The Cat's Out of the Bag

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After several years of closely guarding our lifestyle from friends and family a good friend’s bachelor party exposed mine and Susie’s most guarded secret to five of my closest friends.

Since my wife and I had no children and we had a wet bar in our home, a friend asked to host another good friend’s bachelor party at our place. Not being one to turn down a friend I agreed. Invites were sent and plans were set into motion. We would start at our house after an hour or so to allow everyone to arrive the limo would be summoned and transport us to a strip club across town where we would spend the next few hours before heading to the casio for another few hours while the bachelor performed a scavenger hunt. Once all the odd items had been collected we would then head back to my place for the remainder of the night. The guys were all staying over since it was assumed by the end of the night no one would be fit to drive themselves home. Susie had made plans to be out shopping, then dinner with friends and crash at a friends place for the night.

The day of the party Susie cleaned the house and gave me stern warning that any messes were my responsibility. She prepped the bar and mixed up enough rattlesnake mix and margarita’s to make any fraternity house jealous then, about 15 minutes before the guys started showing up, headed out to the mall to meet up with friends. I almost hated to see her go. She was wearing a loose tank top, the kind with the over-sized arm holes, and tight tattered jean shorts. She looked hot and as I watched her drive away I was wishing I had taken an opportunity to fuck her earlier that morning.

Over the next 30 minutes the guys all rolled in. There were 6 of us guys all together Mark (the bachelor), Rich, Todd, Jeff, Greg (no, not the same Greg she previous fucked a few months earlier) and Myself. We were half way through the margarita’s when my wife walked back through the door. Turns out she forgot her credit card in the jeans she wore the night before and came back by the house to get it. She retrieved her card from the bedroom hamper and was heading back out the door when Rich asked her to toast the groom-to-be with us. Yes we toasted Mark with margarita’s, we’re all married guys, we do stuff like that!

Well one toast turned into “it would be a party foul to waste the rest of the glass” So while my wife worked on finishing her drink Todd was lining them up and topping her off. I have to admit she was hanging with the rest of the guys and seemed to be having a great time flirting. When she told them she was supposed to be shopping they insisted to know what she was shopping for. My wife loved stringing them along and suggested that she was wanting a new bikini but may also pick up some panties while she was out. Now when a hot chick talks about buying a bikini or panties with a room full of drunk men crude comments are inevitable.

I listened to the banter as Susie ate up the attention. My wife seemed to have forgotten she was meeting friends to shop.At one point she even unfastened her shorts and gave the Mark and Jeff a peek at the top of the pink lace panties she was wearing.

By the time the limo arrived the guys were ready for the strip bar and Susie, already slurring her words, was in no condition to drive to meet up with her friends. The consensus was to load her in the limo with us drop her with her friends at the mall on the way to the strip club. Unfortunately there was barely enough room for us guys so that meant my wife would be sitting on someones lap. Bet you can’t guess how many volunteers we had… Yep counting myself all six volunteered. My wife reminded us that it was the bachelor’s night and that being said she should sit on Mark’s lap. So we all climbed in for the ride across town.

As we drove. The Mark was given his scavenger hunt list containing a lengthy list of odd and embarrassing items he was to collect from other people over the course of the night. He was reading some of the items on the list out loud: one dirty sock, a picture holding a sex toy with its owner, a picture with a shirtless hairy guy, a picture of two girls kissing, get a woman to give you her panties, Get a man to give you his underwear, get a woman to give you her bra….. Suddenly my wife chimed in “Oh I can help you with that one!” You could hear a pin drop in the limo as all eyes were upon her.

My wife reached her hand into the arm opening of her tank and unfastened her bra and with a few quick movements, much to the party attendees disappointment, dropped her bra into the bachelor’s lap without ever lifting her shirt.

The guys instantly argued that this was unfair but my wife asked if the list implied that the action had to be in full view of the bachelor. This shut them up pretty quickly as being written up by guys the list was simple and was not specific as to how the items were obtained or actions performed.

