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I am a fairly simple yet complicated person. I try to keep a positive outlook on life. I tend to trust easily. That, in turn, seems to hurt me more often than not. I have many hobbies..I love to surf the net, make/sell jewelry and do many other various crafts. I started, moderate and remain active in my own online support group.

I have 3 adult children and one grand child who are all the greatest gifts of my life.

I was married at age of 18 (actually on my 18th birthday). I married a very abusive man; not physically, but sexually and mentally. My sex life with my ex could be explained as vanilla at best, with the exception of the abuse. I will never regret having been through this time in my life however, because I have my children and I truly believe it has made me a much stronger, better person.

About 9 months after my ex and I decided to split for the 3rd time and started divorce proceedings, I met T on an adult web site. Meeting T has broadened my life in many ways. T has a very laid back personality and has taught me to be more relaxed, which I needed to do. Meeting the way we did, on the adult web site, our sexual preference, fantasies, desires and such were pretty much already out in the open.

I have been bi-curious for many years, not ever being able to admit this openly to anyone until T. It's been a great relief to finally share this. I have been unable to obtain my goal of becoming the “Dom” in our sexual role play as of yet..I am hoping that by joining this forum I am able to get past the “what the f**k am I doing” stage. Joining this forum has increased our discussions on several topics relating to our sexual relationship thus adding to our increased pleasures.

Over the past 6 months or so my libido has increased so much that I would say I have gone from having a “low” to almost “rampant” one. I have just recently shared this with T and he was a little surprised.:lol I can be laying in bed – alone – watching TV, and out of the blue, I'm feeling all tingly. No matter what I do can't get this to go away without pleasuring myself. This happens several times a week. I have had times when I can't get this feeling to go away even after masturbating several times, only solving this after T and I have had an awesome passionate sexual encounter (which has been quite frequent lately).

If anyone would like to know anything about me that I have not already said, just ask.

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