Kissing Cousins

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Last time Susie was pregnant we found ourselves in a very unique situation. Her cousin was in town for Convention with a couple of friends for the weekend and opted to save a little money so they were staying at our home.

To fill you in Susie told me that when they were teenagers she used to taunt him by walking around in her t-shirt and panties after their parents went to bed whenever he came to town and stayed at their place. I couldn’t resist telling her that if the desire struck her she had my permission to taunt him all she wanted.


Susie picked her cousin and friends up at the airport on a Friday afternoon and took them to an early dinner while I finished up at work, by the time I got home they were well into their first case of beer. Susie was sipping on a glass of water and, being eight months pregnant, according to her cousin, Dillon, she was being a good girl.

I grabbed a beer and joined them in the living room. Susie was sitting on the love seat across from Dillon and his friends Trent and Phil. She was wearing a pair of shorts and t-shirt. I sat next to Susie on the love seat and her feet immediately found my lap. I began to rub her feet and legs, something I always did for her after work for the last few months. The extra pregnancy weight is tough on her legs and back.

We all chatted for what seemed like hours until I put the kids to bed and Phil and Trent decided to turn in for an early start in the morning. When I got back to the living room Susie had disappeared into our bedroom to shower and get ready for bed. Dillon and I talked until she returned. Susie text me from the other room asking me to pour her a glass of red wine to help her relax. I had it ready by the she reappeared.

My wife entered the room wearing a tank top that didn't quite cover her bulging pregnant belly and white cotton panties. She performed a catwalk turn and asked Dillon "Does this remind you of anything?" He was definitely embarrassed, he turned beet red and sheepishly said "Yea, that's what you always wore when we came to visit when we were little."

She said she wanted to be comfortable and wanted him to feel at home as she giggled. Dillon was watching me closely and only laughed after I did. She sat between Dillon and I on the sofa this time and put her feet in Dillon's lap. She asked me to rub her shoulders and asked Dillon to rub her feet and legs. He nervously began to rub her. Susie began reminiscing about some of the things they used to do as kids. When she asked him if he remembered playing doctor he told her he couldn't recall. She wasn't buying it though. It seems that their parents caught them. She was naked and he had stuck a tinker toy in her pussy to take her temperature. He finally conceded that he did in fact remember but didn't think I wanted to hear about their juvenile explorations. Susie laughed and caught us both by surprise confiding to him that I like to watch her fuck other men so hearing about experimentation with a cousin isn't going to freak me out.

Susie finished off her wine and took her empty glass to the kitchen while Dillon and I talked about Susie's revelation. He was asking about what guys I watched have sex with Susie. I explained that they were friends and sometimes close co-workers. He asked why I would do that and I explained that it was a turn on and Susie seemed to really like it. I also asked him to keep it between us. We didn’t want this kind of information getting around the family. He seemed to understand.

Susie returned and asked us to move to the love seat. It was pretty close quarters but she wanted to lean back against me to relieve some of the pressure on her back and put her legs across Dillon's lap. He seemed quite a bit more relaxed after our talk and Susie lay back as he rubbed the tops of her thighs. She pulled her shirt up over her belly and began to caress her belly as he rubbed.

Dillon watched as Susie caressed her own belly. My wife asked if he wanted to touch it and he sheepishly nodded. She took his hand and gently pressed it against her belly then began to gently drag it across her belly caressing her lower abdomen. Susie breathed deeply and her belly lunged upward and she told him "yes, right there keep doing this, it feels so good." He continued to caress her on his own just above the panty line. I could honestly swear he was trying to see her pussy through her panties the way he was staring at them.

I moved so that Susie was laying more across me than against me and began to caress the top of her belly. She leaned her head back against my other shoulder and closed her eyes. She was apparently really enjoying herself. Her breathing was deep and labored and she was pressing her belly outward repeatedly as Dillon's hand worked its way back and forth across her lower abdomen. Her posture was relaxed with one leg hanging off the loveseat the other stretched across Dillon's lap, her knees splayed wide open. Her cousin was starting to have a hard time caressing her because one moment she was pulling her belly away from his touch and the next forcing it toward him. Her breathing became yet more labored then it happened… Her legs tensed her hips began to throttle as she began to moan. I lifted her head and began to kiss her as I slid my hand up under her t-shirt squeezing her breast. Susie was orgasming from just the caress or her belly by her cousin.