The remainder of the ride consisted of small talk with the guys and my wife. I quickly noticed that whenever my wife leaned forward her breasts were on full view through the sides of her tank top and evidently, judging by the bulges in their pants so did the other guys. I am pretty sure they were speaking softly so my wife would lean in to hear better. Rich was sitting the farthest from Susie and whenever he spoke to her she had to lean across the other guys who were grinning ear to ear.

As we approached the mall Susie text her friends asking where to meet only to find out that they had already left for the restaurant, which was back near our house. She put on her best pout face and announced that it looked like we were stuck with her for the time being. It really didn’t surprise me when this was greeted as a positive by the guys, some of them actually cheering.

I let the driver know that we would be continuing to the club and not stopping at the mall.

Once at the strip club we grabbed a couple of tables and moved them together. I made sure to let them know that we had a bachelor amongst us and the guys proceeded to buy the Mark lap dances. After having several of the dancers give him a lap dance Mark passed one off to my wife. The guys all gathered around as the dancer started to dance for my wife. She leaned in whispering in her ear and my wife nodded. Within moments the dancer had lifted my wife’s shirt exposing her breasts to all my close friends as well as any patrons within viewing distance.

This led to the guys buying my wife many more lap dances over the next several hours. There was lots of flirting and many compliments to Susie regarding her breasts at the table as everyone continued drinking. A few more shots were purchased for the “tables” as well. Mark was working on his list. He managed to get two of the dancers to kiss while he posed with them for a picture and one even had a sex toy that she took a pic with.

Susie was well on her way to being trashed. She was more than flirting now. She had started groping Mark as well as Jeff by the time we were back in the limo headed toward the casino.

Once at the casino Mark almost completed his list, he scored a pair of men’s boxers and even got some random guy to kiss him on the cheek. The ONLY thing left on his list was a pair of women’s panties.I assumed that he saved this one on purpose.

I have to admit that deep down inside not only did I know he would ask my wife for her’s once we missed her friends at the mall and I was kind of hoping he would. I just didn’t consider when he would…. I was hoping it would be a little more private!

After we left the casino and were headed back to my place Mark was going over his list of items and finally came to the only item he hadn’t managed to acquire…. one pair of ladies panties willingly given… My wife, still sitting on his lap, couldn’t believe that he didn’t manage to get everything on his list. He commented that if she were willing….

That was all it took. My wife was so trashed she didn’t even look my direction she told him that she would do anything to help a friend. Still sitting in his lap she pressed her shoulders back against him raised her butt, unfastened her jean shorts, slid the zipper down and eased them past her hips to the floor of the limo. My wife now sat in my good friend’s lap in panties and a tank top. She placed his hands in her crotch and asked if he liked the material. He told her how pretty and soft they were as he rubbed her pussy through her panties. Susie spread her legs a bit to give him better access. The other guys were pressed in close watching and it was becoming hard for me to see. She turned,smile and sloppily kissed him, first on the cheek, then her tongue found his open mouth. They kissed for almost a minute before Susie broke off as she once again lifted her butt from his lap and slid the pink lace panties off to add to his scavenger hunt collection. Five of my closest friends now sat staring at my wife’s shaved pussy.She reached down grabbed the panties and handed them to Mark.

Mark raised the panties triumphantly. He had successfully collected all of the items on his list. Susie asked what it was he won by collecting everything. At this point I didn't have an answer because we specifically put Items on the list we thought he would never be able to get. My wife suggested that it should at least be worth a blow job and asked if we hired a hooker for him. Well the simple answer to that question was no. By now my wife was on her knees between Mark’s knees as she rubbed his cock through his pants. Susie commented that it had to be as thick as her wrist then she excoriated us for not having been properly prepared in the event that he complete the list and looking directly at me unzipped his pants freeing his erect cock. He was average length but fairly thick. She smiled briefly then removed her tank top. The guys were beside themselves. Most all of them had told me on several occasions that they thought my wife was hot and now here she was, nude on her knees getting ready to suck one of them off as the others all watched! A few seconds later she took him into her mouth as the other guys cheered..

