the time I fucked my husband's best friend

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Before we got married I fucked my husband's best friend. My guy was there and participated a little bit but mainly watched, as he likes to do.

They've been friends since kids (now in their 40's) and know everything about each other. Including my husband's affinity for a promiscuous wife. Hubs told friend that it was an open relationship, even though he opts not to be with other women.

My husband has never been great at picking up women. Not bad, just not great. His friend however, is not good at all. By his own admission, he lacks the ability to close. He once told me he just doesn't know how to tell if a woman is attracted to him, which prevents him from making a move. He's a good looking guy with plenty going for him. I lucked out in that I genuinely like my husband's best friend as a person. Not every spouse can say that.

I once asked hubby if Eric (his friend) knows about our relationship. He said he does. From then on, there was a sort of comfort around Eric. Almost like I could be myself around him. He knew our secret and accepted us despite it. I respected that.

Anyway, Eric hadn't been laid in awhile and my hubs would joke that I needed to "hook him up." He said Eric hadn't had sex since his last relationship (over a year ago).

Hubs had watched me one other time fuck another guy but hubs didn't know him. Hubby was pretty nervous too being the first time and all.

One night the boys came home from watching UFC at a bar nearby. They came to our place to keep drinking. I stayed in that night which meant I was in my comfy clothes. I have an old pair of favorite yoga pants I've had forever that have worn pretty thin. Now, I don't mind showing off in public, but these pants would be pushing it even for me. They leave nothing except my hairstyle to the imagination!

The boys interrupted my quiet night of wine and brain rotting guilty pleasure reality TV. They sat down and made fun of what I was watching. I got up for more wine to take the edge off the loud obnoxious boys. They both got quiet as I left the room. I returned with a bottle and asked what was up.

Eric said he liked my pants and they both laughed like teenagers. I started teasing him a little about his dry spell. Hubs told me to help him out and end it (under the guise of jest in case I didn't want to). I said that I didn't think Eric was attracted to me because he never flirts with me. He made a comment about my ass in the yoga pants (don't remember exactly what he said but it was awkwardly adorable).

I stood in front of him and wiggled it a bit, then bent over. He grabbed my cheeks and gave them a squeeze and it was on from there.

He gave me a pretty decent rimjob before I turned around and gave him the rest.

I gave him head and he came in no time. There was a lot. The dormant volcano that was Eric finally erupted. I said "apparently you haven't jerked off during your dry spell!"

Eric's dick stayed hard but I moved over to hubs and rode him until he came. That was the extent of his involvement. He opted to watch and masturbate until he came for the second time. I like to tease that seeing his bff naked made him cum, not his wife. He doesn't laugh like I do.

Hubs went to our bedroom and grabbed some condoms so I could fuck his friend. Which I did several times that night.

I had a great time as did the boys. I fucked Eric a handful of times after that night. About a year later he got into a relationship and isn't the cheating type so "no more of my pussy!" He said. Something like that anyway. They broke up after a couple of years of fighting and breaking up and getting back together. I already know I have a sex screw loose so don't point it out but I thoroughly enjoyed double dates with them. I had a little secret about them that she didn't know!

I still haven't had sex with Eric since his relationship even though I still walk around the house naked when he's over. He's already seen it so why not right?

Good times
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