Today I'm missing 2 very special people!

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Today I am missing two people that have made a huge impact in my life.

21 years ago my Aunt was cremated (committed suicide on 12/18). Her daughter in her horrific time tried to remember when my birthday was so NOT to have her mother cremated on "my" day. For whatever reason my cousin choose my birthday, to have this done. It has been a very hard learned lesson for me. NEVER TAKE THE TIME WE HAVE ON THIS EARTH FOR GRANTED! I'm not exactly happy that she was cremated on this day but I don't feel badly, I feel honored. My cousin tells me almost every time that we talk that I am SO much like her mother that it is truly an honor to me. I know that sounds strange but it really is. Somehow that she was put to rest today was the reality for me that I will never take ANY day for granted. I really try to tell each person that I truly care and love each time I interact with them. I also believe that 2 years ago, my Aunt sent me an angel in my Grand daughter Kyrie....Thank you for that!

I remember my Aunt like she was still here! I will never forget her zest for life. She found the GREAT things in everything! She was always positive, always had a smile. Had so much faith in everyone and everything that I really wish that it were true that I was just like her. I am in many ways because she was a great role model for me. I love you Aunt Janet...Always remembered and never forgotten!

Today 5 years ago a dear friend of mine (and T's) passed away from cancer. I first met him when I had bought my first home after my divorce. He was a bit scary...but I came to truly love him in a way that I've never quite loved someone before, along with a respect that I didn't know existed in me. He accepted me for who I was, never made any judgments, loved life and his family more than anything! I became to call him and his wife "Dad and Mom". I sat proudly next to Mom during his Memorial service as T sat up at the alter (he sang at the service). T and I watched him slowly fade away from a strong man to a weak soul. Gay, you will always be in my heart, you will always be with me!

You both are truly missed so much but also make me realize so much more than you will ever know that life is truly a gift that each of us never knows when will be snatched away from us. Take each day, live it to the fullest. Never take your loved ones for granted. Love always!

My oldest daughter lives by the saying "Day by Day" so much so that she has a tattoo of it. Life is really day by day because we never know when/what day will be our last.
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