I raised my head and watched as Susie expelled her juices into her white cotton panties. The more she squirted the larger the wetness grew soaking her panties and Dillon's leg.

Afterward Susie lay there for a moment. As she opened her eyes she smiled and said that felt fantastic. Then she began to apologize to Dillon but he wasn't paying attention. Her soaked white panties were now pretty much see through and he was staring at her pussy. I caught Susie staring at the bulge in his crotch. She knew she was caught and quickly redirected her gaze. She apologized once more before Dillon looked up finally making eye contact telling Susie that she was beautiful, even when she was pregnant. Susie was suddenly shy. She stuttered and told him that it meant a lot to hear him say that.

My wife slowly got up and removed her t-shirt exposing her swollen enlarged breasts to her cousin. She used the shirt to clean up her mess on his leg. Dillon was simply captivated by her breasts. They were already producing a sugary tasting liquid, a precursor to breast milk, which was dripping from her hard nipples. There was about 20 seconds of awkward silence until I started to laugh. Soon we were all laughing. I asked Dillon what he thought. He said her breasts were the most beautiful he had ever seen.

Dillon stood up and Susie moved forward and hugged him placing her head on his shoulder. He pulled her tight and she began to kiss his neck. Dillon responded instantly and began kissing her neck. Within a moment their lips met, then tongues. I leaned in toward them and suggested we take this to the other room just in case one of Dillon’s friends was wandering to the restroom. Susie smiled and said she could handle them all.

With Susie’s guidance we moved back to our bedroom where she began to undress Dillon. First his shirt, then his shorts and finally his boxers. His cock sprung free nearly hitting Susie in the eye. He sat nude on the edge of the bed and she was still wearing her soaked panties. She began stoking his cock ever so slowly as she leaned in and kissed him again. His hands found her breasts and he groped and caressed her breasts as well as her belly while she slowly continued to stroke his manhood. After several minutes of kissing and groping Dillon’s cock exploded covering Susie’s breasts and belly with his seed. He lay back and took in the site of my wife as she began to scoop his semen from her breast and belly with her fingers licking them clean. I have to admit I was ready to cum myself and I hadn’t had any action yet!

It was getting late so we wrapped up our evening with Susie and Dillon embracing and kissing good night one last time. As Dillon left our bedroom Susie remarked to him that tomorrow night she was going to let him fuck her. He smiled and told her he couldn’t wait.


Saturday morning came early. Dillon, Trent, and Phil headed off to their convention and Susie started laying the framework for a fun evening. She arranged to take our other two children to my mother’s house to stay the night and had me pick up another bottle of red wine for her and more alcohol for Dillon and his friends.

I asked Susie what the plan was. Were we getting Dillon away from his friends? She said she would wait and see what happened but she was open to fucking them all. Now I couldn’t wait!

By the time Dillon text to let us know they were on their way home Susie had picked out the perfect outfit. A tight white button up blouse that didn’t cover her belly and no bra. She could only button the top three buttons and tied the ends in a knot just under her swollen breasts pulling it taught and clearly showing her dark nipples under the blouse. She wore some jean short shorts that she had to wedge on. She was able to zip them half way up but couldn’t button them and her ass cheeks hung out the bottom. I was now certain Dillon and his friends would fuck her given the chance.

When they arrived Susie was on her second glass of wine and had their drinks made before the even came inside. She was definitely anxious for this to happen! Dillon was the first to react to Susie. All he could say was wow. Her silky smooth legs and smooth swollen belly protruding from her blouse. He was staring at her breasts as were his friends. Both Trent and Phil compliment Susie and told her she was the hottest looking pregnant woman they had ever laid eyes on. Susie blushed and told them to drink up.

