My bachelorette party night 1

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My bachelorette party was a shit show. It's funny because I actually believed it would be tame. Not sure what I was thinking because we went to Vegas.

There were six of us going. Three were in the wedding and two were friends. Two of us per room. I roomed with my best friend and maid of honor. I knew that she had cheated on her husband before but didn't think that would be happening in Vegas. The other girls were pretty straight laced, three of the five other girls were moms. A show called "The Thunder Down Under" seemed to be as wild as the weekend would get.

We arrived late afternoon and immediately went to the pool. My maid of honor steph wore a thong and I wore a Brazilian cheeky bikini (It's somewhere between a regular bikini and a thong). We met the other girls at the pool. Two of them didn't think much of our swim wear. They each wore tankinis and rolled their eyes at us. Whatever. They were friends but not great friends so fuck them. Plus, anyone who's been to Vegas knows the pool is a place to show skin! The pool and everywhere else in Vegas.

Since I was the bride-to-be, I was told I had to wear a garter at all times. I found out the fun way that guys are even quicker to buy drinks for a bridal party at the pool than just girls in bikinis! Our glasses were never empty.

A bachelor party across the pool spent a shit ton of money on our beverages. We gladly accepted. Soon, the uptight girls in our group were wasted! Capital D rrrrrrruuuunnnnkkk!!! They invited the bachelor party to join us, which of course they did. Everyone was inebriated and flirting. The boys were pretty cute for the most part so I didn't mind.

Before I left, my husband (then fiancé) asked if I planned on hooking up. I told him I'd love to but didn't think it would be possible with the other girls around. Those wholesome mothers wouldn't think much of our relationship if they knew it was open. My hubs asked me to behave enough to keep our sex life private. I agreed.

Tankinis reached the point of needing to needing to sleep it off so they decided to go back to the room. The two guys they were flirting with generously volunteered to help them to their room. Both these women were married with kids and kept saying things like "if I weren't married, I would totally do things with you." And of course the cliche "whatever we do stays in Vegas right?" About fifteen minutes after they left, the two other girls went to check on them and get take a nap before we went out. My girl steph and I stayed with the boys.

Much to my surprise, we made the drunken decision to get laid. I'm sure it was my idea but I honestly don't remember how the discussion went. We both had cheated before and knew about it so it seems natural. She just didn't know I had an open agreement with my man.

I took the bachelor and she picked one of them. I remember talking to steph about fucking the guys and I remember getting naked first out of the four of us. I remember getting fucked by the bachelor while my maid of dishonor fucked his friend on the other bed. The sex was pretty good I must say. I don't remember anything else until we woke up a few hours later, naked on the beds with the boys.

It was time to eat so woke them all up. Upon doing so the bachelor's friend ran to the bathroom and puked! We teased him.

Steph and I met up wth two other girls at the restaurant and found out the tankinis weren't so straight laced! One of them had a drunken affair with her bachelor party boy while the other was passed out on her bed!

When the girls went to check on the tankinis, the bachelor party boy that had the misfortune of picking the tankini that passed out and required being carried to bed, was leaving the room. The two other girls looked in and saw my married "friend" getting fucked from behind with her tankini still on!

Steph and I had recently showered away the sweat from our own extramarital fun so we didn't judge.

The four of us girls finished eating and went to a club in our way to short hoochie Vegas dresses. We drank, danced, and flirted our nearly exposed little asses off! Great night! That is, until steph's husband started blowing her phone up!

I found steph outside the club crying because her found out she fucked another guy! We went back to room before she called him again. Apparently, the judge mental tankini that passed out ran into someone from the bachelor party. The guys talked and swapped sex stories. Luckily, the bachelor didn't want people to know he cheated because some of the other guy's spouses were friends with his fiancé. He thought about the trail. So, kept his mouth shut. His friend that fucked steph kept his secret. He did however talk about fucking steph! So, word got back to the tankinis who thought the right thing to do was to tell steph's husband because "they would want to know."

Steph told her hubby that she only made out with the guy and felt terrible. That the other girl didn't like her from the beginning because she wore a thong so therefore must've been a "slut." Nicely done Steph!

We found the tankini twats and the screaming began! I honestly thought shit was going to get physical! The worst part is that the slutty tankini bitch denied cheating and acted much holier-than-thou.

Steph messaged the tankini slut's husband on facebook while still screaming at her in their room!

That long first night ended after we left tanking' room and went back to ours. It was almost six in the morning and at least two marriages were in trouble. Tankini booked an early flight home and left the next day. Her bitch of a friend stayed but avoided us completely.

Sounds like a bachelorette party meant for me!

To be continued........
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