry a little and feel empty for a while but I know it is not the last time and that a week later I will be in this same position, rubbing my pussy, feeling the pure pleasure and warmth that is a pale imitation of being with him, a few short hours from now.
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