I went to the kitchen to start dinner and Susie and the guys went to the game room and she pumped them for information on their convention, which according to her sounded REALLY boring. They agreed and were glad they stayed with us because it was nice to get out of the atmosphere and feel more like being at home. Trent added that the view was much better here anyways. She told them they were always welcome at our place when they passed through town.

By the time I joined then Susie was sitting between Dillon and Trent. We had an L shaped sofa and Dillon was sitting deep in the angled section with Susie sitting in front of him as he rubbed her back and shoulders and Trent was rubbing her feet and legs. She asked for another glass of wine as she began talking about her and Dillon’s escapades as children. They listened intently and ribbed Dillon about them being related. Susie pointed out that she was adopted so technically there was no blood relation so if they decided to run away together they wouldn’t have to worry about two headed babies. They all laughed and continued to drink. The guys must have been drinking at the convention because Dillon and Phil were already starting to slur words, Come to mention it so was Susie…

I sat next Phil and we watched Dillon and Trent rub on my wife as we continued to chat. I happened to notice that Susie had untied her blouse and unbuttoned all but one button so she could rub her belly. The bottom of her breasts were clearly visible and Trent was getting an eyeful. She apologized and asked for help up. Phil jumped up and took her arm assisting her. She waddled out of the room toward the bathroom when she returned my wife’s blouse was all the way unbuttoned and Susie was wearing her other pair of white cotton panties. She announced that she decided to get comfortable so she hoped they weren’t easily embarrassed. They didn’t seem to mind.

Phil leaned over to me and asked if I was cool with them being there. I told him they were fine to enjoy themselves. Susie asked Phil if he would rub her shoulders. He smiled happily motioning Susie to sit in front of him. Dillon and Trent got an eyeful as she bent over to sit down, her blouse opened allowing an unobstructed view of her breast. After letting Phil rub her for some time Dillon announce that it was his turn to rub her shoulders again. Phil didn’t seem too happy about the change but Susie was. She had Dillon sit sideways so she could put her feet up in Phil’s lap. She showed Phil how to caress her belly focusing on the lower abdomen like Dillon had the previous evening. Susie began to moan softly telling Phil that he had the magic touch. Dillon who was focusing on her shoulders pulled her blouse over her shoulders so he could rub her unobstructed allowing it to fall to the sofa the result was her breasts being fully exposed to the rest of us. Phil looked my way again in an attempt to see if I was still okay with what had just happened. I smiled and nodded my head. That was all the permission he and Trent needed. Trent was on his knees next to my wife caressing her belly while groping one of her breasts. Dillon was groping the other while kissing her and Phil reach up under Susie’s ass and slid her white cotton panties off exposing her clean shaven pussy. Earlier that day Susie had me make sure she was presentable to the boys, so to speak.

Phil’s fingers found my wife’s pussy as she began to orgasm flooding the sofa and Phil’s hand. He leaned down and began to lick and tongue her pussy as she continued to squirm and moan with pleasure. Dillon lay her head on the cushion and unfastened his pants. This created a chain reaction with Trent and Phil. Susie took Dillon’s cock into her mouth and began to suck and stroke him as his friends got undressed. I sat back to enjoy the show. Phil positioned himself to fuck Susie and she squeezed her knees together. She told them both that Dillon got to go first.

Trent and Phil watched as Dillon’s cock slid in and out of Susie’s mouth. They were encouraging him telling him come fuck your cousin’s mouth. They were groping Susie’s breasts and taking turns fingering her pussy and Dillon continued his assault on my wife’s mouth. Finally he groaned as his cheeks began flexing and Susie grabbed his ass pulling him closer. I could almost see her cousin’s semen making its way down her throat to her tummy. Susie continued to suck on him for a few more minutes then told him she wanted to feel his tongue inside her pussy.

He wasted no time obliging her request and neither did Phil and Trent. They were both jockeying for position on her mouth. Susie was trading off sucking one while stroking the other. Meanwhile she was building toward another orgasm quickly. I moved closer and caressed her belly as my wife concentrated on sucking Phil’s cock and Trent began nursing on her dripping breasts. Judging by Susie’s body language Dillon was making headway with his tongue. She began to climax once again flooding her cousin’s face. By the time she finished Phil was pumping his seed deep down her throat.

