Pay Back is a Bitch

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Though my wife was a virgin when she was married the first time she had many boyfriends from her high school and college years, many of which she is still friends with. I know and have met several of them and it was always such a turn on for her to tell me exactly what she has done with each of them. You see even though she wasn’t giving up her pussy to cock she was offering her mouth to almost every boyfriend from college. Those from high school were another story, she only kissed most and fondled a few lucky ones. There was one guy in particular that she really cared about, in fact at one point in time they were engaged to be married. She used to jerk him off on a regular basis and eventually my wife broke things off and broke his heart in the process

They remained friends over the years but never dated again as he moved away and got married himself. They kept in touch over the years via email and text messaging, recently his wife found out they used to date and forbid him to have any contact with her. He emailed my wife to explain why he wouldn’t be contacting her again and that’s when the trouble started. Seems his wife was monitoring his email and she emailed my wife threatening her if she ever contacted him again. I remember the night she read the email vividly. I believe her reaction was…. “That fucking cunt! I should invite him to town and suck him off just to spite her!” My wife is not one to be threatened. While she was originally willing to abide by her ex’s wife’s wishes she was now intent on making her regret her actions.

My wife gave me her ex’s cell number and I called him first to let him know of his wife’s actions and second to let him know if he wanted to keep in touch from time to time he could do so through my cell or email. He seemed as intent as my wife on keeping in touch so he began corresponding with my wife through his work email and my cell number.

A few months later he let her know that he would be in town and would like to do dinner one night if she was interested. My wife suggested him coming to our house for dinner and a few drinks afterward, the drinks were for him and myself as my wife was almost 8 months pregnant at the time. He thought that was a great idea so they set a date and time; then I watched my wife wait impatiently for the date to arrive.

Finally the day arrived and my wife made sure there was plenty of wine for dinner. She told me that she at least wanted to give him head because she had only jerked him off previously, she was a little leery of having intercourse with him because she was so far along in her pregnancy. I told her that I was cool with it if she wanted to fuck him and I figure it would be safe with him since we were still have sex regularly. My wife wore a mini dress made of stretch material that stretched tight over her swollen belly and barely covered her pussy, She went bra-less and pantie-less with the intent to give her ex a good show during dinner.

Dinner went flawlessly, her ex couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He commented on several occasions that she was even more beautiful pregnant. We moved to the living room where my wife and her ex sat on the love seat and I sat on the sofa, which gave me a great shot of my wife’s pussy peeking out from under her mini dress. We all chit chatted for a bit dwelling momentarily on his psychotic wife when out of the blue ehr ex asked if he could feel her stomach. My wife giggled and commented how out of the blue that request was. He apologized and said that if she would rather not…. his sentence stopped short because as he was apologizing my wife stood up and pulled her dress all the way over her belly and sat back down next to him as she placed his hand on her belly. Her ex was speechless, his eyes glancing back and forth between my wife and I. She asked him if everything was ok and he nodded yes as he slowly ran his hand across her belly. My wife giggled again and asked if anything looked familiar. He smiled and nodded his head yes again gazing down toward her pussy now hiding below her swollen belly. She parted her legs further and guided his hand toward her waiting pussy.

My wife closed her eyes as he leaned in and began to kiss her while finding her pussy with his fingers. I listened intently at the sloppy squeaky sounds of his fingers attempting to please my wife. She leaned back on the love seat scooting her ass toward the edge of the cushion to give him better access and providing me a better view. I could now watch as his fingers alternated between sliding in and out of my wife’s pussy and him rubbing her swollen pregnant clit. Finally after what seemed like an eternity my wife broke her lips away long enough to announce she was cumming as she flooded his hand with her juices. My wife lay motionless for a few minutes before finally telling her ex “Let’s go to the guest room. I owe you a blow job”

Once in the bedroom my wife quickly lost her dress then helped her ex undress. As she relieved him of his boxers she stopped briefly to kiss the head of his cock. Once she had him nude she had him lay on the bed then my wife climbed into the bed between her ex and my seat at the far corner of the bed. She briefly looked back and smiled. She knows how much I like to watch her in action from an obstructed view behind her. My wife slowly began to stroke his cock as the talked for a few more minutes before she cuddled up to him and they began kissing again and she continued stroking his cock until he finally asked “Are you really gonna give me a blow job or are you just gonna jerk me off like old times?” My wife laughed as she re-positioned herself at his waist. They talked for a few more minutes before my wife finally lowered her open mouth toward his waiting cock. He gasped as she locked her lips around him for the first time ever and I watched from behind as her head slowly began to bob up and down as she stroked his hard shaft. In only minutes he was grunting and my wife was gulping as he flooded her mouth with his seed. She turned toward me smiling with a small stream of his semen dribbling from her chin. She looked so sexy and innocent.

Her ex apologized for being so quick and went on to explain that he doesn’t get much action at home. My wife responded in turn that she was going to stroke his cock for a few more minutes and that he better last a lot long when he fucks her! This seemed to encourage him as he was hard again almost instantly.

I watched my pregnant wife carefully climb next to her ex boyfriend then slowly, with a little help from him, swung her leg over him positioning herself on top of him with the opening of her pussy just over his rigid cock. He took the opportunity to rub the head of his cock up and down her wet slit. My wife began to moan and told him she wanted to feel his cock inside her. She grabbed hold of his shaft holding his cock steady as she slowly lowered herself onto his waiting cock. I moved to watch as his cock slowly disappeared inside my wife. She slowly began to bounce up and down as his hips raised and lowered to meet her body.She told him how good it felt to finally have him inside her and He told her how much he wanted her back when they were dating. He told her that she was one of two girlfriends that he never had sex with, well until now. She started to bounce faster and faster. My wife was breathing heavily and her ex was exploring her body with his hands. It was so erotic to watch his hands on her pregnant belly with his cock deep inside my wife. Finally I could tell by his actions that he was once again filling my wife with his seed, this time deep in her womb. Afterward she lay on top of him as the kissed until his softening cock finally fell from her pussy’s grasp quickly followed with the remnants of his offering.

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