They created a monster at a young age

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My blog will be up for you to decide is it factual or fantasy. Everything that will be written in this blog is about my life in one way or another.
I'm not a professional writer as you will soon find out just a guy having fun.
If you read my blog please respond with a factual or fantasy comment. If you don't like what I write that's fine don't follow.

It started out when I was 17 had a job, steady girlfriend that really liked sex so I was one happy young man.
My girlfriend was a year older than I so she was heading off to college in the fall deep in love I thought nothing can tear us apart.
I worked at a gas station so there was always a steady flow of women young and old coming in to get their car fueled up not to mention the local high school girls with raging hormones, the early 20's woman who worked at the market across the street and so on.
It started with the woman from the market she would get off work and hang around while I worked. Many times even though there was always two of us on shift one was normally out on tow calls or other vehicle issues that required a tow truck.
Being young and in love I figured this woman from the market just had some extra time on her hands after work.
She started to hang around longer each day and finally stayed until closing time. After the till was counted and everything shut off she asked if I would go for a walk at the park with her. My girlfriend was busy and I had nothing better to do so I said sure. We walked in the park for awhile and she wanted to sit down in the grass and look out over the lake as the sun went down. We talked and watched the sun and I figured soon as it was down we would each go our separate ways, she started asking questions about my girlfriend and I and of course I gushed about how great she was. She then proceeded to ask me if we were having sex I was surprised she would ask that and I told her we were and she asked right then if I would have sex with her. I told her that was not going to happen that I was happy with my girlfriend. She then asked me if it would be OK if my girlfriend shared me with her, of course my response was a laugh and a quick I don't think that would happen.
She looked me straight in the eye and leaned in very close and said would you like to be having sex with two different women? I was stunned as she leaned in and kissed me. She then told me that she had her own place and that she would be available for sex whenever I wanted it. I told her I think we better get going and she reached over and grabbed my hard cock saying "he wants me why doesn't the rest of you?"
After anot her week of stopping by the gas station she happened to be sitting there waiting for me to close as my girlfriend drove in. She asked me who that was and why was she just sitting there. I explained she worked at the market and she often stopped over to talk after work. My girlfriend got in her car and drove off in a huff. Of course I told the other woman I had to go after her and she just smiled and said I'm ready when you are.
Needless to say the relationship with my girlfriend was never the same and sex became much more infrequent. I needed more as I was used to daily sex of some type, that night the woman from the market stopped and we started having sex at least three times per week. During this period another woman that drove a 76 Monte Carlo would stop in at least once per week for gas. We would talk she a thin, sexy with long straight dark brown hair. Small breasted but an ass that made a pair of jeans look like she paid thousands for them. It wasn't long and she was asking me to go out. So here I was still had a girlfriend, fucking the woman from across the street and now I had a third one wanting action. I explained to her that I was seeing someone already and I got the same response " I don't mind sharing"
My summer was filled with work and keeping a rotation of 3 women filled with cock. By that fall the Monte Carlo gal finally asked me how old I was and I told her 17 she was clearly startled by my answer and said I can't keep having sex with a 17 year old and I asked why how old are you? She said I'm 25.
Needless to say I was never satisfied long with only having one woman so the stories will continue.
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