Pregnancy Fun

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After Susie and I decided it was time to have children we decided to withdraw from our current lifestyle and just focus on each other.I had mixed emotions on staying exclusive because I did enjoy watching her with other men so much. But Susie wanted things this way and I had to respect her on this issue.As an outlet I took to documenting the more memorable wild times we experienced before their memory faded. I actually found this really satisfying!

In no time Susie was pregnant and the humdrum routine of normal life crept in fast. I can’t say that things were not enjoyable, they were very memorable as we were both very excited about our new addition that would be arriving soon.

Susie continued to work through her pregnancy. She worked four nights a week part time at a local restaurant and I would often stop by to see her in the evenings. Several of her co-workers had become quite friendly and would often give her a ride home after closing around 10 or 11 PM. As a thank you my wife would always invite them in for a few beers, with me of course Susie had quit drinking during her pregnancy. One evening, Brad, a young guy she worked with, brought her home and came inside.I had met him a time or two and he was always very pleasant and seemed to get along really well with my wife.

While Brad and I had a beer Susie went to the bedroom to change out of her work clothes. She came out in a tight nearly see through button up blouse and jean shorts. She had buttoned the blouse to just below her breasts and tied the ends in a knot pulling the blouse taught against her breasts and exposing her bulging belly. She sat between me and Brad on the sofa and watched tv as we chatted. It had been busy and she had a bad day at work so I offered her a glass of wine to settle her nerves. Even though her doctor told her that an occasional glass of red wine was fine Susie had not had a drop of alcohol in nearly seven months. To my surprise she took me up on my offer. Her and Brad chatted about work as I poured her wine. My wife became very talkative and relaxed, an obvious sign she was feeling the wine. Thinking back I don’t think she realized that i refilled her glass twice.

After Susie finished her wine she leaned back on the sofa as Brad and I talked she began to rub her swollen belly. This was actually something that she did all the time now so it didn’t phase me at all but it totally caught Brad off guard. My wife was now nearly seven months along and her belly was huge. He stared blankly at her belly as we talked until Susie, finally seeing his reaction, asked if he had ever seen a pregnant woman’s belly before? He assured her that he had but added that the belly is usually covered. He said it looked like her skin was stretching and asked if it hurt. My wife laughed and assured him that her skin didn't hurt. She was just uncomfortable because of the baby’s position. She asked him if he wanted to feel the baby. He nodded nervously and extended his hand gently touching her belly.

For some reason this instantly made me hard. Probably because I hadn’t seen another man touch my wife in nearly a year. My wife leaned back again and un-knotted her blouse and scooted her butt to the edge of the sofa. Her jean shorts were from before she got pregnant and I am pretty sure that the only thing holding them was was her expanded ass cheeks. The shorts were tight back before she got pregnant so she couldn’t button them and the zipper was almost halfway down. clearly exposing the fact that Susie had recently shaved her pussy. I sat back and watched as his hand gently caressed her belly and took in her reaction. Susie was extremely responsive to his touch. It was pretty obvious he was enjoying himself. I watched as his gentle caress encompassed my wife’s entire belly. His fingers were brushing the bottom of her breasts as he circled the upper regions and brushed along her jeans line along the lower half of her belly. Susie had quickly gone from very talkative to extremely quite, a sure sign she turned on. As his caress reached near her zipper Susie released a low moan. It was obvious my wife was missing another man’s touch.

Brad seemed to get very nervous all of a sudden. I tried to put him at ease by smiling and telling him that her belly is extra sensitive and it obviously feels good. He continued to caress her lower belly and my wife closed her eyes then pushed her ass to the very edge of the sofa. Her zipper had worked itself all the way down and the top of Susie’s pussy crack was clearly visible to Brad. I could see his smile as his fingers ran all the way down tracing the upper portion of her exposed pussy. I leaned in and whispered to Susie asking if his touch felt good. She slightly opened her eyes, smiled and nodded. It was obvious by the look in her eyes that she wanted Brad.

