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Hi there. This log is intented to manage my progression in sex cause i do need to manage some sticking points and also i want to dig deeper into sexuality on whatever fronts seem to catch my desires;) Internet community seems a good place for this

Im straight, i have a GF.

So the basics

  • im 34
  • im in good shape
  • 180cm, 82-83 kgs
  • well trained/athletic workout 3-4 times a week, crossfit
  • I do have diabetes type1 but the diabetes is quite well controlled
  • Have had stresslike symptoms for awhile
  • All medical tests shows good results on the basics

The short term focus is the following sticking points
- I cannot hold an erection throughout sex w. my girlfriend- She does turn me on and is a gorgeous cutie.
- Sex drive seems weak/non existent
- Im not connected with my arousal and sexual energies.

i want to dig into these issues and into what good sex is for me - especially undrstanding my own arousal and whats going on inside.

In short im currently
- Doing body sds to get more into my body
- Doing Multiorgasmic man reading and exercises
- Talking to my GF about this
- exploring sexual positions and stimulations
- Working out and eating properly
- doing trantric ball meditations to get bodily/kinestethic connection to the area down there.
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