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Have been having issues with my back for several days. After 2 major low back surgeries, this is not an uncommon thing to deal with, however, it's not getting any better.

I called my GP clinic last week, got an appointment with the doctor on-call. I got the usual lecture of how I should be doing this and that, all of which I've already been doing. Doc gave me a prescription for valium as I can't take any of the "normal" muscle relaxers, and also got a shot of Toradol. FUCK, that mother of a shot hurt! I usually get it in my thigh but had the option today to get it in my arm, NEVER will I do that again! I would rather get in in a bigger muscle.

Wondering if my rampant libido has anything to do with my back hurting, as have been having much more fun than usual?

I started this last week Wed when I actually went to the doctor, still not much better. T has been GREAT, giving me massages, running me hot baths and general helping much more around the house but I'm just getting really down because I'm afraid that this may be something more serious than a muscle spasm in my lower back. The places where it really is bothering is exactly where all the hardware is in my lumbar spine

I have gotten another prescription for Valium and am still taking tramadol. I am just tired of taking the valium.

I'm just feeling really GRRRR.......:mad:yell:ugh:p
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