As Brad continued to caress her lower belly I began to caress the upper portion and after a few short minutes took the opportunity to begin kiss her as I unbuttoned her shirt slowly exposing her breasts for Brad. It took another few moments to get Brad’s attention as he was clearly focused on trying to see Susie’s pussy. I motioned for him to caress her breasts. He didn’t waste one second, he was caressing her left breast with one hand and her lower belly with the other smiling ear to ear.

Susie seemed primed to let this happen so I slid my hand between her legs finding her hot wet pussy. After only a few second of fingering her she guided Brad’s hand to where mine was. I moved so he could have his first feel of my wife’s pussy. Susie was telling Brad how good his fingers felt and asked him to kiss her. As they kissed my wife unzipped Brad’s pants and fished his cock out while I took the opportunity to slide her shorts off leaving her nude from the waist down. Then I sat back and watched as they kissed and Susie stroked Brad’s cock.

After ten or so minutes Susie told Brad to get undressed as she removed her shirt. My 30 year old pregnant wife was now totally nude with her 20 year old co-worker. Brad now totally nude sat back on the sofa as my wife positioned herself between his knees. I laid a pillow down for her and she gave me a kiss before she knelt between Brad’s legs and lowered her mouth over his cock.

I watched as his cock disappearing into Susie’s mouth and she stroked his shaft with her hand as she sucked and kissed the head of his cock. After a few minutes warming him up Susie took his whole cock into her throat. I watched as my wife’s head began rising and falling in her coworker’s lap. I watched as he shifted his hips up and down forcing his cock as deeply as possible into my pregnant wife’s throat. I watched as Brad’s gripped the sofa cushion tighter with his left hand as he caressed the back of Susie’s neck with the right, until finally Brad began to explode first into her throat but my wife pulled back and he began shooting his load onto her chin and chest. Susie quickly took his cock into back her mouth taking the rest of his load then swallowed with a smile.

Brad sat back and told my wife how amazing the night had been for him. Susie quickly told Brad that his night wasn’t over just yet. I helped her to her feet and she took Brad by the now softening cock and lead him back toward our bedroom.

Susie positioned herself on the edge of the bed in a reclined sitting position resting on her elbows, feet on the sideboard and knees spread wide. He wet pussy gaping wide for Brad’s viewing, he knew exactly what to do. He started at her knee and began to kiss and lick his way up her inner thigh until finally his tongue was buried deep in my wife’s pussy. He licked and suck at her clit until Susie couldn’t hold back any longer flooding his face with her juices.

When he finished he stood up, his newly resurrected cock pointed at Susie. She scooted until her ass was hanging off the side of the bed and told brad she wanted to feel him inside her. He stepped forward and began to rub the head of his cock up and down the lips of Susie’s pussy. In one swift motion Brad eased toward my wife his cock easily sliding into her inviting tunnel. He lay his hands on her swollen pregnant belly as his hips began to sway back and forth feeding his cock into my wife’s hungry pussy.

Her breathing quickly became labored as she quickly neared orgasm for the second time. He continued to rub her belly as his cock probed her innermost regions. Finally his breathing matched Susie’s. My wife bit her bottom lip as she began to cum once more. This seemed to set Brad off because just moments later as he slid his hands up under Susie’s ass pulling her closely then his ass cheeks clenched as he expelled his excitement into my wife.

My wife kissed him once more and thanked him for such a wonderful evening. Then told him if he can keep what happened a secret she’d let him give her a ride home more often. He smiled and said no problem. After Brad dressed I walked him to the door to see him off.

Returning to the bedroom my wife was still at the edge of the bed, Brad’s seed now appeared to be flowing steadily from her gaping pussy. She smiled and asked if I was ready for my turn…. Cowgirl004.JPG Cowgirl005.JPG Cowgirl006.JPG Cowgirl007 (2).JPG Cowgirl008 (2).JPG Cowgirl009.JPG Cowgirl011.JPG Cowgirl012.JPG Cowgirl015.JPG Cowgirl017.JPG Cowgirl018.JPG Cowgirl019.JPG Cowgirl023.JPG Cowgirl025.JPG
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