My wife started by licking the head as she stroked his shaft and gradually took him deeper into her throat, until she was finally taking him all the way to his balls. As she was doing this Todd and Jeff who sat on either side of Mark were groping her breasts. Susie paid them no notice as she concentrated all her effort on Mark. By ignoring them they were encouraged because she didn’t tell them to stop. Rich and Greg moved onto the floor behind her and both slid their hand up under her ass. Thier reaction was priceless. Rich mouthed Oh My God and Greg commented on how hot and wet her pussy felt as they each worked their hands back and forth. My wife started rocking her hips back and forth with their hands as she continued to focus on sucking Mark’s cock.

I knew there was no stopping her so all I could do was sit and watch my wife giving my friend oral sex as four of my closest friends groped her while watching her head bob up and down. I watched in almost disbelief as her head bobbed up and down and her hand stroked his shaft. Until finally her head paused, I could tell by his demeanor that he had reached orgasm and was cumming… I could tell by my wife’s actions that she was readily allowing him to cum in her mouth as she swallowed his load.

For the next 10 to 15 seconds no one said a word until the limo came to a stop. Looking out the window I could see we were back at my house. I was 4 AM and our party showed little sign of winding down. Greg handed Susie her tank top and she pulled it on over her head. It was just long enough to cover her pussy but when she got out of the limo the bottoms of her ass cheeks were clearly visible.

The limo driver smiled as my friends and drunk wife stumbled up to the house. I paid him, gave him a good tip and headed inside myself.

Once in the door I found my wife’s top laying in the entryway and there were obvious sounds of sex coming from the living room. I entered to find my wife riding Mark and the rest of my friends watching. Several had their cocks out stroking them. After a few minutes of watching Mark’s cock disappearing into my wife I started stroking mine as well.It didn’t take Mark long to shoot his second load into my wife, this time deep in her womb. Susie seemed pretty content with herself but as soon as she climbed off Mark’s cock things became a free for all.

My wife sat next to Mark on the sofa and Todd quickly sat on the other side as he guided her hand to his cock. He was about my size. Susie began stroking him as he groped her breast and leaned in to kiss her. She willingly met his tongue with hers as Rich squeezed in between her and Mark and began suckling her other breast and fingering her pussy again. Susie immediately went for Rich’s zipper fishing out his cock as well. His was extremely short, maybe 4 inches tops but he was nearly as thick as a coke can. My wife was wide-eyed when she felt how thick he was. She was stroking both of their cocks and was now alternating between kissing Todd and Rich, whose hand had migrated from her pussy to groping her breast.

Jeff was the first to step up to the plate. He shed his pants and positioned himself between my wife’s knees as he stroked his cock staring at her shaven pussy. Jeff had to be nearly eight inches but his cock was very slender. He pulled my wife toward him until her ass was at the edge of the sofa and guided his aching cock into her. She paused kissing Todd and Rich momentarily as Jeff began pumping and grinding his hips into my wife.

Susie grabbed Rich’s cock and motioned for him to bring it closer to her mouth. He willingly obliged and she parted her lips accepting her second cock of the night. Todd moved into the same position on the other side of her and after licking and sucking Rich for a few minutes she did the same to Todd before ultimately turning her attention back to Rich. Her mouth stretched wide as she tried to engulf his entire cock. He would feed it to her in five or six thrusts at a time then ease off and let her lick and suck the head. Todd was now groping bother breasts and occasionally running his fingers through her hair as her head bobbed back and forth on Rich’s cock. Greg was sitting next to me smiling and watching all the action when finally Jeff added his load to Marks deep in Susie’s love tunnel.

As soon as Jeff moved out of the way Todd took his place quickly feeding his hungry cock into my wife’s pussy. This was about the time that Rich came. He shot a humongous thick load into Susie’s throat. She gagged and choked as his seed continued to erupt from his cock leaving thick streams and globs of semen on Susie’s face and in her hair.