Dillon was finally ready to fuck Susie and positioned himself between her legs then pressed his cock gently into her inner cavity. My wife moaned once more and he began to methodically fuck his cousin. Phil made way for Trent assuring him that it was well worth waiting for. Trent’s cock was the longest of the three but not as thick as his two friends. It was a very slender 8 inches. He knelt next to Susie’s head and guided his cock into her mouth. Trent maintained control over Susie’s head as he guided his cock all the way down her throat. She gagged a few times but still seemed into it so I let things go on.

It was such a sight watching Trent I didn’t even realize that Dillon shot his load and was moving out of the way for Phil. Phil was right on it, Pumping his hips while still sucking one of her breasts. Trent and Susie both began moaning about the same time. Susie had a strange muffled moan due to his cock being half way down her throat. Trent orgasmed first forcing his cock all the way in until his balls were pressed tight against my wife’s lips. I saw the tip of her tongue between her lips and his balls nearly causing me to shoot my load right then.

Susie’s eyes said it all she was in pure ecstasy. She continued her muffled moan, Trent’s cock still lodged in her throat, as she reached orgasm once more and a few moments later, as Trent was extracting his cock, so did Phil.

Phil moved out of the way and I sat at the end by Susie’s feet and started rubbing them for her. I had a perfect view of the semen stream trickling from her swollen pussy. Susie lifted her legs long enough for Trent to sit between us ruining my view but he was rubbing her legs so I wasn’t too broken up about it. Phil thanked Susie and I, then headed off to bed while Dillon opted for a shower leaving me and Trent with my wife. He had turned his attention from her legs to her pussy once again. Rubbing around the edges then fingering as she began to moan. I took position by her head and offered her my cock. Within mere minutes I was pumping my load into her mouth then all over her face. Meanwhile Trent had mounted her and was fucking her gently. I watched for nearly ten minutes with Susie reaching orgasm once more then finally a few minutes later Trent was satisfied too. Trent sat and rubbed on her feet and legs a while longer then excused himself to head off to bed as well.

Susie had sent Dillon to our master bath for his shower he was still in the shower when we went back to our room. My wife sneak in and opened the shower door then said “You better not be jerking off in our shower when there is a perfectly good, and willing I might add, pussy ready for you on the bed!”

He emerged from our bathroom a few minutes later still naked with a hard on. Susie was on the edge of the bed her pussy swollen and gaping wide open, manly conquest dripping down the side of the bed to the floor. He stepped forward and hugged her pulling her breasts against his body. This time he initiated the kiss and Susie willingly reciprocated. His body height and the height of our bed was perfect. As they kissed the head of his cock pressed against my wife’s swollen opening. Susie reached down and eased him in once more. I watched my wife have sex with her cousin for the second time that night and was so totally entranced that I found myself almost getting in the way trying to get a better view. Finally he pulled her body tight and Susie wrapped her legs around his waist and his ass cheeks clenched and he filled her once again. They kissed for some time until he tried to pull away then my wife tugged on his arm saying “you’re sleeping in here with us tonight. I’ll take the middle.”

Susie took a quick shower to clean herself up a little bit for Dillon as he lay impatiently in our bed awaiting her return. Susie was in and out in a flash and was giddy as she climbed into our bed. I left them alone while I took a nice long shower. They were still embraced when I finished up. Susie was on her side and they were kissing he was caressing her belly while she stroked her cousin’s manhood. I snuggled in behind my wife and guided my cock into her used pussy. I gently fucked her from behind as she whimpered and moaned while they continued kissing, stroking and caressing each other. I lasted a good 10 minutes until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I emptied my balls and rolled onto my back patted my wife on her ass and told her to have fun and try not to keep me up all night.


I slept like a baby Saturday night. When I awoke Sunday Susie was not in our room. Dillon was still on the other side of the bed. I got up to pee and heard my wife’s giddy laugh coming from the kitchen. I grabbed a pair of shorts and headed out to see what was going on.

