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Feeling like I want to start doing some talk about music in these blogs, as music is a large part of who I am. So today, I bring you the musings of one Jason Mraz.

Jason Mraz - Curbside Prophet [Video] - YouTube

This song, Curbside Prophet, is really catchy and just wonderful. If you've never listened to Jason Mraz before, be advised you should probably check out some more of his music (Particularly "Lucky" and "Geek in the Pink")

Now that I've gotten the MotD out of the way, a little rant about today (funny yet a little depressing). My best friend and roommate is 180% straight. However, he knows I want him in more ways than one. Occasionally, he likes to tease me with it.

I was cleaning one of the rooms today, and he walks in and proclaims, "Do you wanna suck a dick?" Of course, I chirp in with, "Hell yes I do~!"

So he pulls out a bag of candy penises he found in one of the other rooms (People having a wedding nearby left it in there when they checked out).

Needless to say, I laughed my ass off, even if I was disappointed that I didn't get to taste my friend. One day, hopefully he'll get drunk enough to decide he wants a bj from me. I hope.

I mean, I won't offer while he's drunk, I'm not that kind of guy. But if he vocalizes that he wants it, I ain't going to turn that down. XD
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