I told Greg that it looked like his turn to get in on the fun. He smiled and stood up. His back was to me when he dropped his pants but I saw the look on my wife’s face when he took off his boxers. She looked a little scared. Once he took Rich’s place next to my wife I could see why. He was as thick as Rich but he had to be at least 8 inches long. She could barely fit a third of it in her mouth so she just licked and sucked the head as she stroked him with her hands.

Todd lasted just under ten minutes and I decided that I wanted my turn while she was sucking Greg’s massive cock. Nothing like a close up view! Rich seemed a little upset that I jumped in but hey she is my wife after all…. I enjoyed my closeup for the next five or so minutes until Greg began to cum. He was another heavy cummer. I watched Susie lap at the steady flow of semen oozing from his head. After a few seconds she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock trying to swallow as much as possible. I pressed the back of my fingers up against her throat to feel it contract as she tried to swallow his offering. Finally the contractions ended and Greg withdrew from my wife’s mouth leaving a stream of semen dripping from her chin. He reach down with his fingers and scooped some up then offered his fingers to Susie’s mouth. She smiled and took them into her mouth as if they were a cock. I couldn’t hold back after watching this and came deep inside her.

Rich was excited that it was finally his turn to fuck my wife and wasted no time forcing his short oversized cock into waiting pussy. You could see cum oozing past his cock as he pounded her with short powerful strokes for nearly five minutes then once again erupting uncontrollably first inside my wife then all over her belly and thighs as he withdrew before completion.

Now Greg was up with his monstrous cock. This is the one I have been waiting to see. My wife looked visibly scared once again. You see Susie likes them SMALL and Greg was anything but small! His cock was nearly the width of a 16 ounce beer can and was now looking closer to nine inches long fully hard.

Greg took the cushions from the sofa and lay them on the floor then helped Susie to the cushions, When she stood up a literal baseball sized glob of cum dropped to the floor in front of the sofa. It had me instantly hard again knowing that all of that cum was inside my wife!

Susie lay on the cushions and Greg positioned himself to enter her. He gently guided his massive cock to her entrance and pressed firmly allowing the head to penetrate her. My wife shrieked and gripped the cushions tightly with her hands. Greg paused for a few moments before asking her if she was ready again. Susie bit her lower lip and nodded yes. He began to slowly ease it back and forth being careful not to enter deeper. after my wife seemed to relax a bit he would gently enter a little deeper and she would shriek and grip the cushions again. After he was nearly half way in things seemed easier on Susie and he was able to proceed at a quicker pace until finally he was feeding her the entire length of his cock. First slowly then a quicker pace. After nearly 20 minutes of fucking Susie began telling him to fuck her harder. She would shriek and grip the cushions again as she demanded HARDER. Greg began grunting slamming his cock into my wife as Susie orgasmed hard. Finally Greg ground his hips into Susie’s crotch as his cock began expelling his seed into my wife’s well used pussy.

Watching had made me so horny I couldn’t wait for another turn. As soon as Greg moved out of my way I climbed on top of my wife. I had to look to confirm that i was actually inside her as I could not feel her pussy, which was still stretched from Greg’s enormous cock. I pulled out to find my cock covered with his cum, smiling I moved toward Susie’s head and offered her my cum covered cock. no sooner than she took it in her mouth I exploded.

Afterward I rested for a bit while the guys all took another turn with my wife. I guess they wanted gittin while the gittin was good!

Before we finally went to bed Susie took the guys into the bathroom and one by one gave them showers. “Shower” is her secret code word for “Private Blowjob” The guys seemed to appreciate the fact that they had freshened up and they seemed to sleep well. We all finally made it to bed about 8 AM the next morning and got up around 2 PM to head home.

It wasn’t until after Susie cooked everyone breakfast, nude of course. There was lots of ass groping and even more breast groping before she sent them off with a kiss and a promise of more to cum.
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