My Bipolar Life

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I was manic over the weekend. I made a mistake and projected some anger and frustration on someone. I had to fix it. Thankfully, M was understanding. I almost never do that when I'm face to face with someone. I guess its the impersonality of the web. Mania is as bad as the depression, in its on way. :eyes

The cat is STILL throwing up! Went by the vets and he suggested another food. It costs $30 for a 10 oz bag, and the wet is $2 for a little bitty can. Oh well, she doesn't eat nearly as much as the boys did. I miss them. Maybe in a year we'll get another dog, or dogs. I kind of like having two. I don't miss the yard patrol.

I looked at Emily's posts today. I don't know why. I guess, even after all that's happened, I miss her. Well, she is my daughter. I guess her outrageous post got me thinking. She's going to South Carolina with the guy she's with. It appears this one has stuck around for four months. Maybe there's hope. I don't know how long she'll be there. I may comment on her post and see if she'll talk to me.

I'm still worried about my patient. She's not responding to her medication or therapy and it's been a month now. We should see some progress. I emailed her psychiatrist to get an update on her meds. I hope she really is taking them, as she said she is. I hope she doesn't suicide. I need to be careful she doesn't form an attachment to me. That would just make everything worse. It's always a concern with any of them. I haven't seen a rise in appointments, or emergency calls yet. I'm sure it will come as we get closer to the holidays.

Mom is really slowing down. Michael and I noticed it Sunday, more than we have before. She's still functioning, but her mind is not as sharp. I suppose it's just a matter of her age. We'll have to keep an eye on her. I'm concerned that she's still driving, but Michael doesn't think it's a concern. I'm afraid that he might see the drop like I do, since he talks to her every day. It's hell getting old.

Silverette will be home soon. I'm feeling like going out for Italian tonight. I think I'll have a drink, and see if she wants to.
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