Phil and Susie were sitting at the kitchen table her breasts still on full display. Trent was cooking breakfast. Susie told me that she tried to cook but they won’t let her. I told her to enjoy the attention and let them serve her. My wife chimed in that she wasn’t going to eat alone and got up to walk into the other room. Phil asked where she was going and she said she wasn’t going to be the only naked person in the kitchen. Trent told her to sit back down that he and Phil could take care of that for her. She sat back down between Phil and myself. Her legs were wide open and so was her swollen used pussy. She gave it quite the work out the night before.

Phil and Trent stripped down so I did as well. When Dillon finally came in they made him strip too. They wanted to keep Susie naked as long as possible and I couldn’t blame them. After breakfast we all ended up in our den. Susie was sitting on and ottoman while Trent was rubbing her shoulders. His hands frequently strayed to her breasts but she didn’t seem to mind. Phil was sitting next to Trent and Dillon was sitting across from Susie by me. We had a perfect view whenever Susie spread her legs wide enough to catch a glimpse of her swollen pussy. Once she noticed her cousin was still checking her out she spread them quite far and left her legs spread wide exposing her gaping entrance. Dillon’s cock reacted swiftly no doubt exactly as Susie planned. She smiled coyly and began to caress her own belly with one hand while tracing just outside the opening of swollen pussy with the other.

Dillon was stroking his cock now as he watched intently. She would periodically slide her fingers inside herself as she smiled at her cousin. Trent’s hands were now focused on my wife’s breasts, he was rubbing, squeezing and groping them. Both Trent and Phil were rock hard and looked ready to fuck my wife again.

Dillon made the first move kneeling down between his cousin’s legs and pulling her toward him until her ass was at the edge of the ottoman. Susie lay back as Dillon began to play with her clit using his thumb and forefinger and began to kiss her belly starting with her lower abdomen. He worked his way up to her breasts as Susie was attempting to suck both Phil and Trent at the same time. Dillon finally eased his throbbing cock into his cousin’s pussy. First slowly rocking his hips to and fro. After a few minutes he picked up speed and Susie began to orgasm. Phil was right behind her squirting most of his load on Susie’s face. She moaned with satisfaction as Dillon began to unload deep inside her womb. Susie wrapped her legs around him holding him deep inside her. Meanwhile Susie was stroking and sucking Trent’s rigid member. He told Dillon that he wanted to fuck her again so Dillon moved out of the way and Trent let Susie guide his long slender cock inside her love tunnel, Trent must have been close because he came right away. I was actually kind of happy he did because I was ready for some action myself. Dillon brought Susie a wet rag to clean her face up then sat next to her caressing her belly as I pumped my load inside her with the rest of their offerings.

We all lay around nude for another few hours or so then the guys had to get ready for the hour long ride back to the airport. The original plan was for me to drive them myself but I asked Susie if she wanted to tag along. She flashed that coy smile I love so much and went to get dressed.

After we were loaded up I drove and everyone else sat in the back of the minivan. Susie was in the very back seat with Dillon and within five minutes of leaving the house she had her head buries in his lap giving him one last goodbye blow job. I kept checking the rearview and watching her head bob up and down. I turned the radio off so I could hear that occasion slurping noise she would make when she really got into it. Phil and Trent both watched the action until Dillon was finally finished and Susie came up for air.

Not 2 minutes later I heard slurping again and look to find she didn’t want to leave Phil out. She had crawled between the seats and working his cock, I couldn’t see because he was sitting directly behind me but I could see her body moving with the motion of his body. He came rather loudly about 10 minutes later then Susie took care of Trent one last time. I had a much better view of Trent abusing my wife’s mouth. He fucked her face pretty hard until he shot his load deep down her throat.

Once at the airport we dropped the guys off at their gate. Susie got out while I was helping unload the luggage. When I looked up she was hugging and kissing Phil full on tongue. They kissed for a minute or so then my wife turned to Trent and gave him the same minute long good bye. Finally Susie turned to her cousin Dillon and they hugged and passionately kissed until the airport cop told them to wrap it up and move the car.

Dillon stops over at least twice a year and he always stays at our place….and always in our room…Susie in the middle.
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