I'm too...

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I M 2 6 C 4 U

It's quite true. Not only is that facet true, but you promised things to me that you didn't live up to. You're a bitch, a cunt, a slag, a slut, a trollop, a freelance whore, and as nicely as I can put it a lady of the night but seldom any longer.

Sure, I know the psychology behind my feelings. I wouldn't be writing any of those scathingly hurtful words if I wasn't hurt myself. Well d'uh.

You jump through hoops for others while you can't be bothered to lift a finger for me. It's degrading and unfair.

There is NO way that you compare to me beyond academia. I am your unequal, your deity, your saint. I am the road to happiness, while you're merely a two pence peasant waywardly walking on it. And just the same, you used me for your own ego boost.

I hope I gave you ego-AIDS.
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