My bachelorette party night 2

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So after night number one finally ended early the next morning, I was ready to let off some steam.

At the time I didn't know the tankini bitch had flown home already and steph stayed in the room to talk to her husband more and do some damage control on her marriage. I met up wit the other two girls in the lobby to spend some quality time at the pool.

I wore a thong to bait the tabkini bitches and was more than ready for a large confrontation. To my disappointment and relief, one of my friends told me the cheater flew home and hadn't heard from her friend. Fine with me.

We chose some prime real estate poolside and gave our livers the Vegas pep talk.

A couple of pretty drunk but really hot guys didn't waste time. They approached us with our next round and were generous with their tab. In total cliche fashion, they offered to rub sun screen on us. It was cheesy but god damn they were sexy and offered free booze! Needless to say by the time they finished, the three of us girls were fully protected from harmful UV rays.

We drank and flirted, drank and then drank. We recapped our previous night and then drank some more. I wanted to be careful around the other two girls but in my very buzzed state, I told one of the guys I wanted to have a threesome with he and his friend. After more drinks and several side conversations, they finally believed I wasn't joking. They understood my need for secrecy given what had happened the night before, we exchanged numbers while getting some drinks. Did I mention we had a lot to drink? Because we drank a lot that day.

I told the girls I was going to check on steph and walked out of view before I text the boys. It took about fifteen minutes to get a response and by that time I was actually back in the room checking on my friend (she was doing much better btw). The boys seemed to be getting cold feet about a mmf sex session. They kept asking me to bring one or several of my friends. I was not happy. I said forget it! They quickly changed their tune and gave me their room number.

Come to find out, one of the guys was totally on board but the other was not, which explained the waffling. They were arguing about whether or not to do it.

If we had a strong buzz at the pool, then we got flat out drunk in their room! They had tons of alcohol! Naturally, I improved the mood by offering blowjobs. I really really wanted to give a double barrel blowjob but that wasn't happening. The nervous guy had some stage fright. He claimed whiskey dick but I wasn't buy it.

After multiple attempts to get Mr softee hard, I gave up and fucked his friend. A couple of times Mr softee tried to join the party but just couldn't make it happen. So he drank more and passed out shortly after.

I remember most of the fucking but the end is pretty foggy. I know I made it back to my room and changed to go out. I also know I didn't shower after leaving the boys room.

Steph and I got changed and met the other girls to go to a club. We drank more.

I really don't remember much of the club. I do remember dancing and making out with a guy in the club. I have no idea if my girls saw or not. They were smashed too so I doubt it.

The next thing I remember is looking for my girls. I couldn't find them anywhere! No answering phones, not at the bar, not in bathroom, not outside. Nowhere. I finally gave up and started back to the hotel. How'd I get there? Good question kids. I have no idea! All I know is I was knocking on the door to our room because steph had a key and I did not. Back to the lobby I stumbled. I know I went down there to get a key from the front desk but I wound up in the bathroom. I decided to pee and woke up almost two hours later sitting in a stall. Awesome.

I got up and felt cold floor on my bare feet. No shoes. While I was passed out some fucking twat stole my shoes! I know I had them on before passing out because they were expensive and I would not have left them somewhere! My favorite Jimmy Choo heels gone! Ugh! I'm still mad about it! My purse was in my lap with my money and phone. But no shoes. But that's not all folks! Oh no! I take the walk of shame out of the bathroom that I am now barefoot in (gross) out into the lobby and flop down in a chair. People stared. They could tell.

I checked my phone to see a whole mess of missed calls and texts from my two friends. Apparently steph got so wasted, she wound up in the hospital! They damn near put a breathing tube in her she was so drunk.

I got in a cab barefoot (because the bitch at the front desk wouldn't let me into my room because it wasn't under my name!) and went to the hospital. I walked into my friend's room to find all three girls looking at me, then laughing.

Not only did some thieving twat steal my shoes, she also drew a big smile on my face with lipstick! I saw a lot of people and nobody told me I had mother fucking curly q's extending from the corners of my mouth onto my cheeks! Fuck I was furious!

Steph was fine (probably better than me) and told me to go back to the hotel. The hospital gave me paper surgery shoes. With room key in hand and a freshly washed face I got back to room and passed the fuck out after chugging as much Gatorade as my stomach could hold.

That's how night number two went.
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