The Grand Ole Party

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How backwards can you get? It seems like people adore fallaciously lobbing all republicans into one malicious, hateful, conspiring, cry-baby, under-handing, bigoted category.

I'm a proud-as-hell republican- but I happen to be a centrist. I'd have a disgusting opinion of all liberals if I based my opinion(s) off of people like Ben Carding or Julianne Malveaux, or (hell) most of the yacks on MSNBC). But I don't.

This blind and blanketed dislike for all republicans/conservatives should stop. It's rather hypocritical, really. Especially for those who consider themselves advocates of reform, progress, equality, and facets of that nature. How forward-thinking can someone be when they have a heard mentality? It pretty much slaps proper logic in the face, spitss its grandmother, and pisses on its dead sibling's grave.

I can understand disliking some of Christie's philosophies, or thinking Boehner is a complete yahoo. Just stop the bread-crumb trail of idiocy that seems to follow after any GOP party-head chatter.
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