surrender confession

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I confess....
I love that feeling when someone’s hand slips between my legs,
especially when wearing a skirt touching my legs
skin, warmth kneading mine making me shiver and breathe just a bit harder,
even wearing jeans I feel the strength, firm grip, determinedly invading a part of me not normally open for just anyone...... but it could be anyone...... and there are times when I wouldn't mind just anyone.....

the stranger,
a stranger who I've just met, or a friend who I've known for months or years, it's that hand, that touch, that heat the rushes through my legs into my thighs through my tummy over my breasts making my heart race and pulse, pulse, faster, faster..... make it go faster......
I confess it's a drug, that sensation, thrill, that surrender,
relinquishing my defences letting the floodgates of emotion and cravings wide open, nervously willing my whole body inch by inch flows into that touch, that hand, that unspoken question......

fed by that unspoken answer.........

moving confidently between my legs spreading slightly apart, enough for their fingers to easily find a comfortable place to rest while a kiss stays the momentum..... until it moves again, that hand I don't see but feel, sliding higher, higher beneath my skirt raising it up along my thighs.......

I confess......

in a quiet corner of the park, on a bench I'd already let his hand find my breast, fondle through my shirt while we kissed inviting convulsion inside, broke apart all barriers.... not pushing his hand away but there in the park letting, letting that touch feel me all the while enmeshed in a kiss,
the hand found its way down my side and between my legs at the hem of my skirt and moving up and up under the material, in the park, I let it happen I confess,

up my skirt higher finding my knickers parting my thighs an inch more and more, feeling his way we kissed his whole hand gripped my heat, now moist with expectation......

I confess it happens all too easily, I gave in one kiss at a time....... groping while my skirt hitched higher my knickers teased between my moistening soaking the cotton until eased away too one side and through my fine trim found a way into me..... a kiss, I was too breathe he touched my tenderness effortlessly teasing, open, open, shockwaves trembled through me opening my hips open I confess I pushed against the motion urging further in, deeper in.......... my body wouldn't stop, I couldn't stop, neither could he,

so expert after momentary fumbling, caressing, rubbing, rolled my tenderness, fingertips in then out, then in then out, on and on, my body just responded….. a kiss just fed the passion, my hand falling down into his lap unfastening his jeans, top button, pulling down the zip and edge my hand inside to find the secret growing every touch, wetter, longer, thicker...... my hand slipped over releasing him and moving my hand enjoys the heat,

up and down and up and down, peeling back the skin from a dripping tip
fingers force their way inside me, filling, stretching me, fucking, there on the bench I grip his manhood tighter…… then a wave eclipsing all my fears of being seen my orgasm ripping through any inhibitions, coming and coming and coming in time to the rough-hewn dance of his fingers inside me, inside me, inside me, I come as I felt my hand become soaked from his own explosion trickling down my fingers, warm, smooth, I was lost in my own as the more that he came the faster and deeper he fingers found me wanting more, entering to make me come once more almost fainting as our fingers shared the most intimate of touch.....

we come right there on the bench
with his jeans unfastened and my skirt pulled up as the sun slipped away having seen what it wanted to see,
we kissed right there on the bench.

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