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I had a dream last night that had me waking up wet! I tried to drift off back to sleep to finish my dream but when I knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep I leaned over and grabbed my silver bullet vibe and rubbed it slowly on my wet lips as i turned it up. As the low hum of the vib filled the air I closed my eyes and had a wonderful fantasy that resulted in a mind blowing orgasm!

I have been frustrated and pushing my husband to try new sexual experiences with me but his conservative and jealous nature always ended up stopping us in our tracks. I would bring him to a secluded but public location and start messing around but once I needed it he would stop and worry about being seen. I would tell him that's half the fun but he never could follow thru. It seemed that every time I tried to stoke the fires he would put a wet cloth on them! I was getting more and more frustrated until one night I told him I thought it would be hot to try some swapping. He began to ask a few questions like who, would I get to do a girl etc before he shut it down completely. Once again I was left to fantasize about it. Then one Thursday afternoon hubby tells me to take Friday off. I email and say I am going to be out and wonder what's up. Friday morning he wakes me up early and tells me to get dressed. I open my eyes and see a few suitcases as he tells me we have to hurry, we have a plan to catch. Within a few hours we are in the air and I am very surprised by his spontaneous gesture.
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